Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Aimer takes luxury lingerie to a new level

Do you invest money in pretty lingerie that makes you feel like a princess? (Ok, the fancy panty gifted to me from my hubby last year totally blew me away) If so, you should visit Aimer, the new lingerie store showcasing luxurious and one-of-a-kind lingerie that will surely bring out the sweet and wild side of the woman inside you! 

Aimer's flagship store in HK is located on Park Lane Shoppers' Boulevard in Nathan Road, Tsim-sie.

Aimer stocks not only ladies' underwear but men's undergarments, swimsuits, PJs, kids' undergarments too!

I love this bra worn by the mannequin here! (Vintage pink + black is my thing if you don't know yet).

And anything that sparkles is thy treasure to keep.

An uber-cute cupcake stand with bra-motif cupcakes! How often do you see that?

Aren't you jealous of these models? They've got practically zero fat in their abdomen!! 

My favourite piece is the golden one worn below, the bra actually made of thin gold fibres not fabrics! You're also wearing 160 diamonds with it too! You guess its price - HK$ 3 million, I kid you not. 

If you like to play it wild, choose this leopard-print lingerie set, the bra retails for HK$380 and the thong at $150.

I've set my eyes on the "Russo-whisper" series with navy blue and wine red colors. Aimer's swimsuits are very decent too, they carry one-piece swimsuits apart from bikinis. Now get your perfect lingerie match at Aimer and squeeze the chance for some sun before autumn hits the shores of HK!

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