Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ABAD Day 30: Benefit Dallas blush//"每日一胭脂"系列 第30天: Benefit Dallas胭脂

To be honest, I've always felt sympathetic towards Benefit boxes of powders. Coralista and Sugarbomb have got their prime time but for other shades like Dallas and Dandelion, they didn't enjoy the same spotlight. Dallas is one beautiful dusty rose color which have been neglected and underrated in the blush category, and you'll see why.

老實說, 一直以來對Benefit的盒裝胭脂/粉有點同情的感覺. Coralista 和 Sugarbomb 都有它們的 "黃金時間" 但其餘的顏色例如 Dallas 和 Dandelion 則沒有人提及. Dallas 是個深沉一點的玫瑰色, 一直在胭脂界被忽略, 你再看看便知為何我會這麼說的了.

First off, the boxes of powder hold 10-12g of product, which is A LOT (before Bella Bamba was out). They're at the same price with NARS but product amount is TRIPLE. I don't mind the paper box packaging as I won't be carrying my makeup here and there, the paper box adds to the 'collectibles' feeling if you ask me.

首先, Benefit的盒子內有10-12克容量, 其實是極多的 (在Bella Bamba出來之前). 價錢與NARS的胭脂差不多但容量是 3 倍啊! 我不介意紙盒包裝, 我又不會把胭脂帶出外, 所以覺得紙盒包裝甚有風味.
The color swatch doesn't look as dark as in the pan, it's not a bronzer but more of a blush.

試色的顏色很不像盒子裡的顏色吧! 是胭脂不是bronzer 啊, 不要弄錯.

Look how natural it appears after applying onto cheeks!

Intensity: High pigmentation
Finish: Tiny bit of shimmer
Price: $28 USD
Lasting power: 7-8 hours
Repurchase: It lasts forever, I don't think I will run out of it
Overall thoughts: Dallas is a highly underrated shade in my opinion, it shows up to be a warm rose kind of color which should look good on light to medium skin tones. For me it worked wonderfully especially in the winter because it added warmth to the cheeks. As for the price, it has 3 times product than say NARS blushes but is priced the same. You get extremely generous amount of product with decent quality.

效果: 小許閃
價錢: $28 USD
持久度: 7-8 小時
回購: 整盒有12克, 應該用不完的
總評: Dallas 實在是被忽略的顏色, 出來的效果是很warm的玫瑰顏色, 在淺至中膚色上是最好看的. 尤其在冬天, Dallas 可以令面頰更 warm. 價錢方面, 與其它牌子差不多價, 但容量則是平時的 3 倍!

What is A-Blush-A-Day (ABAD) Project?
On each day, each of us will present a different blush (old or new) we used each day (so that's 4 x 30 = 120 blushes), with swatches done either on face or on hand, and a short review. For my list of 30 blushes to be used in this project, click here. Don't forget to head to Elaine's, Vonvon's, PopBlush's blogs for daily blush surprises!

我們每天會介紹當日使用的胭脂, 4人 x 30 = 會介紹總共 120 個胭脂 (新與舊), 配以試色圖(於手上或面上), 再加短短的用評. 本人於未來30天會使用這些胭脂. 去Elaine, Vonvon, PopBlush 的blogs看看她們在用那個胭脂吧!!


  1. I have never tried Belefit Cosmetics before, but now i really want to order something. This looks gorgeous ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  2. aw. this is the last ABAD feature! it does give your cheeks a warm glow, very nice! i would love to collect the benefit box-o-blushers! hahaha i only have coralista! :P

  3. Dallas seems to be the least popular among all Benefit Box O' Powder. It actually looks a lot prettier than I thought! Nice one!
    剛剛找資料時看到你的blog, "每日一胭脂"真是很好的project, 希望將來有"每日一唇膏", "每日一眼影"之類, 哈哈, 會不會太貪心? :P

  4. Congrats on finishing the 30 days of your ABAD project! :)

    Dallas looks quite mild in colour. But I don't know why the BA at the Benefit counter I used to visit kept on telling me that it would be too dark for me. *scratch head.

    But I guess I have enough cheek products for now, even those that are not in the list of the 3o blushes.

  5. My first benefit powder was Bella Bamba and I definitely want to get all of them, but tbh these aren't the best blusher/highlighters, to me they're really crumbly and chalky, like, they don't blend in very well.

  6. Sounds like a nice brand! I love the paper box packaging of this :D And the shade too!

  7. **nibbles on**

    You have so much of this blush anyway, you won't even see the pieces I just ate missing :D

  8. WOAHH I'm LOVING this blush! *_* it looks so pretty and natural. More of a coral color? Dunno.. I really like it either way! : D

  9. Love Benefit Blushes! Yes they are pricey, but for the amount of product you get its deffo worth it in my opinion! Absolutely love Dallas! I think it was the 1st one I bought, I like to use it as a contour as well as a blush :) 2nd fave I think deffo has to be Sugarbomb which gets every day usage from moi! Perfect for both nights out & daytime :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  10. You made it to day 30. Congrats! =D Dallas looks great on you.

  11. I love this one!. Mines part of a Benefit Powder Pop box along with Dandelion and Corilista. It's so natural and pretty :)
    Make-Up for Biochemists

  12. this color is super subtle but i love it!

  13. Congrats on Day 30! Certified blush fiend indeed ;)

  14. I still have yet to try Benefit's blushes, but the Aussie price turns me off. Its around $52 for one Benefit blush :/

    This shade compliments your skin really nicely babe :D

    I need a good blush that looks nice in winter. I used to like Mac's "well dressed" because it gave me a nice frosty look.

  15. Woahhh~ I didn't even know that benefit had this blush. hahah my bad. Looks really pretty. sigh...too bad I don't use blush that often.

  16. WOW! you made it to 30 days!
    talk about dedication!!

    hiphip hoorah~!

    dallas seems dark at the box turnout looks good on your cheeks~ warm rose indeed!

    bulky packagin to bring out :P

  17. Hmm I always had the notion that Dallas was a bronzer for some reason. The color looks really pretty on you though! Very natural ^^

  18. Hi :) Nice blog you got there, I was wonderin if we could be friends and follow each others blogs? ^__^ Thank youuuu.~

  19. I love benefit boxed products as they really do last forever :)
    great review!! x

  20. Another great choice! The blush looks great on you. Understated and warm!

  21. You make me wanna get this blush! Benefit's boxed blushes always look really tempting but in the end, I always stick with Georgia just because I love it so much! And it is true... they last forever, well over a year.


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