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Jill Stuart Dreamy Garden Collection Petite Gloss Trio Swatches// Jill Stuart 公主夢幻迷你唇彩組合試色

Warning: This post contains extremely pretty contents, read on if you're up for princessy and cute things! The Dreamy Garden Collection from Jill Stuart has been launched on 1st April, the collection is only available in Hong Kong & Taiwan. Some bloggers have asked me to CP them the new eyeshadow palettes, perfume, etc. I only got the petite gloss trio, hence I will be posting swatches of the glosses instead of the eyeshadow palette, but I'll include some teaser pics of course.

警告: 這篇post內含極漂亮同華麗既包裝, 請自行決定看不看.
Jill Stuart 公主夢幻系列已經係1/4 登場了, 只在香港及台灣發售. 有唔少外國的bloggers托我購買新系列裡的眼影盤及香水 , 我就買了gloss trio, 所以只會post唇彩試色圖, 但當然會包括teaser pics 啦.
The flowery and feminine design on the paper box:
包裝紙盒上的花朵圖案, 很有女孩味:
Many people are after this shade in #102 Amazonite Dazzle because it's not similar to the shades released before, and not found in the entire Jill Stuart eyeshadow range.

很多外國bloggers都說要#102號色的眼影盤, 因為盒裡的顏色和Jill Stuart現有的顏色很不同, 以前也沒有出過.
Here are official promo pics, but they don't do justice at all, to the pretty packaging you will see below!
官方圖片, 我說實物比圖片靚得多!
Now come to the glosses. I was thinking of skipping this collection altogether (not in a mood to shop lately), but I thought I'd swatch them before I pay the other items and go. Man, it was such a wrong decision (-_-) I found two of the glosses pretty pigmented and I fell for it. Grrr.

轉談今次的迷你3色唇彩. 我並無打算買任何東西 (最近無shopping的mood), 但臨走前做了個錯的決定: 試色上手. 我發現其中2隻色異常地上色, 所以...*吼*
Pretty box which houses the gloss trio:
Side of the box:
"Omg it's so pretty I wanna cry..."
Colored gem stones on the lipgloss caps, such a nice detail!
每支唇彩的蓋都有不同顏色的閃石, 很精緻和用心的設計.
The 3 shades are: #101 Pretty Tutu, #103 Sweet Perfume, #102 Cherry Whip. #103 Sweet Perfume INSTANTLY reminds me of NARS Angelika lipgloss after I swatched it *faints*...but minus the heavy glitter in NARS Angelika, #102 Cherry Whip is a matte coral shade (can I say "matte" again? ♥), these two are the most opaque ones. #101 Pretty Tutu is a pretty transparent shade with fine glitter/shimmer.

3隻顏色分別是: #101 Pretty tutu, #103 Sweet Perfume, #102 Cherry Whip. #103即時令我想起NARS Angelika的唇彩色, 但#103無NARS那麼多閃粉, 接近啞色系. #102係無任何閃粉的珊瑚色 (可不可以再強調是啞色系? ♥), 這2色都是比較實色. #101係接近透明色, 但有很幼細的閃粉.
Honestly I'm blown away with the pigmentation of #103 Sweet Perfume and #102 Cherry Whip! The regular line of jelly lip gloss from Jill Stuart doesn't come close to these two. #101 has the prettiest fine glitter/shimmer I've seen, they're not chunky and looks so dreamy in the tube. I am totally digging the 3 shades!! (P.S. If anyone needs help purchasing the new collection, email me.)

#103 和#102的上色度頗impressive. #101裡的閃粉是我見過的最幼細, 不會結成一塊塊, 看下去很夢幻的感覺. 趁現在有promotion, 去親自看看吧!


  1. Ahhhh they are so pretty! I have been wanting to try JS products for the longest but the prices are totally stopping me from getting a bunch of their makeup ><

  2. Sweet Perfume looks so pretty!


  3. Jill Stuart are to die for!!! I'm so jealous! Thanks for the post and I love the designs on the new collection. I love the colors in sweet perfume and cherry whip not so much for the pretty tutu. ;/

  4. The packaging is cute! I liked 102 & 103 best.

    How come your body cannot take sugar?

  5. JS stuff are those you'd buy in a heartbeat regardless of how good the product is, noh? The packaging is the prettiest!

    I love sweet perfume! I wonder how good it looks on your lips... :)

  6. JS products always make me go ohhhhh... :O i love the packaging! sometimes i think it's actually a good thing that it isn't available in my country or else i'd always be broke hahaha! xD

  7. *cries!* Not only because it's super duper pretty, but I can't have it :( The packaging is looove and Pretty Tutu is such a cute name. At least you will get to enjoy and feel pampered like a princess! lol

  8. aww the packaging!!!! ack should've asked my friend to get this for me when they were at HK =(

  9. Jill Stuart packaing is sooo nice~ So princessy~ I love it.

    I really like the eyeshadow palette. I dont own any JS products :(

  10. Such a gorgeous post! The lip glosses look so cute, love the little packaging! Sweet perfume look like an adorable shade!

  11. Really enjoyed this post! Everything's so pretty :)


  12. JS stuff never fails in packaging. I'm totally surprised with the lipglosses though, May need to have a looksee when I'm in HK this year. :)

    Are the glosses perfumed?

    Also The laura mercier concealer I did a review on already:


  13. arghhh i still don't have any products from jill stuart =/ . the packaging is so cuteeeeee !!! and the products are looking great =D

  14. OMG, the glosses are really pretty and cute! Now you make me lemming for them too. Are they LE?

    ryc: I really like the HK masks, smell yummy and pretty moisturizing too, will try to review it soon :)

  15. As much as I love Jill Stuart, but the packaging counts the most. The products aren't really outstanding, but the design is and that's why everyone's going crazy for the ridiculously-prices JS range, awwww amzing pics!!


  17. ooo the packaging is sooo cute! love the tiny gem on top. colors are very nice too

  18. oh my my~ such eye candies are a SIN! look at the packaging with embossed prints! way too pretty indeed~!

    the e/s quad box is to die for!!

    you are right about jelly gloss sweet perfume = angelika! what a pop of PINK!and JS gloss is way better than NARS gloss in terms of scent :P hehe

    BEAUTIFUL collection from Jill Stuart AGAIN!

    Thank you so much for the photos*hugss

  19. Really pretty and super cute sizes!
    *I shall not be tempted!!* xD xxx

  20. Holy shoot! Those lippies look gorgeous!

  21. We have Maltesers here! But they're so darn expensive -__-" it's ridiculous.

  22. these are sooo cute!! ahh JS why do u alway tempt me? haha

  23. gorgeous packaging :)
    thanks for sharing!! x

  24. I can't stop looking at the pics! JS products always suck me into them! They are so cute... O my goodness, "it's so pretty i'm going to die!" The trios are so lovely!

  25. Hey love,
    for the smashbox packing, I'm actually going to keep it because its too cute to throw away lol

  26. These are all colors that I adore :) My favourite one is the Cherry Whip one, although I doubt it'd show up on me :)


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