Monday, August 6, 2012

Going "Minimal" and "Pop" for Fall 2012 with Maybelline offerings! // 以Maybelline產品創造秋季''Pop" & "Mineral" look!

The Maybelline trend of F/W 2012 makeup emphasizes on "Minimal" with beige nude lips and "Pop" look with daring red lips. And good news to your wallet, you only need two different lipsticks and two different eyeshadow palettes to create the 2 looks which could bring you anywhere from lazy days-out to the red carpet. 

Maybelline 的F / W 2012重點在創造 "Minimal" 及 "Pop"的妝容 。你只需要兩種不同顏色的唇膏和兩款不同的眼影色便足夠應付懶洋洋的日子和紅地毯場合了。


Step 1: Create a smooth canvas with Pure Mineral BB Base.
This lightweight BB base conceals, preps, provides SPF 26/ PA+++, evens out your skin tone in no time. Coverage is medium-sheer and texture is light. The minerals in it helps to control oil throughout the day to ensure a long lasting wear.

Step 1: 用純礦物BB 底霜打造順滑肌膚。
這支超輕量的BB底霜遮瑕,為肌膚打底,防曬, 在任何時候均勻你的膚色。 遮瑕度中等偏輕。它的礦物質有助整天控制面油,確保持久。

Step 2: Line your eyes with Hyper Sharp Liquid Liner. The liner once set, does not smudge or budge. It can be removed with soap & water, application is easy and dries fast.

Step 2: 在你的眼睛畫上眼線。Hyper Sharp 眼線液不塗抹或暈染。可以用肥皂和水清除,畫上後乾的速度很快。

Step 3: Curl and Coat your lashes with False Lash Volume Express Waterproof Mascara. Create a look which looks like you have put falsies on (yet minus the hassle).

Step 3: 捲曲睫毛和塗上與假睫毛般卷曲濃密效果的 Volume Express防水睫毛膏。


Step 4: For "Minimal" Look, pick Hyper Diamonds Eyeshadow Palette in BR-1. The palette consisted of earth-toned and office-friendly colors (see swatches above). Use the lightest color (golden champagne) on inner 1/3 of your lids and blend the third color on your lid. Smudge the darkest color onto your crease and outer 1/3 of your eye. Dab the fourth color all over your lid for some diamond sparkle.

Step 4: 要達致 "Minimal" look,用鑽石眼影BR-1, 包括大地色調和適合辦公室的啡色調(見上面試色圖)。使用最淺的顏色(香檳金)塗於內1/3眼蓋上, blend 中間的顏色於整個眼蓋。把最深的顏色塗抹到眼摺位和眼睛外1/3的位置。然後在整個眼窩搽第四色, 令眼神更閃耀.

Step 4: Alternatively, for "Pop" Look, pick Hyper Diamonds Eyeshadow Palette in WN-1, which consisted of royal-looking violet hues and lilacs (see swatches below). Apply second lightest color on the inner 1/3 of your eye and the medium color all over your lid. Smudge the darkest color on crease and outer 1/3 of your eye. Apply the lightest color all over your lid for extra sparkle and on the browbone for highlighting.

要達致 "Pop" look,用鑽石眼影WN-1, 色調包括貴族氣質的深紫和淺粉紅(見下圖試色)。使用第二淺的顏色塗於內1/3眼蓋上, blend 中間紫色於整個眼蓋。把深紫色塗抹到眼摺位和眼睛外1/3的位置。然後在整個眼窩搽第四色. 用最淺的顏色在眉骨上作 highlight.

Step 5: For "Minimal" look, use ColorSensational Lipstick in #721 Iced Brown, a warm brown beige color to warm up your lips for the My Lips But Better pout. For "Pop" look, use lipstick in #475 Coral Diamonds for a daring red pout. And voila! Two easy looks are done!

Step 5: "Minimal" look 可使用ColorSensational唇膏#721,一隻溫暖的棕色,令整個妝容warm up。"Pop" look 可使用#475 - 大膽的鮮紅色與紫色眼影的配合令人一見難忘。2個截然不同的 look 便大功告成了!

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  1. Coral Diamonds is very pretty! It's pinker on your lips than it looks in the swatch. I think the BB cream is too light for me though :( LOve the eye looks!


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