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L'Oreal Curl Impact Collagene Mascara Review//全新 L'Oreal 震撼捲曲豐盈睫毛液試用

When I knew L'Oreal is releasing a new mascara, I was extremely delighted and thought "This is just in time!" since the mascara I'm now using smudges badly (more on that later in a separate review)! I was invited to a blogger party where the new Curl Impact Collagene Mascara was introduced, here's my attempt at creating an artistic photo of the mascara using my bracelet, the gold mascara tube goes very well with the vintage-style bracelet with ruffles eh?

知道L'Oreal推出新既睫毛膏, 我超興奮, 因為係時候要換支新架喇. 呢排用開果支睫毛膏暈染得好緊要 (另開post再講) 感謝HKCOSME & L'Oreal Paris, 我有幸獲邀參加Blogger Party, 介紹新既Curl Impact Collagene Mascara. 今次呢支mascara全新包裝, 黑色+金色既配搭第一時間令我諗起我最近買既呢條手鍊:

Some quick photos from the party: I gotta say I love the gold and white balloons, it matches with the color tones of the mascara.

Party以金色和銀白色既氣球做theme, 同支mascara好夾:
A makeup artist demonstrating how to create bigger and dramatic eyes using the new mascara and the Open Eyes Pro eyeshadow palette:

現場有L'Oreal 既makeup artist 示範點畫大眼妝:
Here's my take on the mascara :)

回家試用 :)
The formula is easily removable using warm water and is smudge-proof. Have you experienced a hard time removing mascara using eye makeup remover? I have never tried mascaras that can be removed by warm water and I'm definitely curious to try this out.

盒上說明話呢支mascara既配方可以用溫水清洗, 唔會暈染, 唔洗驚有熊貓眼. 大家一定用過D好難落既 mascara 喇?!

It is said to volumize your lashes and holds your curls, containing Amplified Collagene elements to protect your lashes.

支mascara有捲曲(curl)同豐盈(volumize)睫毛既效果, 仲有骨膠原精華, 幫你保護經常受損既睫毛.
The brush has a special design, "Spiral Curler Brush" with 2 different sides, each side is designed to volumize and curl respectively, the brush is especially designed for Asian eye shapes. ("OMG did someone say especially designed for Asians?!")

個睫毛掃係為亞洲女性既眼部專設既, 個掃兩邊有唔同型狀既設計, 比較扁平既一邊用黎令睫毛濃密, 另一邊用黎保持睫毛捲曲.
Close-up of the brush bristles: one side is actually flatter than the other.
近鏡: 一邊係比較彎, 另一邊係平少少的.
Before-and-after application:
I'm liking how it adds definition to my eyes and makes them look bigger. My eyelashes are pretty non-existent before application =.= They look instantly awake after applying.
I also swatched a few lipsticks from the L'Oreal Color Riche line, my initial thought is, these aren't lipsticks, they have such a glossy finish to it and aren't drying on the lips at all!

用左之後, 分別好明顯, 對眼望落精神好多 :D

The Open Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palettes:
同場加映: Open Eyes Pro 眼影組合:
In better outdoors lighting:
Swatches of the eyeshadow palette:

Close-up at the powder foundation, it's actually a two-way cake that can be used dry or wet. It comes with a small area for highlighting. I've never seen this before, it adds such a nice and thoughtful touch to it.

乾濕二用粉餅, 內置highlighter, 好細心既設計呢.
My thoughts on the mascara:
First, this mascara doesn't smudge, which is a HUGE PLUS. After 8 hours of wearing, I don't see any flaking-off or smudging under eye, that's pretty impressive to begin with. The price of this mascara is moderately priced and you got 11ml in it, plus you get a formula with collagen to protect your lashes. The brush bristles deserves a mention too, when applying the mascara in zig-zag manner, it doesn't clump. As you can probably see from the before-and-after photos, my lashes were virtually non-existent before application, this mascara however adds definition to my eyes and make them look instantly awake. It holds my curls and I removed this mascara with warm water and it's so quick and easy. I have tried a few mascaras before this and some of my lashes would come off when I use a cotton pad to remove the mascara.

用左8小時都無暈染, 又無甩黑色既一點點落面, 同埋佢保持到D睫毛捲曲. 價錢唔貴, 搽完又唔會令睫毛打 'cake', 配方仲有骨膠原精華保護到睫毛. 使用前同使用後分別好大, 令眼部好突出,落妝用溫水就得. 唔會好似有D mascara咁落妝時會整甩D睫毛.

Disclosure: Products mentioned in this post are provided by PR for consideration and this does not affect my judgment and views on the product quality. My product reviews will always be honest and impartial.


  1. have you tried the fiberwig mascara before? you have to wash that away with warm water as well =)

  2. You're sooo lucky that you have events like that : D and u get invited as well! It's super cool!
    The makeup artist is really pretty!

  3. The tube looks like a high-end product! I would have totally think it is one if you haven't put (or even digitally covered) the brand's name..! Impressive Loreal, impressive! ^^
    Is that after one coat?
    Thanks for the review..^^

  4. Wow this looks like a great event to attend, lucky you! I love the gold packaging of this L'oreal mascara :D Thanks for the review and swatches <3

  5. Hi Jen! those shots of the mascara is mag-worthy! I love how the pic exuded this vintage aura together with your bracelet :) what camera did you use? did you process it?

    im glad you were able to feast on loads of great Loreal goodies during the event. and the mascara looks natural on your lashes.

    i know what you mean by mascaras that don't come off with makeup removers. i had my fair share and it's a waste to realize that i never touched that mascara agaun.

    this is an interesting prod! thanks for sharing! i missed your posts.

  6. Cool! I've seen this mascara before but it has a different name

  7. Ooooh, great news!!! I remember Pixiwoo mentioning these new "tube technology" mascaras which coat the lashes like a tube and they're removed with warm water... I should test this out myself as I always, always end up with fallen lashes when I remove my mascara.

    Great post hun and beautiful pictures!

  8. It looks amazing! Maybe I should try to wear mascara now :P My lashes are very short too! It looks like the relatively new voluminous million lashes mascara from loreal that was released the usa not long ago, but I don't think it is the same..maybe this one is asia only since it has a brush especially made for asian eyes? lol

    I've only finished the st.ives cleanser! Some products are close to finishing but it seems like forever. I always envy everyone who has so many finished products to post about each month :X

  9. The mascara looks very promising ^-^ Yay for it not smudging after 8 hours! That is pretty good especially for people like me, with oily eyelids lol! I love my HG mascara though the majorlica majorca lash expander! It makes my lashes super dooper long, I always get compliments on what I use hehe. The lipsticks look very pretty and smooth :D

  10. wow! you're having a Loreal feast! by the way, the photos are beautiful!

  11. i really like the spiral look of the mascara. and it's definitely great that it's smudge proof.

  12. ahh i bought this mascara but accidentally bought brown instead of black! I'm so gutted.
    I've never heard of the foundation but it looks good :)

  13. Oo i hope this comes out here so i can check it out :)

    Honesty, I prefer Jill Stuart's mixed blushes too, powder blushes dry my skin :( and are more messy lol xxx

  14. wow i'm totally impressed that it can be removed by warm water!! that's crazy!

    but it seriously looks amazing on you in the 2nd photo your eyes look so much bigger!!

  15. I love the lipstick colours and the eyeshadow pallets look good!
    The new mascara looks interesting, but Loreal mascara's never hold my curls!

  16. That's cool that you get to try all these products at the events! Are these products available in the US already? I don't recall seeing them on the shelves the last time I was at the drugstore. I love the fancy packaging :D

  17. This event looked like a lot of fun! wow lucky you with all those makeup hehe..

    Ohh i ont think ill check out lush in the US because it's probably cheaper in the UK lol. i may go back some point

  18. Looks like a fun party! You got a great haul. Your lashes look so fluttery and pretty! =D

  19. Wow, the party looks fun! I wish we had events like that here. I'm sure we do I just don't know about it... lol~ How did you find out about this event? What did you get in the swag bag? :X

    I'm in love with the eyeshadow palettes over there! The packaging and style looks amazing compare to ours. :/

    The other PF blush I own is from the Powder Palette Multi-Colored Blush.

    What do you mean about new props on Tobey for pictures?... hehe~

  20. I have pictures of Tobey with stuff on him. You just need to go to the side bar and click on Tobey... hehe~ ;) Most pictures are old but still cute. Can you find it?

    I wish we had events here for bloggers. I would so go. It seems like most of the events are more towards YouTube gurus. :/

    Nope, we don't have that eyeshadow palettes. Most brands from Asia are different from ours. I think they aim towards Asian. Maybe that's why I like Asian ones... hehe~

    You bought the PF Happy Booster blush? I can't wait to hear what you think... hehe~

  21. Nope. My makeup routine is very simple only face makeup! I'm taking baby steps! lol
    I was thinking of doing "finished products" post. But I also sometimes don't even finish 1 product a month.

  22. that is so cool that you went to an event like that and seems like a cool party! I've heard great things about that macara :D

  23. Thank you for entering my giveaway, good luck! :)
    Love all the pics girl, the mascara seems good x

  24. Thanks for sharing! I always have problems with flaking and smudging when I wear mascara. We seem to have similar eye shape and lashes, so I may have to give if a whirl!
    Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  25. I love it when drugstore companies step up their game and make comparable products to high-end brands :D The packaging is really elegant.. and I like your artistic photo of it hehe. I can't use Loreal because it's not cruelty-free.. but I'm glad the mascara works out for you and looks like you had fun at the party.

    I don't have a HG skincare product yet, but my focus for this year is to try new skincare brands :P Thanks for your comment and I'm pretty the Valentine Day blush I used was NARS orgasm!

  26. That event seems like tons of fun. And I love the packaging of that product. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  27. Hello Jennifer. Thanks for your visit to my blog^0^. I am really happy to have you (kiss, kiss). In respond to your question. Yes, I am currently trying the kiss me heroine mascara, I will do a separate review on it soon. Please feel free to check back^0^~ 爱你

  28. Great review! You have such nice eyes!

    wow, I didn't know JS was coming up with new foundations and bases. How exciting! Hope i'm able to resist them!

  29. The packaging of the mascara looks luxurious! It's really great that this mascara doesn't smudge, I hate mascaras that smudge..

  30. I use photoshop for processing photos :) Although i have yet to learn truckloads of tricks to come up with nicer photos. I mainly use PS to collate stuff and 'accessorize' photos :D

    wow, that canon powershot you used sure is good!

  31. wow! loreal products in asia are packaged so differently than here I really like the mascara! thanks for sharing!

  32. Wait, whaaaaat...!! That is L'oreal?! I've never seen packaging like that here, why is everything more cute in Asia!? XD I really like L'oreal's other mascara, Telescopic, I often buy it :)

  33. Sounds like a great mascara! Never tried a l'oreal one before - maybe it's time I start! x

  34. wowww~ the eyeshadow seems hella pigmented!! too bad the US isn't going to sell those, i think. :P hahah

    ohhhh the mascara looks great too~ too bad I dont use mascara very often. Im afraid that my lashes will fall out more easily when I use mascara. :D

    my godd~ I need those lipsticks! but once again, i bet they are an Asia exclusive line again. hahaha Asian countries always gets the best items. sooo lucky~ ^.^

  35. hey Jen!

    i haven't seen the chubby lipsticks in person but they caught my attention on clinique's email. thanks for the heads up :)

    i hope you're having fun! :)

  36. The gold tube makes it look so luxurious!!! I have yet to use a drugstore mascara that I really like, Lancome's Hypnose spoiled me hahaha. And as you know.. right now I'm more interested in falsies =]

    What happened to your Essential post?

  37. I really like how you took the photo of the mascara! And that mascara sounds really intriguing! I wonder if it's available here in Canada.

  38. these all look amazing! I would love to try these out. I'm not asian (i'm scottish/hispanic mix) but I have hooded eyes with straight eyelashes so I kinda think this mascara may be the one for me. The powder with the added highlighter is so clever and the photo did work I actually thought it was a p.r shot at 1st :) x

  39. most welcome :) yeah i hope so haha! Oh gosh yes blush is my favourite thing to buy make up wise :) x

  40. Wow that was a very long, but very helpful post! :) I think I'm gonna get this mascara, thank you for the review Jen! ;) x


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