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Bobbi Brown Spring '12 Long-Wear Eye Collection Swatches and Look // Bobbi Brown 春季持久不脫落妝品

Bobbi Brown's Spring Color Collection theme is Long-Wear that lasts from coffee to cocktail hours, the lineup includes Long-Wear Eye Pencils, Long-Wear Cream Shadows, Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara. Alas, I told myself, my search for a pencil liner that stays put on my lash line is finally over! I'm an avid fan of pencil liners over liquid liners any day, and the latest release of Long-Wear Eye Pencils from Bobbi does not disappoint!

Bobbi Brown的春天的顏色款式的主題是12小時持久不脫落,春季陣容包括持久不脫落眼線筆,持久不脫落的膏狀眼,和持久不脫落睫毛膏。天啊我立刻告訴自己終於可以結束搜尋一支持久不渾染的眼線筆了我每天畫眼線之餘, 幾乎只使用眼線筆 (可刨的那種),而Bobbi Brown新出的眼線鉛筆令我喜出望外

The new pencil liners come in 6 colors: Jet, Smoke, Black Navy, Black Plum, Mahogany and Hunter.

新的眼線筆有 6 隻顏色選擇: Jet, Smoke, Black Navy, Black Plum, Mahogany 和 Hunter.

Swatches from L-R: Jet is a matte intense black, Dark Plum is a deep plummy color with tiniest fleck of shimmer, Black Navy is deep matte blue, Mahogany is deep matte coffee bean brown, Hunter is deep matte forest green and Smoke is a less intense black than Jet.

由左至右試色: Jet是啞光但強烈黑,Dark Plum 是一個帶少少閃的深紫色,Black Navy為啞光深藍色Mahogany啞光咖啡豆褐色,Hunter啞光森林的綠色, Smoke比 Jet 的黑較淺一點

I drew a playful look on my arms, using Jet to draw the eyes, then I applied Dark Plum on the lash line and smudge it with Berry Noir Cream Shadow over the whole eyelid, and then smudged Smoky Topaz Cream Shadow on the outer corner and the crease area, don't they look beautiful together? :D

(Read further below and you will see how I apply this look on my eyes)

我在手臂上畫了一個俏皮的眼睛 look,勾畫整個眼睛使用的是 Jet然後眼線使用的是Dark Plum,在整個眼瞼塗抹 Berry Noir 眼影膏並和 Dark Plum 眼線一起推勻然後外眼角摺痕位置塗 Smoky Topaz 眼影膏看上去是不是很美 :D

(閱讀下文,你會看到我如何把這個 look 放在眼睛

To show you how long-wearing the new eye pencils are, here's how they look after two times of intensive rubbing with Cleansing Oil under water. See? The liners still there! I had to use Eye Makeup Remover to remove them completely!

為了顯示眼線筆如何持久,這裡是我用 2次卸妝在水中經過猛力摩擦看到麼?眼線仍然存在只有用眼部卸妝水才能完全

Me bare-eyed

I lined my upper lash line with Dark Plum Eye Pencil. The pencils are intensely pigmented and smooth, application is swift and effortless.

使用Dark Plum 眼線筆在眼線勾畫 眼線筆十分creamy, 勾畫迅速和輕易

Then I used a curler from Bobbi to curl my lashes, the curler is sturdy.


Lashes after curling:

Applying a coat of the new Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara in black:


The eye looks instantly awake! And my lashes are lengthened visibly when you compare with the bare-eyed pic.


The next step in creating the look I drew on my arm earlier on is to apply cream shadows. There are a total of 5 new shades in the Spring release and I will be using 39 Smoky Topaz and 44 Berry Noir.

下一步較早前我在手臂上畫的 eye look 的步驟如下, 我將使用 39 Smoky Topaz 和 44 Berry Noir 眼影膏 (春季發布色調有 5 色).

Swatches on the left is Smoky Topaz (a gorgeous shimmery taupe!) and on the right is Berry Noir, a matte burgundy/berry red.

左邊是 Smoky Topaz (華麗閃閃灰褐色!), 右邊是 Berry Noir (啞光酒紅色).

Smoky Topaz layered on top of Berry Noir - an even more gorgeous taupe color!!! Who else loves taupe here?

我把 Berry Noir作底色, 然後把 Smoky Topaz 塗在上面, 結果是很漂亮的 taupe 顏色!!

Berry Noir applied all over the eyelid as base.

首先, 把 Berry Noir 塗於整個眼瞼作底色.

Smoky Topaz applied on the crease and the outer 1/3 corner of the eyelid. Remember to blend, blend and blend. The cream shadows are smooth and creamy, after applying on skin they turn into a powder finish instead of a gel/cream finish - and you get amazing wear time out of these!

把 Smoky Topaz 塗在眼瞼1/3角落和眼褶位置記住要把顏色推開, 推開推開。眼影膏質地creamy, 易上色後便由凝膠/霜狀粉末狀,這就是驚人持久度的秘密

Voila!!! I'm loving the dimension the shadows and pencil liner impart on my eye!!!

登登登登! 只是稍用眼線筆和眼影膏便造出深遂有神的眼窩!!

I'm blown over with the new Long-Wear pencil liners from Bobbi Brown's spring collection and I could never imagine that I'd fall in love with a matte deep berry cream shadow! Here are my tips in making eyeliners and eyeshadows last:

- if you have an oily eyelid, apply eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid, this helps to create a matte and smooth canvas for eyeshadow application afterwards;

- for even more intense/dramatic look, after applying a black eyeliner, I would apply a line using dry black eyeshadow on top over the lash line, this also helps to set the liner and last through the day;

- when applying cream shadows, taking little by little is the key. Taking too much product at once will create a chunky finish (if you're using a shimmer/glitter shadow). I found the best combo is using a matte shadow as base, and apply a shimmery/glittery shadow on crease and outer corner. Contrasting finishes is the key to create a sculpted eyes effect.

Bobbi Brown的春季系列眼線筆和眼影膏實在抵讚,從來沒有想像過會愛上酒紅色的是這裡我使用眼線筆眼影 小小的提示

- 如果你皮膚屬油性眼瞼塗眼影打底霜,這有助於之後塗抹眼影和眼線, 令眼色持久;

- 想要更加戲劇性的眼線效果,使黑色眼線筆我會再用黑色眼影塗在眼線有助把眼線定妝;

- 使用眼影膏關鍵一點一點沾用一次取太多產品,(尤其使用有大粒閃粉的眼影時), 閃粉便會結成一塊發現最好組合使用啞光的眼為底色再於摺痕和外眼角位置使用有閃亮效果的顏色, 關鍵是使用不同質感的顏色 ^^

What are your tips of making eyeliners and eyeshadows last? Share with us!



  1. so much bobbi brown love! :D
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  2. oh dang, i have been hunting for THE liner for my eyes. Since the MUFE aqua eyes were a fail for me and Urban Decay is a bit better but it still smudges. Hopefully these will be the one. Thxs for the review!

  3. wow u make me wana go bobbi brown now lol

  4. Great post/review :) I am so convinced now I wished I had gotten a couple during the BB 20% off sale a couple weeks ago :(

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