Tuesday, November 15, 2011

L'oreal Color Infallibles eyeshadows swatches & review 試色用評

Do these look like ice cubes? Only better! The long-awaited color infallibles from L'oreal has landed in HK finally! Blogger friends from UK and Canada were kind enough to send me some, but then I got myself more :P L'oreal Infallibles are a wallet-friendly version of Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows as you probably have heard already.

The whole range features a bunch of shades and today 4 of the shades would be featured.

看著L'oreal新推出的Color Infallible眼影, 心想 "它的包裝很似冰粒啊". 其實老早已經有英國及加拿大朋友給了我, 但在香港看見它們時, 忍不住添多了幾粒 :P 無法子啦, 好用的東西才會難以抗拒的.

The shades are: 004 Forever Pink, 007 Unlimited Sky, 012 Endless Chocolat, 015 Flashblack Silver.

這次為大家試色的是 004 Forever Pink, 007 Unlimited Sky, 012 Endless Chocolat, 015 Flashblack Silver.

Galaxy-like colors unveiled:


Little jar lids were put inside to prevent the shadows from crumbling in case of careless dropping:

包裝內有黑色小蓋子, 萬一跌了眼影都不怕弄碎, 設計很貼心:

The texture is simply divine, it's not cream, its not entirely powder, it's not gel...it's velvety smooth.

質地很heaven-like, 不是cream狀, 也不是粉末狀, 不是gel狀...總之就像絨面般柔滑.

Swatches as labelled below. I particularly like 015 Flashblack Silver because it's not a flat-right-there kind of grey, it carries a purple-ish sheen to it, 012 Endless Chocolat is also very wearable.

試色圖如下. 015 Flashblack Silver 是很有深度的顏色, 它絕不是水泥般的灰, 細看之下始發現它銀中帶點紫.

Here's a comparison picture of L'oreal Color Infallible in 004 Forever Pink with Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill in #7 Sweet Fire. The Armani version looks more dimensional in the jar (you could see brown chunks in it) while the L'oreal color infallible appears more fine in texture in the jar.

我把L'oreal Color Infallible 和Armani 的Eyes To Kill 眼影放在一起比較. 兩者皆為粉紅色, 但後者在瓶子裡的顏色較多層次 (你會看見啡色的粒子在瓶子裡), 而 L'oreal 的看下去質感較滑, 因它沒有其它顏色混在一起.

Packaging and money-wise, L'oreal jars are definitely lighter for your purse, and the colors that show up in the pan are true to what you actually swatched. Performance wise, Color Infallibles doesn't smudge, crease, nor fades.

無論以包裝或價錢來說, L'oreal 的color infallible都有照顧到你的銀包, 試色出來的顏色和瓶子裡的很一致, 沒有偏差. 還有, 值得一提的是, 塗了整天也不會起褶, 沒有暈染的情況出現, 也沒有脫色啊!


  1. Pretty! You went with the pastel shades - I got the Permanent Khaki, Burning Black, and Flashback Silver - I love them all!

  2. i love all the shades in your post. are they available in US? don't think i've seen them.

  3. Are you back?! :D

    Hehe you have completed your collection now right? Unlimited Sky is really pretty and is a shade I haven't seen around!


  4. These are definitely wallet friendly compared to the Eyes To Kill! Haha Thank you for the review! :)

  5. i was surprised to see a post from you! are you slowly getting back on the blogger wagon? 'cause i think i'll be off for a while (you know why) ^_~

    thanks for getting me the pink infallible! <3 it!

  6. Yay~ You're back! Missed your posts.

    I've heard many great things about the Loreal Infallibles and it being compared to the Armani Eyes to Kill. Thank you for the swatches~

  7. Hey Jen! So glad to read a post from you ;) I am sooo gonna get me some of these l'Oreal eyeshadows, currently I could never afford these Armani Eyes to kill and I'm so happy there's a drugstore equivalent available in the shops! Now, if only there were a Bronze Universel dupe somewhere in the drugstore shelves, sigh...

  8. YAY YOU'RE BACK! >: D *glomps violently* WOMANNN I missed youuuuu!! We haven't spoken in FOREVER! -hugs-

    I like the Sky-colored on! : D it's gorgeous. But honestly I never liked the quality of L'oréal.. O_X

  9. Welcome back, darling! The swatches look really pretty =D

  10. gorgeous :) these need to come to the US ASAP!!!!!

  11. Yayay! So glad to see your post :) These shadows look so pretty; esp the pink on! :)

  12. What a great comparison! I wonder if they have it at Target.

  13. I typed such a long comment earlier and my iPad just ate it or what? :(

    Good to see you back, Jennifer.

    I am slowly collecting these eyeshadows too. I have 013 Burning Black and I just bought 027 Goldmine last week. It's a very beautiful gold shade with shimmer. I have a swatch of it in my blog.

    I like the pink and baby blue very much. But I don't remember seeing them at Boots or Superdrug. Perhaps I should go back to check. I may have missed out.

    I have similar colours of pink and baby blue in the form of Estee Lauder Double Wear Shadow Cremes. But of course they are different in texture. But with the L'Oreal ones, I don't think we have to worry about them drying out.

  14. I finally found them at Target on the last day of 2011!!!!!! I'm so happy although out of the 9 shades I can't remember seeing any of these. Plus the packaging is slightly different.

  15. They're so beautiful :) I saw them the other day but didn't get to try them out. Thanks for the post :)


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