Monday, December 5, 2011

My new favourite perfume: Jolie Rose from Azzaro// 最喜愛香氛(新) - Azzaro's Jolie Rose

Side note: As I am slowly back on the blog wagon, please give me some time to get back to each of your comments in the previous post :) Thanks ladies!

Many of us spent ages trying to look for a 'signature' perfume, it took me a year to discover mine: Marc Jacobs EDP. But there's a tiny part of me that's always looking for an alternative - for days when I feel like experimenting other possibilities - this is where Jolie Rose comes in.

有很多人花了很久才找到屬於自己的香氛/香水氣味, 我就是其中一位. 當我認定Marc Jacobs EDP是我畢生摯愛, 屬於我的signature scent時, 間中內心仍會想看看還有沒有別的香氛可以比它更"signature". 在找尋其他可能性時, 我就碰到 Jolie Rose, 一支花香為主調的EDT. (個人喜歡花味的香水多於果味)

Jolie Rose is a new EDT from a brand called Azzaro. Normally I go for EDPs as the longevity is much better. Floral notes is my cup of tea (instead of fruity scents, haha), but heavy scent of rose is not my thing. Jolie Rose gives me just the right dose of floral indulgence without the overwhelming whiff of pungent flowers.

Jolie Rose EDT 是Azzaro 的新作品. 通常我習慣用EDP因為EDP香氣較EDT持久. 個人口味偏好花香多於果香, 但過於濃郁的玫瑰花味就不是我杯茶了. 正因如此, Jolie Rose的輕淡花香便正中下懷了.

Jolie Rose has a playful design on the bottle cap, and the bright pink bottle definitely cheered me up in dreadful (especially monday) mornings. It lingers on about 6-7 hours which is considerably acceptable for an EDT. The smell is a mix of violets and white musks, citrus and lilies. Don't be fooled by the name, it has nothing to do with rose.

鮮粉紅色的瓶蓋有個好處: 夠搶眼, 我這些善忘的人會經常忘記早上臨出門前噴一噴. 持久度以EDT來說確實很不俗, 有6-7 小時. 至於香味呢, 則是紫羅蘭, 白麝香, 少許鮮檸檬和白合花的混合. 千萬不要被它的名字騙倒, 它完全沒有令人敬而遠之的玫瑰味啊!

Playful bottle cap design - shaped like a rose but smells nothing like it, in a good way!

充滿玩味的瓶蓋設計 - 很似玫瑰花但不是玫瑰香味 :)

The perfume comes in two sizes, 30 ml and 50ml, I think I'd go through this bottle in handful of months. In fact I have placed it in my office, I spray whenever I feel like it (did I mention tough times at work?), this bottle does a good job in lifting spirits.

這瓶香氛有2種size, 30ml 和 50ml. 我有預感我手中的30ml 會在3-4月內噴光, 因為我已把它放在office, 想噴時有得噴 (尤其工作心情不佳之時), Jolie Rose便會發揮它的提神作用.

Have you found your signature scent yet? Share with me your favourites!

那麼你找到屬於自己的香氛了嗎? 與大家分享吧!


  1. What a beautiful scent! I'm loving Burberry Body right now and also Pomelo by Jo Loves.

  2. Great to see you coming back on to blogging wagon :)

    My signature scent(s) would be Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, The Beat by Burberry and Chance by Chanel :)

  3. The only perfume I can (kind of) tolerate is YSL baby doll, that's given that I only use one spritz (most other ones make my nose run). I found that the single-note one, like the Demeter fragrance library so much more doable. I have their bulgarian rose and lilac, they are spot-on and quite easy on the nose.

  4. Yay! So glad you're back to blogging! :D :D

    Btw, I looove the packaging on that bottle!

  5. fun and playful bottle. i prefer fresh scented edt/edp. good to have you back :)

  6. Love the cute bottle! Welcome back :D

  7. The packaging is just adorable! I'm a fan of citrus-y scents so I think I would be a fan of this one.

  8. I love the bottle, so pretty and it's pink :) My signature scent is Burberry's Burberry.

  9. The bottle reminds me of Justin Bieber's perfume bottle, looks very pretty. Hm my signature scent is probably from Chloe =)

  10. Have a merry Christmas! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting a giveaway [$40 credit to an esty shop].xo

  11. the bottle is definitely very pretty!!! Happy new year sweetie :)

  12. So happy to see you coming back!

    I mostly wear a lot of perfume oils and have yet to find a 'signature', but I quite love Exclamation by Coty and Benefit Maybe Baby.

  13. It is a pretty bottle. I try so hard not to get attached to bottles, since I don’t plan on keeping them once they’re emptied, but a pretty bottle is so nice to hold! I really love that perfume too! :)

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