Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monthly Favourites (Feb 2011) // 每月至愛產品

February has not been a very inspiring month. I didn't get to put on much makeup, didn't buy that much makeup, in general, it has been boring, haha! As you can probably see from the picture below, not many makeup products are being featured, but I figured I would do a monthly round-up post like this every month :P So here you go.

From left to right:

Carmex Healing Cream - my whole family has been swearing by this hand cream. I've never had chapped hands this winter, and I noticed my mom's hands are better than what they used to be during winter. This hand cream gets all the endorsement from my family! Mom even said this is going to run out soon, I said, it's not available in Hong Kong, haha!! This cream absorbs extremely quickly - the slippery feeling would disappear in 10 seconds max and your hands are good to go.

DHC Cleansing Oil - This is probably my 4th bottle of cleansing oil from DHC. Yes it is a tad bit more expensive than usual ones (Orbis, Fancl, etc) but the volume is slightly larger too! I've tried everything from Fancl, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Orbis, Dove, Jill Stuart...and I always come back to this. This removes makeup pretty well but I always use a separate eye makeup remover for mascaras. Got this when the local drugstore are having BOGOF, hope they'll do it again soon!

Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in #Natural Gloss - Got this from a swap with a colleague during summer. At first I found this sheer (Clinique website says so too), but I've grown to LOVE this color. It's perfect for the MLBB (My Lips But Better) look, and the formula/texture is DIVINE. Hands down the smoothest and most buttery lipstick I've ever tried, period. This shade is no longer available in the existing lipstick range I believe.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Lipgloss in #Zena - Received this from a giveaway I've won from Fruity Lashes. My first BE lipgloss and I'm addicted to the shade! This gloss gives my lips a cooling sensation that lasts for 2 hours minimum, and plumps my lips, making them look fuller! Sadly this shade is discontinued and I got this in a Bare Escentuals Kit. The size of this mini gloss is rather small, like 2ml and I can see myself going through this quickly.

Sara Happ The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm - Got this lip balm a year ago from a giveaway. It heals my chapped lips when I was freezing in European weather (-31 degrees in Sweden and Norway), I swear by this if you have chapped lips, one jar lasts forever (15 grams) and you only need a tiny tiny bit when applying because it blends and spreads like butter. I put this jar next to my bed so I get to use it before sleep every night and wakeup with hydrated lips ♥ This product is pretty difficult to get hold of but you can buy this here. I checked with a local retailer in Hong Kong and they only stock the lip scrub, boo!


Carmex Healing Cream - 整個冬天全家都在使用它. 香港沒有出售 Carmex的潤手霜, 只有護唇膏. 今個冬天我從未有爆擦既手出現過, 留意到媽媽用了這支hand cream之後對手好左好多, 佢同我講: 就快用晒喇! 我話: 香港無得賣呢 ~.~

DHC Cleansing Oil - 應該係我第4支黎喇, 雖然較貴, 但size都唔少. 用過好多隻 (Fancl, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Orbis, Jill Stuart), 始終覺得呢支最岩我. 早排見到買1送1.

Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick #Natural Gloss - 暑假時和同事swap番來, 全新的. 起初覺得唔出色, 但漸漸喜歡了它淡淡既顏色, 最岩造 "My lips but better" 既look. 最抵讚係佢既質感, 好滑, 好smooth, 好似搽牛油咁, 可惜呢隻顏色好似沒有得賣了.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Lipgloss #Zena - 從Fruity Lashes收到既其中一份禮物, 我第一件Bare Escentuals (BE) 既妝品. 超喜歡這隻粉紅色, 搽完會有極度冰涼既感覺 (維持超過2小時都feel到), 令嘴唇更飽滿. 可惜#Zena係限定色, 這支又係迷你版.

Sara Happ The Lip Slip One Luxe Balm - 舊年去歐洲時我用黎發誓既lip balm! 係零下31度我既嘴唇無爆裂就係因為佢 ♥ 15 grams有排都用唔完. 我而家會擺佢係床邊, 臨訓前搽, 起身時嘴唇都好潤. 之前JOYCE有得賣的, 但現在好似只有lip scrub賣, 沒有這個了.

What are your favourite products in February? Share in the comments below :) and if you have done a post about it, feel free to drop the link to your post, I love knowing what others like to use!


  1. Just like you, I haven't bought much stuff on February - it was soo cold, I didn't feel like doing all that make-up :))) I used the basic stuff...moreover I started using the Tea Tree Oil Products - mainly for a daily facial wash which keeps it clean and fresh!!!

    Love your february favourites!
    Moreover I totally love your language: is that Chinese or Japanese?

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  2. those look cool, i haven't tried any of them yet. and feb for me wasn't very inspiring either being a short month. bought more perfume than makeup haha

  3. I'd definitely love to try that Carmex Hand Cream, but I haven't seen that anywhere here in my area. I've only seen the lip balms.

  4. Would love to try the healing cream =D !!

    Rpely/ And i don't know which month yet >.<" really have no idea, since I'm not going on my own I have to check when my friends or sisters want to go. Maybe July or November ?

  5. Interesting!
    CArmex hand cream is like a kind of mostly vaseline based cream, right? Vaseline is always best for super dry skin... I must do sth to help my hand, they are sooo super dry this winter. And recently we had low temperatures come back and it was minus 15C for a couple days, cold!!!

    Also, have you tried Missha Deep Cleansing Oil? It`s the best one I tried so far! Now I`m testing Shu Uemura (all kinds, travel sizes) and I don`t really like it to much :/ But we`ll see... harumpf. I haven`t tried DHC`s oil though.

    Oh, also, please email me about the swap! I am interested :DD But how do we organize it? :)

  6. I really want to try that cleansing oil :)
    great post!! x

  7. I haven't tried the Carmex Healing Cream yet. Was debating on it. Good to know that people are liking it!

  8. Carmex does a hand cream?! I've never seen it before :) x

  9. i love l'occitane hand lotions and i love cleansing oils!

  10. i love dhc cleansing oil. agree with you that fancl just doesn't cut it. i'm trying laneige now.

  11. haha..we have the same month then! XD I don't know why but this february was just plain boring..=\
    Interesting~ I am in a dire need for makeup remover! =D Am interested in getting the Mandom one (the cleansing express, I think) DHC seems good too! ^^
    ps: I went to Sasa the other day to get my hands on Dolly Wink pencil liner in brown (the one you featured in your January fav) but alas, it was OOS U__U. I swear, maybe a lot of Malaysian read that post because it sells like hotcake afterwards..XD

    reply from my post:
    I didn't suffer any breakouts or irritations using ELF HD powder though..maybe you could try a patch test first.. =)

  12. My hands are always horribly ry, regardless of which season it is. I'll give the carmex hand cream a go! :)

    Thanks for sharing


  13. Nice little collection of items there : D I really like the lipstick and the gloss! They're really pretty!

  14. Nice favs! I have a sample of the DHC Oil Cleanser but don't want to use it yet! LOL, I feel like saving it >_<

  15. Maybe I should try to track this cleansing oil down to try next. Hopefully it won't make my skin tight and/or dry like most cleansers and cleansing oils do >__<;;

    I've never seen the carmex hand cream before! But I do need to take better care of my hands..they're starting to look wrinkly because of how dry it was =X

  16. I've tried Carmex's lip balm but not the hand cream. May just have to! ;)

  17. Me too! Not spending much during Feb like before :) I love the DHC Cleansing oil too :) I'm trying out Jill Stuart next, hope it will be nice :)

  18. oooh I want to try that hand cream!!

    Nope I don't listen to any canto songs I use to when i was younger. Oh man I'm gonna have a hard time with the song questions I have so many too!

  19. The Carmex Healing Cream sounds like something I need badly with my crack, bleeding hand... hehe~

    Since you're using serum only for night, have you noticed an improvement on your skin. I'm just curious what it really does... hehe~

  20. is the cold weather to blame for your boring february J? haha i hope March is more exciting for you! :)

    i will try that sara happ lip balm one day...afte i finish my current ones LOL

  21. J! thanks to your link, i just found out Sara Happ is available here! yay! :)

  22. Jennifer babe! i miss reading blogs & reviews~! where have i been?! gosh!!

    i'm coming to HK this march 17-20th
    gonna try to pick up sara happ AGAIN and also laduree macarons!

    when to meetup for your korres? hehe

    is DHC that good? compare to fancl?
    i've tried orbis and i find it so-so rather thick and doesn't remove so well

    what mascara remover you are using?
    i'm using origins

    my fav handcream is by loccitane~ 30ml so its light portable to be inside my handbag!!

  23. Nice products! I never knew Carmex did healing creams, only chapsticks. I think I'll look out for them! Thanks for sharing!

  24. yeah my lips are sooo bad in february, they're peeling right now because they're so chap! I hate this cold weather (it's -20 here not as bac as Sweden but still cold!)

  25. awwn i cant do without carmex :D my fav is the cherry flavor!

  26. I like your blog, very helpful. I use a lot of these products too, but I like Aquaphor more than Carmex, I think it works better. I recently started a beauty and fashion blog for girls on a budget to look their best if you have time. thanks :)


  27. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a necklace from pie n the sky if you'd like to check it out. :) x

  28. Love your blog! Check out mine if you get a chance :)


  29. HAHAHA, I know right? I love makeup and fashion and all.. but nothing beats a good food post! Haha : D It's just a little compilation of my dinners this week! NOMNOM. Top left is homemade kebab mix with mixed lettuce and fat-free dressing, top right is my mom's homemade apple pie *_*, bottom left is some quick-pasta-mix with cheddar on top and chicken with mushrooms and bottom right is wok mix and chicken with a homemade roll : D NOMNOMNOM! It's all so yummyyy!

    Haha, yeah, I'm trying to get it all done little by little : D I'm making a little progress! Haha xD

  30. I had some time over the weekend to fix the photos :P I hope I can keep posting regularly from now on! Foam cleansers like where you squirt out the bottle and it is a foam? I haven't tried that type yet but they look fun haha

  31. I didn't know that carmex is that good...I have to get one now....I currently have a 60 y/o looking hands right now...:( and sorry for not commenting that much...been super busy but I do read & enjoying your blogs!!!

  32. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I bought the 'Vera Wang princess' and 'Elizabeth Arden green tea' perfumes. I've been lemming at the new 'Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot' and 'Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice' perfumes. But I'm debating whether I should finish using all my current ones first or cave in. :P

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. DHC is my all-time favourite cleansing oil! Just started using one from an unknown Japanese brand (because of the price haha), it's not bad at all!

    RYC, I believe that is the green tea variation.

  35. Hi Jen! I miss reading your blog as I've been too busy reading books! I'm glad you shared your faves and I can't believe that you like DHC over Shu's :) But it's not surprising as this cleanser has rated so high over MUA.

    It's nice to know that you've come to love this product despite not being impressed by it during your 2009 review. I hope you can do a post on "Revisiting DHC Cleansing Oil" versus your first review on it. :)

    Take care and stay pretty!

  36. The Carmex Healing Cream sounds really amazing!

  37. I always hear so many good things about DHC cleansing oil. I've recently switched to a "Korean" skincare routine, and one of the things they suggest you do is double cleanse, so I really want to try an oil cleanser now. I'll have to keep this one in mind for next time :)

  38. Your blog is so cute! Check mine out?


  39. Hey Jennifer :) Those Hello Kitty Crocs unfortunately aren't sold here. I do however own a pair of regular Croc flats and agree with you that they are comfy.

  40. i had gotten a sample of the DHC cleansing oil, and i just used it a couple days ago. and yess.... i agree that its a GREAT product. I will have to buy the actual product! ^.^

  41. Yeah DHC cleansing oil is a classic...cheap and good. I'm surprised that Clinique has such an intriguing lipstick...I'll def check it out at duty free when I go thru the airport on Monday. Don't get me wrong, I use clinique skincare but have never been curious about their makeup....;-)

  42. Ha ha, February's make-up was pretty boring for me too! I was only alternating between balms and glosses, no fancy eyeshadows or elaborate looks... My favourite piece was wearing Pink Nouveau as a blush!



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