Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil: A Girl's Best Friend // 女孩的好朋友: Bobbi Brown舒緩卸妝潔面油

A few years ago, I used up a bottle of Bobbi Brown's old cleansing oil and thought nothing of it. Boy, was I stunned this time upon my learning that they have a new cleansing oil coming out in July.

幾年前,我用了Bobbi Brown的舊的卸妝油並沒有太多的想法。誰知話咁快新的 舒緩卸妝潔面油在7月份推出喇。

The new Soothing Cleansing Oil incorporates extracts from organic Sunflower, Jasmine Flower and Kukui Nut Oil. The result? Amazingly fresh smell of course.

新舒緩卸妝潔面油採用有機向日葵,茉莉花和堅果油提取物。結果呢?當然是清新怡人的香味啦。聞一聞已經好醒神, 最岩朝早用!

 I pumped a handful of the new cleansing oil and rub it on my hand. The texture is light and watery, aka not greasy! Then I added water to emulsify it and massage it to make sure it thoroughly cleans. It turns into a milky color upon mixing with water, after rinsing everything off with water, the back of my hand felt squeaky clean.


And then I added a bit of Buffing Grains for face, a product also from Bobbi that's been under-reported in the online beauty radar! The Grains include red bean powder, and they are smooth and fine to the touch, aka will not be harsh for skin.

Each of us took away some herbs and spices which could be made into tea, a reminder that beauty is not only what you put on the face, detoxing your inner body is also as important too. The smell and ingredients in the new Soothing Cleansing Oil will freshen you up in the morning and to offer soothing experience at night when you take everything off from your face. Go try it yourself or at Bobbi counters now!

然後,我添加了 Bobbi 比較鮮為人知的產品 - Buffing Grains for face! 專給面部使用的磨砂由紅豆粉製成,光滑細膩的觸感,又不會對皮膚苛刻。

我們每個人都拿走了一些草藥及製成茶,Bobbi 提醒美麗不僅是你在臉上塗甚麼,身體排毒及潔淨同時重要。新的舒緩卸妝潔面油的氣味和成分在你早晨和晚上提供舒緩,快 d 去專櫃試下啦!


  1. Oh wow, Jenni! This looks so lush! And i thought i'm settling with shu cleansers... adding buffing grains is quite genius.

  2. I have been using the bobbi brown cleansing oil for quite some time now and i just love it!

  3. Jenni, I know! That's why I got so thrilled when you posted this :) I missed reading stuff from you and I hope you get back to blogging real soon!

    Have a great week! **huggzzz**

  4. I am too lazy for oil cleansers plus the Bobbi Brown counter is far away but I might see if I can get a sample - this sounds awesome!


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