Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Topshop makeup lands in my stash// 有朋自遠方來

A quick post for some announcements: Two days ago I met up with Lynn, a reader from Singapore, we went shopping and had a great time! She spoiled me with makeup from Topshop Singapore (HUGE thankyou to you, Lynn!), knowing that Hong Kong doesn't have Topshop. She got me Face wipes, a nail polish, kohl eyeliner pencil and a cream blush. I am in love with the cream blush already! Speaking of which, does anyone know if some of the cream blush shades are being discontinued? I googled for swatches online and #Crushed Berry looks nice as well, but I can't find it in Topshop's website though. Will do a review on the cream blush later.

有2件事要宣佈: 前天我與來自星加坡的讀者Lynn見面, 帶她去購物. 她知道香港沒有Topshop, 便帶Topshop的妝物比我, 我又被寵壞了, 哈哈! 她帶了: 潔面/落妝紙, 甲油, 眼線筆和胭脂膏. 雖然我之前並不知道, 但有點不好意思吧 ^^" (多謝 Lynn!)
我暫時只試了胭脂膏, 質地好易推. 講開又講, 有無人知Topshop胭脂膏是否斷了色? 我Google過試色圖, 很喜歡 #crushed berry的顏色, 但網上已經無列這個顏色了.

Secondly, the winner of the Hello Kitty giveaway has been drawn:
另外, Hello Kitty抽獎得獎者是:
The winner is: EVA!!! Congratulations! I'll be emailing you shortly.
Do check out her blog over at: Bella Chic!

EVA! 恭喜! 我現在會聯絡你的了.

For those who didn't win, I'll be holding more giveaways shortly. Stay tuned!



  1. Nice gifts! The blush seems like it would be right up your alley.

    Congratulations to Eva for winning!


  2. That's so sweet that you got those as gifts! I'm interested in trying topshop too but they don't have none in Cali but they look sooooo cute and the blush looks even more cute!

  3. wonderful gifts! :3 those look really pretty & interesting. LOL! xD

    congrats to eva! =)

  4. That nail polish is so cute!!

    yay i won lol

  5. Lucky Eva!

    And oh, I envy you for meeting up with international bloggers :) I hope you can write a post on the roster of international bloggers you've met up with. That will surely be fun to read and know of.

    Topshop crushed berry is sooooooooo nice! A lot of bloggers have been raving bout this blush!

  6. Cream blush looks so pretty!Waiting for the review!!And congrats to the winner!!


  7. TOPSHOP! I wish we had that store here in the states. =[ I saw it a few times in Japan but, never actually went inside. -sigh- Looking forward to your reviews though!

    And congrats to the winner!!

  8. wonderful Topshop cosme! the shelves were practically empty when i was in SG, all thats left were nail polish which didnt catch my fancy. hows the consistency?

    im sure you're loving the blush! you LOVE blush! lol :P

    congratulations to Eva! lucky gal! :)

  9. Thank you for your blush recommendations!! Lovely of you to answer back :)
    Sadly i think Nars is a little out of my price range at the moment but I'm, going to give the Elf and Topshop blushes a go :D

    Rainbows and Buttons

  10. RYC: the palette costs approx. HKD600 the colors lured me into it! so nice and pretty for summer! i hope i can pull it off! :)

  11. Congrats to the winner!

    Ohhh that TopShop cream blus looks so nice~ Aww how sweet~ ^.^

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  13. Wow, that's so sweet of her to get you the topshop stuff! Looking forward to your review! The cream blush looks like such a fresh and pretty colour.

  14. I would love to post pictures of how i store my makeup. I would a really awesome dresser at Ikea that im using :) Thank you for being a part of my giveaway <3

    Xoxo Christine

  15. The blush looks like a lovely shade - I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I haven't tried any make up by Topshop! Probably because the testers are always gross xD

  16. congrats, eva! :)

    the color of the blush is so pretty~!

  17. Ahww, nice products ^^ !! and congrats to the winner !

  18. Congrats to Eva! <3 your TopShop goodies =D

  19. That isn't very expensive for the amount of product! I wonder if they sell that in the USA :P
    I've finished a few things this month. I just have to find time these couple of days to post it. Been very preoccupied >__<

  20. The blush looks like such a pretty color! I had no idea Topshop carried cosmetics :P

    And congrats to Eva!

  21. i haven't seen that colour around for ages as topshop keep having limited edition for every season =[]= but now you got my interest, so i think i will pop in store sometime after holiday. lol

  22. Hi Jennifer!
    I can check out the Topshop store over the weekend & let u know if they have crushed berry! ~ Lynn is such a sweetie!! ^^ I personally have Nutmeg & Pinch! Oh, they have good topshop kohl pencils too! Let me know I can mailed it over to u!~~

  23. That's a cute polka-dotted nail polish top! Hmm I only heard of Top Shop as a clothing store I *think*..

  24. Hi Jennifer!
    I had bought the Topshop Crushed Berry today for you! Had emailed you, do check ^^
    Will mailed your blush over ^^

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