Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ABAD Project Day 3: HG blush - Dior Bronze Harmonie blush 002 Coral Riviera//"每日一胭脂"系列 第三天: Dior Coral Riviera胭脂

It's Day 3 in the A-Blush-A-Day Project, 1/10 already! Since I haven't been feeling happy lately, I thought I'd add some sunshine onto cheeks and feel better when looking at the mirror (and fake myself into believing I'm happy, haha). The bronzer + blush in one to be introduced today is from Dior's summer collection a while ago (er...please don't ask when). There was a golden sheen overspray when it's brand new, but they were gone after a few swipes, the middle of the bronzing part used to have an imprint "Dior" on it but I guess I could say I use this rather frequently so the imprint was gone, LOL.

"每日一胭脂"系列的第三天介紹Dior Coral Riviera, 是bronzer +胭脂合二為一的產品. 這個胭脂在亞洲是限量但在美國英國等就不是限量啦. 近幾日心情不太好所以想添些陽光氣息在面上, 於是就選了它. 這個胭脂不是新的啦, 都待在櫃子裡很久了 (不要追問有多久XD), 起初未用時這個胭脂上有一層金色的粉沫, 很漂亮, 掃了幾次之後就是現在的樣子, 還好, 那些金閃粉都不會適合在面上出現的. 胭脂的正中原本印了"Dior", 又被我掃走了, 哈哈!! 證明我都用了很多次吧~

Now if I said I've used this blush over and over for lots of times, you won't probably believe it since there's no major dips there and the other checkered imprint is still there. But yeah, I used it pretty much often esp during summer. The moment I tried this on my face, it's instantly become my HG blush (it's been on my HG list for a while if you noticed).

不過, 如果我說用了這個胭脂很多很多次, 你也未必會相信吧, 怎看都未有 '凹' 出現嘛! 胭脂上的壓紋還在. 但事實是. 的確用了無數次了, 尤其在夏天. 我第一次掃上這個就暗自驚嘆, 很有陽光氣息! 令整個人看下去沒有那麼無神. 所以我毫不猶疑吧它放左HG list上, 意即無論何時都會很喜歡, 很合用的清單.

The compact itself is quite bulky, comes with a small brush (not pictured). The blush smells nice too, not an overly fragranced rose that kind of smell but a sweet floral smell.

盒子很有份量, 頗佔位, 附有掃子 (不在圖片裡的). 胭脂帶有香味, 但不是很濃烈玫瑰花香那種, 是甜甜的花味.
The back of the compact is showing some wear and tear, so that sort of proved my point of it being a staple in my stash, LOL.

下圖你會看都盒身充滿了傷痕, 證明它在我的collection裡有一段的時間 XD.

Swatch on arm. This might *look* like a bronzer but in real life it's a pretty coral orange without the pink undertones. It also leans towards a matte finish, pigmentation is definitely on a higher side.

在手臂內側試色, 看下去很似啡色的bronzer吧? 但真實又不是那麼啡的, 其實是很漂亮的橙色, 沒有帶粉紅色的啊, 所以是絕對的珊瑚橙. 上色度是屬於高的一批.

See? This blush is a true coral orange without any pink undertones, it makes me feel like summer has hit and I've gone sunbathing for a bit then my cheeks became flushed and tanned in a nice way. This blush bronzer makes me look instantly awake and in the game. (That's my unruly hair in the second pic)

看到了嗎? 是橙色來的, 沒有絲毫粉紅的啊. 掃上它令我即時感到夏天曬點太陽之後面上會出現的顏色, 令人精神了很多.
Intensity: High on pigmentation
Finish: Matte. Golden overspray will be gone after a few swatches.
Value: $44 USD, definitely on the pricey side. 6.5 g of product.
Lasting power: Pretty decent, the orange is still wearing when I head home after 6-7 hours.
Repurchase: Yes, please (but not that I need to anyway.)
Overall thoughts: I seriously LOVED this blush, I almost thought of buying a backup when I first used it for a month! (especially when it was LE in my place) But then I have 32681 blushes so I guess I won't be finishing this anytime, let alone the need for a backup. I've tried the same bronzer blush in another shade 001 Rose Brazilia but didn't like that one as it didn't show up on my skin. This blush is a must-have if want to look like you've been under the sun for a bit (without the risk of SPF)! Looks best on NC/NW20-30 skintone I reckon.

效果: 啞光(無閃粉), 表面的金色閃粉掃2-3下便會被掃走
價錢: $44 USD, 頗貴的, 6.5 克
持久度: 不錯, 6-7 小時之後都在
回購: 會 (雖然這個都不會徹底被用完/掉啦)
總評: 很愛這個胭脂, 那時差不多想添個後備啊 (尤其是知到是限量). 但已經有32681個胭脂等我用, 這個又不會用得完, 都不用後備了嘛. 同款的還有001 Rose Brazilia, 但在我的膚色上完全不顯眼. 這種顏色最適合NC/NW20-30號色的朋友.

What is A-Blush-A-Day (ABAD) Project?

Project ABAD was started by Elaine, Jolyn and I. On each day, each of us will present a different blush (old or new) we used each day (so that's 3 x 30 = 90 blushes), with swatches done either on face or on hand, and a short review. For my list of 30 blushes to be used in this project, click here. Don't forget to head to Elaine's and Jolyn's blogs for daily blush surprises!


我們三個(Elaine, Jolyn 和我)每天會介紹當日使用的胭脂, 3人 x 30 = 會介紹總共 90 個胭脂 (新與舊), 配以試色圖(於手上或面上), 再加短短的用評. 本人於未來30天會使用這些胭脂. 去Elaine, Jolyn的blogs看看她們在用那個胭脂吧!!


  1. Great review! It looked great on your skin. But a bit pricey though :)

  2. Wow, you have such a great blush collection. Each one really different from the one before! Unfortunately, mine are all variations of the same peachy-pink theme!

    I like how long lasting this blush is. You look 'sun-kissed' with it on! Such a nice blush bronzer!

  3. Great blush collection so far, I usually can't stand Dior cosmetics, but the blush seems to be so nice!

  4. love to own a Dior blush next, previously i was eyeing on the lacy version one but it goes OOS really fast!

  5. this looks so pretty :)
    great review!! x

  6. This is such a beautiful blush but a little pricey!!

  7. nice coral color. looks very natural on your cheeks

  8. SOOOO pretty and natural on you! *_*

  9. I love it!!
    Super flattering and natural on your skin!
    Love the product design too!

  10. This blusher is a Limited Edition? I do not remember seeing this! I like the natural sheen!

  11. it glides like a dream on your cheeks! I love how it tans your cheeks a bit to give it a healthy colour.

  12. Ooh~ I like this one too.
    I love Dior blushes.. They have really nice shades~ You are making me want to go to Dior counter! haha


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