Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ABAD Project Day 2: NARS Penny Lane// "每日一胭脂"系列 第二天: NARS Penny Lane膏狀胭脂

Here comes the second blush to be introduced in the A-Blush-A-Day project Day 2 - NARS Penny Lane. I swapped this blush from Stellar. Penny Lane is a blush in cream texture and is a nude colored blush. On my NC25 skin, it looks flatteringly natural and makes my cheeks looks like they are naturally flushed without the artificial pinks and oranges.

"每日一胭脂"系列的第二天介紹NARS色膏狀胭脂Penny Lane. 我從Stellar手中獲得它的, 是cream狀的裸色系胭脂. 在我NC25的皮膚上用了這個, 效果非常自然, 不造作.

As you can probably see, a huge dip is forming in the pan, can you tell I am looking forward to the day this blush hit pan?! :D

這個胭脂已經開始有用'凹' 的情況出現了, 你知我有多期待用完它嘛 :D?

See how natural-looking this is when swatched on the arm?

Applied on cheeks:

Intensity: The color itself is suitable for fairer skins, hence I'd recommend if you're NC25 or paler. I need to swipe 3-4 times in order for this to show up nicely, despite the quick dip forming (since you need a few swipes of it to show up), I am loving the shade itself.
Finish: Cream, with shimmer
Value: $27 USD (5.5 g)
Lasting power: Starts to fades after 4 hours, but cheeks still looking naturally flushed. You can't go wrong with applying more of this I'd say.
Repurchase: Yes
Overall thoughts: At first I didn't like this blush but then I grew to like it more and more, precisely because of the natural flush it gave to my cheeks. I love Penny Lane on days when I am not feeling bold or if I have some formal occasions to attend. Wish it would have be more long-lasting though! If you don't want to look too made-up or kawaii-doll-pink, Penny Lane is definitely the choice. I would repurchase if I ever run out of this.

Have you tried NARS Penny Lane? What do you think of their cream blush formula?

上色度: 比較適合淺色皮膚, 如果你是NC25或更淺色的話, 這就值得試試了. 我塗了3-4層才顯色. 雖然每次要塗幾層才出色 (令到個胭脂有個'凹'位 = 快要用完), 但我還是很喜歡這裸色系的顏色作胭脂.
效果: 膏狀, 有輕微閃粉, 不太察覺的
價錢: $27 USD (5.5 g)
持久度: 4-5小時之後開始淡色/脫色, 但看下去面色仍是很自然, 我覺得多塗一點也不會出錯的啦
總評: 起初對Penny Lane的上色度甚有保留, 但最後都喜歡了它夠自然, 最喜歡在formal場合使用它. 我只希望它的顏色會更持久吧, 如果你不喜歡太可愛系的粉紅色, Penny Lane一定適合你. 他朝有日, 我用掉它時, 一定會回購!

What is A-Blush-A-Day (ABAD) Project?

Project ABAD was started by Elaine, Jolyn and I. On each day, each of us will present a different blush (old or new) we used each day (so that's 3 x 30 = 90 blushes), with swatches done either on face or on hand, and a short review. For my list of 30 blushes to be used in this project, click here. Don't forget to head to Elaine's andJolyn's blogs for daily blush surprises!


我們三個(Elaine, Jolyn 和我)每天會介紹當日使用的胭脂, 3人 x 30 = 會介紹總共 90 個胭脂 (新與舊), 配以試色圖(於手上或面上), 再加短短的用評. 本人於未來30天會使用這些胭脂. 去Elaine, Jolyn的blogs看看她們在用那個胭脂吧!!


  1. This looks superb on you, do you have MAC Lilicent to compare? :) Im considering between Penny Lane and Cactus Flower, have read reviews on Penny Lane saying it's pretty similar to MAC Lilicent so if that is indeed so, I plan to get Cactus Flower instead :P

  2. 2 blush done and so many more to look forward to! =D This color would totally not show up on me..haha..

  3. This blush looks so natural and pretty on your skin. I haven't tried any cream blush from NARS. The only NARS blush I have is Orgasm and that is also part of the Only You palette. ;)

    Btw, Jennifer, I managed to find 30 blushes in my stash! Well, if you include MAC MSFs as blushes too, cos I use the MSFs as blushes as well. Will take their photos later.

  4. so pretty shade..love this blush

  5. I'm a big fan of cream blushes! This one looks so pretty. I love how natural it looks on you x

  6. yep, I keep up with blogs everyday (even for half an hour a day). sometimes I don't comment because I'm in a hurry..anyway, you do know that I'm a blush fiend too so of course I would be there with you the whole way through this project! =D
    Oh, I have no idea what shade I am in MAC range..XD I'm probably somewhere around NW35-40..(referring from other people as well)

  7. It almost looks like it could work as a highlighter too. I love the dewy look that is provided by creme blushes :]

    Sounds like a really fun project that you guys are doing!

  8. It almost looks like it could work as a highlighter too. I love the dewy look that is provided by creme blushes :]

    Sounds like a really fun project that you guys are doing!

  9. I KNOOOW D: is it weird? O_Ô I'm just not a fan of liquid and cream stuff.. be it bronzer, eyeshadow or blush - I just don't like it >_<" it scares me. lol

    OHhhOooohh this is a gorgeous color though! *_*

  10. Thanks for the swatch and reviews. NARS Penny Lane looks really natural and pretty on you. Maybe you can set it with a powder blush to make it last longer?

  11. The color looks so pretty and natural on you:) Definitely will check this out when I go to sephora next time!

  12. the color looks nice on you! very neutral and blending :)

  13. Looks very cute and natural on you!
    I'm yet hesitant to use cream blushes, since I'm super bad at blending!

  14. oh i love the natural-ness of this!

  15. this brush really looks nice :D !! looks so natural on your face

  16. I really like NARS' powder blushes, but I've never tried their cream formula. The color looks nice, but it does look very light - it's practically skin colored :<

  17. I have this! its a great base color for other blushes too!

  18. I love how natural it looks on you! It seems really hard to overdo. Great for lazy days? :P Dips in products can be so deceiving sometimes but looks like you've used quite a lot! Can't wait to hear when you hit pan ^__^ This will definitely be on my wishlist (I love cream blushes).

  19. I love that natural flush it gives! =D

  20. I can tell you like cream blushes... hehe~ :) It looks natural on you.

    I collect way too much stuff. I've been good about not buying though. :X What other collection do you have eh?


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