Monday, April 11, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow #7 Sweet Fire Swatches & Review// Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill 幼滑眼影#7 試色, 用評

The long-awaited post on swatches and review of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk eyeshadow has come. I couldn't decide on which color to get and finally got #7 Sweet Fire. The SA informed me their products do not have names, only numbers; but I saw names of the products on KarlaSugar and Temptalia. The box doesn't say the shade name, it says #7, so that's how I will call it.

萬眾期待的Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Silk 幼滑眼影的試色及用評post來了. 本人有選擇困難, 最後選#7號吧. 在香港的Armani妝品都沒有名字, 但在外國又有, #7 號色的別名是"Sweet Fire". 我會用"#7號"去稱呼它吧.
If you think the Eyes To Kill range is cream shadows, THINK AGAIN! I expected a cream consistency but these are actually POWDER eyeshadows, not to mention I was completely blown away by how smooth to the touch it is. The product is no ordinary 'pressed' eyeshadow pans, it's compressed with tiny little bits and pieces, mixed with metallic elements (the 'brown' bits you see in the jar actually comes out metallic and not visible). Interesting texture and design, right? When I first saw it, it reminds me of Shiny Mix Dots (see below).

如果你以為Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow系列的眼影是膏狀的, 那就錯了! 起初我以為是膏狀的, 其實是粉狀的呀! 質感滑不溜手, 雖然你看見一些啡色的小粒子在瓶子裡, 但它不會令度整個顏色改變, 令我想起RMK的Shiny Mix Dots眼影(看下圖).
Back of the jar: like looking at the galaxy!

看看瓶底有如在看太空般, 花碌碌的, 很七彩繽紛!
The jar comes with a little lid inside, I suppose it's for preventing the contents to crumble since it's not really traditional form of 'pressed' eyeshadow but is compressed with tiny bits and metallic flecks.

瓶子裡有個小蓋, 我猜是由於Eyes To Kill眼影不像傳統 (在鐵蓋壓成的眼影)般, 是由不同顏色的微小顆粒/粉末/閃片壓成, 小蓋可防止眼影完全鬆散.
Each jar contains 4g of product, it's retailed pretty high for a single eyeshadow I'd say, but the texture is so unique and I haven't seen anything like it. Even RMK's Shiny Mix Dots are different from this texture-wise, RMK's formula is not as smooth and 'loosely pressed' as this one, if that makes any sense.

每瓶有4 grams, 價錢如果以單色眼影來說是頗貴的, 不過質感實在太特別, 暫時未有遇過. 比較近似的是RMK的Shiny Mix Dots, 但那質感始終和Eyes To Kill 系列不同. 前者比較'乾'和硬一點.
Here's a pic of a finger swatch, if you've been reading my blog for enough time, you'll know I DON"T DO finger swatch because they don't really help in seeing how it shows up on skin...Anyways, I'm trying to demonstrate in this pic how metallic and reflective the shade is. For some reason another swatch pic of this below done on my arm/hand can't show how metallic it is.

下圖是在手指上試色, 如果你讀我的blog有一段時間的話, 你可能都知道我並不喜歡在手指上試色然後拍照, 個人認為在手指上(而非手背或手內側) 的試色並不準確. 不過無論如何, 下圖是嘗試捕捉#7號色的metallic和反光的表面.
#7 is a metallic pink, here I'm trying to capture the tiny brown metallic flecks and bits you see in the jar but doesn't really alternate the shade itself/show up. I was told that those metallic flecks contributed to the metallic sheen.

#7 是金屬系的粉紅色, 試在手上你會發現原來在瓶子裡的微金屬閃片不會顯露出來, 那些微金屬閃片是令整個眼影帶金屬閃效果的原因.
Guess we don't need to emphasize how pigmented it is yes ;)? All swatches in this post are done WITHOUT primer.

看圖就知上色度有多高吧? ;) 所有試色圖均沒有用任何底霜的.
#7 on eyelid (without primer)

只塗#7 (沒有用眼影底霜)
I applied a glittery charcoal shade from a Jill Stuart palette on the outer corner. Notice the beautiful metallic sheen of #7.

把#7 配深黑灰色於眼尾(帶閃的), 留意#7的"metallic''金屬系表面.
I paired #7 with a chocolate brown from a Bed Head quad on the outer corner and a little bit on crease.

Verdict: Apart from the dreamy smooth and unique texture, Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow shows itself to be high on pigmentation without the need to use primer (I didn't use eyeshadow primer when I tested this), and lasted for 10+ hours at least without fallouts or smudging. Since it's actually a powder eyeshadow, there's no worry that it'll become dried out if the lid is not closed tightly. The little lid inside might be a bit much ado about nothing to some, but it's there to prevent the shadow from crumbling if the jar fell. As all of the shades are so pretty, it took me a long time to decide which one to get, I think I'll check out #4 (Pulp Fiction), #6 (Khaki Pulse), #9 (Rock Sand) and #11 (White Punch) again. If you're not sure which shades to get, the SA told me the most popular ones are #2 (Lust Red), #4, #5 (Gold Blitz) and #6.

Price: Quite high for single eyeshadow
Packaging: Glass jar, bit heavy
Application: Easy and smooth
Texture: Powder with metallic flecks that shows up as a beautiful metallic sheen
Finish: Metallic
Scent: None
Pigmentation: High

價錢: 頗貴(以單色眼影來說的話)
包裝: 玻璃, 有點重
使用: 容易塗抹, 幼滑
質感: 粉狀, 帶有金屬閃片
效果: 金屬系閃
香味: 沒有
上色度: 高

總評: 上色度高, 質地如其名"Silk"般柔滑, 我塗前不用眼影底霜也沒有脫落或暈染問題, 維持10+小時以上. 因為是粉狀, 不是膏/cream狀質地, 所以不用怕眼影會乾掉. 有10種色供選擇, 個人想下回試試 #4, 6, 9, 11號色. 從店員口中得知最好賣的是 #2, 4, 5, 6 號色.


  1. that colour is gorgeous!! so glamorous :) and i love how full ur lashes are too *envious* x

  2. this is so beautiful! great EOTD dear! we don't have this here though. :( but the color is a bit similar to my pearl powder from paul & joe which i have yet to review.

  3. ...And here's how a new make-up lust is created, lol!

    Seriously, this eyeshadow is so gorgeous! I had seen some swatches of the Eyes to kill eyeshadows but never gave it any further read, I figured it was another compact eyeshadow line from a luxury brand- but no, these are so unique! Argh, I want them bad!!!

  4. This eyeshadow look so pretty, i love it <3

    Xo Christine

  5. If the galaxy is pink, it would probably look like that!
    That color is so gorgeous! And the texture looks really luxurious~! I love how reflective the sheen is. reminds me of a makeup look that I saw on a celeb a couple of weeks ago.. ^^
    thanks for sharing such awesome product Jennifer! =D
    ps: I hope Asia regions would start naming products. the numbered system is seriously not as interesting =_= Does this have anything to do with the stereotype that Asians are good at math? haha.. =P


    hen haokan danshi i am afraid that iam too clumsy with powder ahhaah i would just mess up!!

  7. Jennifer! It's such a gorgeous colour. Thanks for the swatches and review. The picture quality is amazing, and your eyes look amazing with the eyeshadow on!

  8. Really, they MUST be creamy, I can't believe the pigmentation, hm gotta risk it and order one myself. Hell this shade is TOO beautiful!

  9. Thanks for the awesome review and swatches, it's awesome that it lasts so long even without primer. The Color is gorgeous and Sweet Fire is such an fitting name for it. Armani Eyes to Kill is a great line, love the mascara. Your EOTD is super pretty.

  10. oh wow, i really like this color! love metallic colors.

    The shiseido whip is alright, nothing WOW, i want to try the perfect milk though, htis one seems a bit thick haha

  11. Such a pretty shade!! After you mentioned it on twitter I went to have a look online for it and thought it was a loose pigment kind of eyeshadow, but it's not and it's so unique!
    I'm going to look out for it and swatch them in stores XD

  12. This shade spells beautiful all over! love it.

  13. I'm not a big fan of pink eyeshadows, but this is gorgeous!

    Tobey is good. I can tell he's aging though *sniff sniff*. :'( Do you have any pets?

  14. beautiful shade! love cream shadows^0^~

  15. EYES TO KILL! suits me much hehe
    its a damn beautiful metallic pink sheen! and you blend it so well with jill Stuart charcoal brown ~ pretty!

    how much is this lil pot asking for in HKD?

    me not a big fan of single pot e/s :P
    to much work to think of which color to blend..

    except for JS jellies which are normally highligther to complement my other quads

  16. *hyperventilates*

    the frost is superb! it looks amazing on your lids, Jen! I really really love it on you!

  17. It is so beautiful! U say it is expensive for a single pot e/s so how much does it costs? Super super interested. Sigh... I want them. Wish i live in HK. Gorgeous place, food, clothes and make-up!

  18. That color is soo gorgeous! It looks great when worn :)

  19. what a lovely color ^^ how expensive is this xD?

  20. Ok this looks gorgeous! seriously need to check these out! Love the look you did with it so pretty :)

  21. I really like this shade on you. Its goes well with the darker shade :)

    Great pigmentation too!

  22. Gorgeous!! I hope they have these at the HK airport when I transit there end of the month.. I've got so many lemmings for GA =S

  23. that is a pretty shade! yeah loose eyeshadow alway scumble a bit after applying huh

  24. I wish we have GA here in SG. What fantastic colours!

  25. oooh *_* I'm loving that sheen! I can definitely tell how reflective the e/s is.. plus the color is such a versatile neutral pink. I don't have any e/s that is "pressed" yet comes out as powder, very cool.

  26. OMG, a loose eyeshadow!!! I thought that it was a pressed one when you were telling about it on Twitter.

    Funny thing is I recently received a couple of loose eyeshadows recently and they are all pink! Perhaps one of them will resemble #7 Sweet Fire? *dreams*

  27. That is really eyes to kill. Great pigmentation... Love them!
    Marusya V

  28. gorgeous metallic color. does look like galaxy

  29. reply: nope. I ended up not getting anything from EH because the colors don't suit me (OMG, if it need, I would hv totally hauled all three colors..XD LOL) Haha. I actually knew you've been lemming for those blusher because I read it from Georgina's blog (coffretgorge) =D So, are you gonna buy them? I think the color would look good on you! They're pigmented and creamy (though I find it dries super fast so need to blend as soon as possible! XD)


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