Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Be the Queen of HEARTS with Swarovski //與 Swarovski 尋找你的 THE ONE!

Who says Valentine's Day has to be in February? With the new set from Swarovski featuring their signature scent - Aura, you're certainly wrapped with love whole year round! The set - called "THE ONE" features a 15ml bottle of Aura EDP, and their new Crystallize Your Lips lipstick in #Crystal Vintage Rose, and a red pouch with heart-shaped ruffles. No kidding - the heart (and literally my heart) popped out upon opening of the box packaging!

誰說情人節必定二月?只要有 Swarovski THE ONE 紅心香氛唇彩限量套裝,肯定終年被愛包圍!THE ONE 套裝包括 AURA 香氛 15ml, 水晶玫瑰唇膏紅色小。沒有騙你 - 開啟時這顆我心亦如是)從包裝彈出來

I am beyond thrilled when I learnt that a lipstick was included in the set - what girl doesn't like lipsticks?! And there's something special about the lipstick, which I shall reveal in a moment.

當發現原來套裝包括唇膏時, 是莫名其妙的興奮. 有哪個女孩不喜歡唇膏!? 唇膏的包裝亦很特別, 待會揭曉.

Ta-da! Two gems are awaiting inside the stunning red pouch - it's a 15ml Aura EDP and the newly released lipstick.

紅色小袋內的 2 件寶物 - 15ml 的 Aura EDP 和新推出的唇膏.

Albeit being just 15ml, the bottle feels extremely solid and classy upon touch, I own the 50ml version of the Aura EDP and it's great to have a mini bottle to travel around in my bag. The cap of course, is adorned with a large crystal from Swarovski. Ohmygod, one can travel with it in bling-bling style! The ordinary mini perfume sample vials/atomizers be gone!

雖是 15ml, 但瓶子很有份量感和 class. 我家中已有50ml 的同系列, 現在有 15ml 的瓶子非常方便攜帶外出. 瓶蓋當然有 Swarovski 的水晶點缀啦!

Aura's scent comprises of amber, white musk, benzoin, lychee. Did I see white musk and lychee? These two are definitely my cup of tea.

融合了琥珀, 安息香白麝香, 荔枝. 白麝香和荔枝自然是我杯茶了!

Be sure to be dazzled by the crystal on top of the bottle...


The next highlight is the new lipstick range - who would have imagined Swarovski comes up with lipsticks too? And with the packaging like the signature Aura EDP bottle. The gem on top of the lipstick tube is pink and screams girly.

接下來的 highlight 便是唇膏了, 設計都像 Aura 氛瓶身在頂部有水晶裝飾, 不過是粉紅色的啊. ^_^

The lipstick carries an imprint of light rays - symbolizing the radiating light rays by Aura.

唇膏上的壓紋代表 Aura 散發出的光線.

The lipstick shade is Crystal Vintage Rose, it comes out really pink and rosy, and it doesn't look as frightening bright in real life as in the tube. There are fine silver glitters in it which makes lips dazzle too.

唇膏顏色是 Crystal Vintage Rose, 效果很粉紅, 像玫瑰顏色. 一點也不浮誇, 還帶有微細銀色閃粉.

This lipstick from Swarovski had already captured my heart and earned a permanent place in my purse. "THE ONE" set is now available at SOGO Department Store exclusively during Thankful Week (going on right now) and is sold in LIMITED quantity. So drop the wait - grab it before it's gone!

這支唇膏已俘虜了我的心及手袋, "THE ONE" 紅心香氛唇彩限量套裝現於 SOGO 一樓Swarovski 香氛專櫃獨家量發售絕對是你的 "THE ONE"!


  1. The lipstick looks great!
    reminds me of some other brands not to mention the mark on the lipstick so swarovski!
    i got the perfume sample from the company sometime ago but never really saw the packaging and its so pretty!!! i see swarovski was slowly venturing to cosmetics or atleast i wasnt aware of it until i read you post >_<

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm blown away by the packaging. I would love to see your wearing it!

  3. i have no idea they come up with beauty line. probably only in asia? i would like the try the lychee scent.

  4. Oh my gosh vintage rose looks soooo pretty!!!! I really want it, but i bet it's only available in Asia for now :(

  5. So pretty!!! <3 I love the colour and design uu

  6. I really like the lipstick color, it's right up my alley <3 bear

  7. very pretty! adore the packaging <3 the color of the lip stick is just absolutely stunning!

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