Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get your shades on coz it's so bright! Steve Madden Spring 2012 Urban Jungle Series

Using City Tribe as the main theme, this season's Steve Madden lineup sees lots of bright neon colors, wedges, pumps, canvas loafer and tribal-print flats.

I own 7+ pairs from Steve Madden because I just LOVE their shoes that much - it's comfy and non scratchy, they make great flats, for one thing.

These wedge would go well with any one-piece dress anyday, I'm eyeing the pair in black!

Mighty heeled sandals:

Peep-toe pumps!

I"m eyeing the pair of sandals second from the left - yep the one with the flower.

Grab yourself a pair of these strappy wedges and get ready, set, sail!

Models showcasing the new footwear lineup:

I'm eyeing that purple-pink clutch! Yes they carry bags and accessories too!

Steve Madden's spring lineup is the most colorful release I've come across to date. What are you eyeing this season?


  1. I love all the colors! Spring is for tons of colors, ok! Everyone should agree to that! But I do love my taupes and greys T_T ugh.. what's wrong with me?

    Love seeing you blog! We haven't talked in a while : D Hope you're doing well!

  2. Sandals and pumps!! That's what I want this summer! Omg...some of those sandals just look awesome! I want them but I'm on a budget x.x

  3. Oh, I like that teal flats...I used to have a pair of black leather flats from them (got it at Ross for only 15 dollars) and I always get asked about them...They are worn out and tossed though, since I do a lot of walking.

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