Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Forever 21 pre-launch in Hong Kong // Forever 21正式登陸香港!

The long-awaited street fashion chainstore has finally landed in Jardine's Bazaar in Causeway Bay on 18th January 2012. I was able to snap a few pics of the pieces they revealed in their pre-launch, for those who found it too crowded to get in after it opens, or for those who simply can't wait to see what they have to offer! Situated in the hustle & bustle in Causeway Bay, the store opens til 1am daily - good news for those who've always fantasized midnight retail therapy.

等了良久的 fast fashion 品牌 Forever 21 上週終於在銅鑼灣渣甸街開業了. 難得可以在開業前一天先睹為快, 當然不會忘記大家啦. 尤其在開幕初期, 店內肯定會水洩不通, 莫說買心頭好, 連看都未看過便已售完的情況大有可能發生. 不過, Forever 21 很識做, 除了座落於人流多的銅鑼灣鬧市外, 還把營業時間延長至零晨一時. 誰說夜深不能shopping?

Executive Vice President Meyer with models showcasing the hottest pieces for coming Spring. (Side note: I spot some hot wedges!)

副行政總裁 Mr. Meyer 和 models 宣佈來季的 key items. (看那對船掙...!)

The store has 6 floors and half of it is now open, the other half, together with two digital billboards will unveil in the near future.

整間店有六層高, 暫時開放的有三層, 店外的電子大屏幕也會很快投入服務.

From my observations, Forever 21 answers every fashionista's prayers by offering fast fashion fixes at prices lower than other street fashion chain stores. With stocks coming in daily, Forever 21's sub-brands Heritage 1981, Love 21, Tween will also be available soon. When it comes to pricing, a striped dress is retailed at $109 HKD (~$15 USD), and skirts starting at $109 HKD (~$15 USD), blazer at $179 HKD (~$22 USD), which is quite affordable if you compare with H&M, Bershka and the like!

就觀察所見, Forever 21 提供的服飾比現有的連鎖 street fashion 品牌價錢平一點, 加上每天都有新貨到, 對時裝達人來說確是喜訊. 旗下品牌 Heritage 1981, Love 21 和 Tween都會陸續登場, 大家要密切留意. 談到價錢, 一件連身裙都是 $109 起, 短裙都是 $109 有交易, 西裝褸 $180 有找. H&M 同Bershka 都未必行啊!

With 1960's beach party style being the inspiration, this season's collection sees lots of bright colors, polka dots and stripes.

今季的系列主題為 1960 年沙灘派對, 所以系列裡不時見到波點和條子的影子.

With its latest grand opening, Forever 21 spiced up the street fashion scene in Hong Kong from its currently dull moment, and who'd favour more options with a lighter price tag? I know I do! :D

在被一眾連鎖時裝品牌佔領的服飾市場底下, 有誰喜歡更多的選擇及令人驚喜的價錢? 舉手都黎唔切啦! :D


  1. Wow, that's a huge store! Forever 21 is a store that I love going into to find clothes that are very reasonably priced. They are some cute thing in there.


  2. is this the 1st f21 in hong kong? 6 floors? girls are going to spend hrs there.

  3. ahhhh, while i was there, it was still closed T___T"!! i want to go back to hong kong !!

  4. SIX FLOORS?! Wow, now that's someplace I'd like to shop!

  5. WOW! It's super big! Everywhere I go; I must go to F21! I hope you enjoy it!


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