Sunday, August 26, 2012

Don't leave home without...Swarovski's kingdom of jewels! //切勿把 Swarovski kingdom of jewels 獨留在家!

Swarovski had launched its latest release for F/W 2012. The release is paired with chunky pieces of accessories with a gothic vibe. (Did anyone notice the woman's makeup in the below pic? I totally adore her look!!!)

The preview was held at the luxurious W hotel above Kowloon Station. The indoors lighting was dark but why of course, is to let the jewels shine through their blitz and glitz! 

I could see the V-neck waterfall-like necklace looking good with a classic little black dress.

Some celeb sightings: don't you just love what they're showcasing? (and zomg their dresses are to die for!)

The F/W season is making its way through mysterious shades of blue, purples and blacks.

The jewel pieces from the upcoming seasons are best worn with edgy outfits like leather, studs, dark/navy colored jeans, blacks, blacks and more blacks. What I've noticed was that the pieces from this season could go well with any colors of your outfits. In other words, the picks are all fool-proof and that means - there's no excuse not to wear them when you go out!

Famous celeb Vivian Chow was invited as the surprise guest for the event. She shared some tips on picking the best gift for your other half - how accessories bring out the woman inside. Vivian is indeed a legendary beaute as she's a living proof that aging could be beautiful too!

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  1. Wow, I'm in love with this collection!


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