Friday, January 14, 2011

Review: ES False eyelashes in A715 Natural soft black lashes//ES假眼睫毛試用

I was contacted by Maggie from KKCentreHK, an online store selling wigs, falsies, nail polishes, colored falsies, bangs, scrunchies etc. She kindly let me chose the style of falsies that I want to try, and I picked A715 which is a very natural-looking curled falsies in black. I picked up a few boxes of falsies for my friends when I was in Taiwan, and KKCentreHK's lashes are the cheapest I've come across!!

無幾耐前收到Maggie邀請我試下佢地既王牌品牌ES既假眼睫毛, 佢好好人比我揀要邊隻黎試, 於是我就揀左 A715呢個model既假睫毛. 唔講唔知, 原來KKCentreHK 有好多假髮, OPI指甲油, 同好多唔同顏色既假睫毛賣, 仲鬼死咁平. 上個月去台灣, 見到好多假睫毛賣, 於是我就買左既盒比D朋友, 點知台灣都唔夠佢平, 一盒假眼睫毛最平竟然可以係 USD$ 2.3 (~ $15港幣), 重點係佢有10對*_*

She kindly slipped in two individual pair of falsies too! The false lashes are made in Korea :)

Maggie好貼心加左2對假睫毛比我, 手工唔錯 :)

There are detailed instructions at the back of the cardboard.

Each box holds 10 pairs, and they're extremely soft! Those of you who have tried the firmer synthetic ones will know those poke your eyes.

每盒10 對, 質地柔軟, 唔會"桔"眼, 抵讚.

This card introduces the various kinds of products they have to offer:

假髮呀, 顏色假睫毛都有得賣:
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用呢個Code黎落order會有discount, 記住喇!
To start with, these are my bare curled lashes lined with Revlon ColorStay liner...


See how soft these are? Remember to bend them before applying, it will fit your eyes more.

用之前要彎下佢地先, 會容易戴好多,質地真係好柔軟!
Then use a pair of small scissors to cut off the ends of the lashes until the length fits your eye shape, remember to cut in similar length on both lashes :) Otherwise it would look odd, lol Do this step before you apply the lash glue.

査膠水前記得修剪下對睫毛, 記得一定要2邊剪到一模一樣啊, 如果唔係會一邊長一邊短, 好奇怪-.-;
Wearing A715 false lashes:
戴左 A715 model 假睫:
I love the way it looks here. Here's another pic:

Next, I tried on the synthetic ones Maggie has kindly included. They look dramatic :D

跟住我試埋呢對誇張少少既 :D
It lengthened my lashes a lot and its curl looks very feminine. My eyes looked sharp and focused instantly (talk about 10 hours sleep and you can't get that effect, lol).

增長同濃密效果都有齊晒, 對眼望落好有神 (平時訓10個鐘都無咁精神啦 哈哈)
I love how curly this is:

I've trimmed the ends of the lashes because they were a bit long for my eyes and poked at my lids. The good thing about the synthetic ones is that they are pretty strong and firm so you can reuse them in future and that's certainly value for money!

因為有點''桔''眼, 所以我剪走左頭同尾.

Tools I used:
Verdict: KKCentreHK 's eyelashes are unbeatable in terms of price, talk about a box of 10-pairs of lashes for just USD $2.3!!! With careful use, you can reuse the falsies for numerous times. The price and quality is hands-down worth the money. If you want to experiment with more versatile/dramatic styles of false eyelashes, they offer reasonably cheap ones, say, compared to Shu Uemura's falsies which were retailed at close to $20 USD per pair. I definitely want to experiment with more dramatic and fluffy ones :D

Note: Products featured in this post were sent to me for consideration, I am in no way affiliated with or compensated by, the company, all reviews were based on my own opinions.


  1. Jen, you've got pretty peepers! and the lashes are so natural-looking! i want one! :D

  2. Hey hun :)
    I'm one of their testers as well and it's wow amazing how many lashes they do have in stock, right? Love ya close-ups!

  3. oh yay i love falsies. these are really dramatic but in good ways. and babe your eyes are so pretty!

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  5. these lashes look amazing, so natural and pretty <3

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  7. I LOVE their lashes! Never tried them, but just from the look you can tell that the quality is great! : D

    The day a company contacts me.. I know that that's when I'm a GOOD blogger : D haha! It's the ultimate recognition really..

  8. The lashes aren't badly priced at all. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the review. :D

  9. Jen, i was like wiggling in my seat when i saw your pic with the synthetic falsies on! it looks amazing! :)

    the ones you picked look similar to the G & Gary falsies i purchased @Sasa! haha we have the same "eye" for products! :)

  10. Those are super Nice looking falsies! I just wish I know how to use

  11. The lashes look natural and pretty. going to check out the site :)

  12. They look really nice on you!!
    & Haha, I could only read about half of the Chinese words xD

  13. It looks so fun and flirty! Love it on you =D

  14. Wow these falsies look amazing.. I like the 2nd one!

  15. the synthetic ones look better in my opinion though..=) but the first picture of the A715 model is great too.. I love how natural it comes out looking.. ^^ Great review Jennifer!^^

    ps: i'm passing on an award to u though, if you don't mind..hehe

  16. those lashes look so natural and beautiful :D

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  18. This is really useful! Thanks for entering the giveaway, winner in my new post and hope there will be more giveaways soon. Plus hope you visit back:)

  19. Everyone is reviewing eyelashes from this company... hehe~ I've seen the ES box on so many blogs. I didn't know it was made from Korea. Thanks for the review! :)

  20. I love all the lashes on you, they look really pretty :D

  21. Haha, I don't know Japanese. I only knew TINY phrases.. like 'Nante na' and lame stuff like that xD

    Haha, it's my gf's hamster : D

    Oh.. but seriously.. do you buy them the items and then get money from them over paypal - or are they for swaps? O_O I saw some of the JS stuff on YesStyle.. WAYY expensive stuff >_<"

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    ShuShu ♥

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  25. Aw you're so nice <3 But really.. I think I look terrible >_<" But I wanted to get a picture up of me yesterday, so I just went 'oh f'ck it..' and posted them anyway. xD

    YES I DO! Minty ones! I love how they cool and sting your lips a bit. xD My address is actually on my FB profile : D

    Hahaha, wow you suck : P Well, I traveled all over Denmark by now.. but then again - I've lived her for 20 years. lol : D

  26. i´ve never used them and I´d like so much!!

  27. Wow those lashes look amazing! And they make your eyes look bigger! Thanks for sharing! :)

    I'm in MAC shade NC40, and whenever I wear the gaga lipstick I try to wear a coral based blush. And I wear a neutral eyeshadow look. Hope that helps you out! :D

  28. love how they look!
    it's so fantastic to read your comments! i'm loving it! hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!

    xoxo from rome

  29. Jennifer!! Happy New Year!
    oh no i forgotten to buy type1 you are putting on from taipei lol~! being rushed by the BF kekeke

    both designs looked awesomeee on you~
    big dolly eyes you have *kiss

    whoaa your skills pretty good too!
    i always have a hard time to fix the full length on my lashes
    :( tiring and impatience

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