Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love has never smelled greater - Collection Mariage by Swarovski x Clarins // 全新婚嫁淡香水為你見證一生最珍貴時刻

Have you ever thought about what scent you'll wear on your wedding day? Look no further, you can now walk the church aisle and adorn yourself with Aura of love with the Collection Mariage EDT by Swarovski. If you aren't anywhere close to marriage yet, consider this a thoughtful gift to brides-to-be.

The new Collection Mariage series by Swarovski x Clarins Fragrance Group, took inspiration from marriage and light, comprised of three products: an EDT, Limited Edition EDT adorned with 11 crystals (symbolizing "One Life One Love"), and a pendant with lipgloss compartment. 

你有沒有想過你對你的婚禮當天會穿什麼香氛?不用多想了,你現在可以以施華洛世奇全新Collection Mariage 婚嫁系列香氛與愛人步入教堂。如果你未打算或已結婚,則可考慮以Collection Mariage的婚嫁系列香氛作為一份貼心的禮物給新娘及新婚的朋友。

Collection Mariage 婚嫁系列由施華洛世奇 x Clarins合作推出,靈感來自於婚姻和光線,系列包括三件產品:50ml 淡香氛, 11顆水晶(象徵“一生一愛”)限定版淡香氛,限定版唇彩吊墜。

The bottle is adorned with a light pink cap, inspired by love and champagne; a laced veil motif which represents the wedding gown's veil; a floral design which celebrated romance and joy. The notes included in the scent are: Lychee, Dahlias, Lotus, and White Musk. The scent is playful yet elegant, mysterious yet feminine.

瓶身淡粉紅色裝飾靈感來自愛和香檳,瓶身的 lace 圖案則代表婚紗禮服的面紗; 另外花朵圖案慶祝婚姻的浪漫和歡樂。香氛的調子有: 荔枝,牡丹,荷花,白麝香,俏皮而不失優雅,神秘又不失女人味。

While I'm looking forward to getting married soon, this bottle however, will make a great gift for your brides-to-be friends. The sparkling scent and crystal on the bottle will surely add a dazzling touch to the bride's big day. See the pics below for the Limited Edition bottle which is decorated with 11 crystals symbolizing "One and Only Love". The bride will be thrilled to receive a blessing sealed with love and blessings. Now you know where to look for wedding gifts ; ) ! Don't tell them I tipped you off!

雖然我很想在不久的未來結婚,不過這瓶香氛將會成為你的新娘朋友們的好禮物。瓶子上閃閃的水晶必定為新娘的大日子增添祝福與愛。釀滿11顆水晶的限量瓶子象徵著“一生一愛”。成為新娘的朋友們將很高興收到密封著祝福的禮物。現在你知道在哪裡尋找結婚禮物 ; )!別告訴他們我告訴你啊!

Collection Mariage is now available at Swarovski retail stores, Lane Crawford and SOGO Dept Store. The 50ml EDT is sold at $530 and the Limited Edition with the 11 crystals bottle at $950, the Limited Edition Pendant with lipgloss compartment at $530.

Collection Mariage 婚嫁系列現在施華洛世奇零售店,連卡佛和崇光百貨有售。 50毫升淡香氛售價 $530, 11顆水晶(象徵“一生一愛”)限定版淡香氛售價 $950,限定版唇彩吊墜售價 $530


  1. oh wow! i want to get my hands on this.. :)

  2. Oh my goodness the bottle looks so luxurious and pretty. I love fruity and floral scents so I'm definitely going to try this.

  3. I haven't heard from you in a while! :)
    Anyways, the packaging of this is so ADORABLE. Now talk about detail in packaging. All the girls would be killing to get their hands on this. hehe

    Ohhh by the way, congrats on getting married soon! yayyyy!

  4. you're right that's it's a nice gift to bride-to-be. this will sit prettily on top of a dresser.

  5. I WANT!! this screams out elegant!! so sexy yet so endearing :D packaging is absolutely stunning!

  6. Jenni! Mi amor! Its been so long! How are you? When is your big day? :)

    The bottle looks lovely, i totally get the veil thing ;)

    Miss ya gal! :) love, G


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