Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask Review & GIVEAWAY news//Essential 高純度蜂蜜髮膜試用, GIVEAWAY

As promised, here's a detailed review of another product from the January Favourites post. About 2 months ago I bought this jar of hair mask home and started to sniff it whenever I am in the shower XD Okay, I sniff it only 2-3 times per week. This hair mask came out with Essential Shampoo and Conditioner range, and has a sister (a yellow jar). If I remember correctly, the yellow jar is for adding 'volume' to your hair while this pink jar is for 'airy-ness', if that makes sense! Since I hate the feeling of greasy hair weighing down on my head, I thought I'd give this a try given the accessible price.

兩個月前買下這個頭髮專用既mask, 挺喜歡. 除了這瓶粉紅色的, 還有一瓶是黃色的, 我見佢寫住可以令頭髮輕盈d, 本人最討厭頭髮"癡立立"同好重的感覺, 所以便決定試試. 每星期用2-3次, d頭髮滑了很多.

The hair mask is said to have shea butter and honey in it, trust me this stuff smells ah-mazing. Directions for application: After cleansing hair with shampoo, apply a liberal amount on your hair (best to focus on the last 15cm of your hair ends since they're places which suffer the most damage), you can slowly massage your hair and your scalp, or you can wait for 5 mins and rinse thoroughly.

佢寫住有高純度蜂蜜同乳木果, 洗完頭之後, 搽適當的分量(集中係近髮尾的15cm為佳), 可以按摩5分鐘, 或者等5分鐘, 之後就可以過水清洗.

A peek at the inside of the jar:
Texture: Spreads easily, lathers easily
Quality: Leaves hair feeling soft and light
Price: Very affordable, this jar of 200g would last me 5-6 months I believe (2-3 uses per week)
Ease of use: Simple, it's like using a conditioner really, but use this 2 times per week only
Scent: Smells like honey, ah-mazing!
Packaging: You might accidentally get some water in if you dip it with your finger, but I'd always dry my fingers before dipping them in and get the product. I like the jar, not bad. Would prefer this jar over a spray bottle...
Repurchase: Yes, unless I can find a cheaper alternative for this, which I believe there isn't =.=
Verdict: This is an extremely decent product, both quality and packaging wise. I can't think of a reason why you shouldn't try this one really. It's easy to use, makes my hair baby soft, and it smells heavenly.

質感: 容易塗抹, 容易清洗
產品質素/表現: 令頭髮滑左, 質感變得輕盈
價錢: 估計一jar可以用到5-6個月
使用難度: 很容易, 好似用護髮素咁易, 每星期2次
香味: 蜜糖味
包裝: 盡量避免瓶內接觸水分, 用之前抹乾手吧
回購: 會的, 除非發現更平的選擇吧
總評: 整體來說非常好的product, 無論價錢或產品方面上. 令頭髮變回柔軟, 蜜糖味頗討好.


  1. I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair!
    This sounds like a great product, I see it on ebay, and sasa all the time, and it's a great size!
    Thank you for the review! xx

  2. oh i need to give my hair a spa day!

    it sounds like a great product! i must be on the lookout

  3. interesting... hair masque that's barely duped. must be good.

    and yes, i'm craving for that vitacreme (for my face, not my tummy LOL) and i was a bit relieved that you haven't used yours. a couple of cash saved from impulse :) will not purchase until i hear a review from you. :)

    btw, i love the product shots!

  4. I love the sound of this :)
    great post!! x

  5. OHHHHH that definitely looks nice! I've been on the hunt for a good hair treatment. My hair gets VERY dry ends during Winter time >_<" UGHHH spring come to Denmark, pleaaaase!
    YAY! Giveaway! : D <3

  6. Great review! The product sounds really good. I've tried the orange version of this mask (can't remember what the exact name was)but it worked really well, and was very pleased with it.

    Btw, how much did I pay for the Jill Stuart Little Anemone again? A fellow blogger asked me, and I can't remember! I can only remember how much the lig gloss and mix blush costs xx

  7. I need volume so I'll likely try the yellow jar instead but I love the thought of a honey scented mask! =)

  8. i love this as well! i buy everything which has AIRY in it. LOL XD smells amazing and makes my hair super soft too! ^5! :)

    ps. im going to get more of these when i go there! help me carry? hahahaha kidding. :P

  9. Ahh... this is great.. i'm definitely going to try this one!!!

  10. I'm using this in the orange tub. love it too :)

  11. I read so many reviews on this hair mask and the yellow one.
    I want to try one too!!!
    Airy sounds good, I like it when my hair feels so light and 'airy' =)

  12. This is great! I wanna try this. :D

  13. Sounds interesting! I've never used hair masks before..they aren't as tempting since my hair tends to be oily.

    Lol Sometimes I snoop around comments too =X I'm horrified of getting my ears pierced. Something about those piercing guns by my ear and making a hole just scares me >__< If only my mom had it done when I was little and wasn't aware! lol Not too many girls/females don't have earholes now. Glad to hear I'm not the only one :P

  14. Oh wow, this sounds nice! To be honest, I have never used a hair mask. Is it worth it and how often do you use it?

    Yeah, I was wondering if bloggers had their own business card. I saw one blogger at an event I attended passing out her business card. It made me wonder, but I still haven't made one... lol~ :X

  15. I see about the hair mask. I'm guessing it's good for dry hair. What about dry scalp?... lol~ :X

    You telling me about blogger events. There's hardly any and I never really get invited... hehe~ :X

  16. Wow! this hair mask looka amazing! I'm always on the look out for new hair masks ^^

    I want to try more laneige stuff now!! I love the sleeping pack ^^ Let me know if you ever want to do a swap for korres stuff.

  17. thanks for the review, might try this =)

    join my STila giveaway!!!

  18. My grandma said that she wanted me to get my ears pierced when I was little, but I never heard why it never happened! LOL
    Confession..I don't use conditioner. Is that bad? =X

  19. hi! i just came across your blog and i loved it! love your style! check out my blog and follow if you like, i will do the same!

  20. Ohhh!!! :) I love hair mask!! =) this seems amazing!! ^_^

  21. yeah that is normally how it is with h&m! Here all are small almost so much more sizes that acually fits :) haha

  22. Hey Jennifer :) Great to hear that the yellow jar also smells like honey! I'm using Kerastase right now.

  23. This hair mask looks pretty good; too bad I'm so lazy when it comes to my hair haha. I've tried sticking to a hair mask routine but it never lasts long :P

  24. Id love to try this!!!


  25. Thanks for this review! I like the sound of this hair mask. I've been using the L'Occitane one and love it. I usually like anything with shea butter in it. I will have to search around for this one.


  26. I'm using the yellow jar one and love it, might try this one next. Thanks for the review!

  27. i've been looking for a great hair mask. will def try this one. thanks jennifer - you always have the best reviews x

  28. I've been searching for a great hair mask lately but i couldn't find anything until i watched bubzbeauty ( a youtube person ) Who strongly recommend this product. So that is how i found this review and it had strongly persuade me into trying it. I never try any of the hair mask essential but i hope i'll like this 1. Thank 4 the review :D


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