Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skincode Cellular Power Concentrate Ampoules Review

The other day I was happily toting a bag (pictured) with a square box of miracle elixirs inside:

These 6 little ampoules come in a set, called Cellular Power Concentrate/serum. It is targeted to bring back the lustre, glow and youth to stressed and fatigued skin. It has both anti-aging plus rejuvenating properties in it, which was what got me into them initially. Sure, I'm a bit on the younger side, but work stress had also given me a badly broke-out face. For the past few months, I could not bear to look at my skin in the mirror, the breakouts were so frequent and the marks they left seemed to stay forever. When I brought this home, I hoped that it'll do something to transform my skin.

There are 6 ampoules in the box and each contains 3ml with a dropper-bottle packaging. I like how hygienic this is packaged - it makes sure each ampoule's content is fresh and uncontaminated by air and moisture.

The serum is recommended to be used for 6-8 weeks in a row, twice a year when needed. Add a few drops and apply to your skin before your moisturizer.

Here's how it looks when applied and spreadt.

The concentrate gets absorbed fairly quickly and leaves the skin smooth without a greasy feeling. Major thumbs-up from me. I had bad history with sticky serums and this one is not! The high concentration of ACR Complex in the serum speeds up cell renewal and metabolism rate, hence restoring youth to the skin and promoting self-repair. I have been adding this serum to my daily skincare routine for a few weeks and I noticed a smoother complexion as a result. My skin also felt a lot more plump and elastic (if that makes sense). It definitely helps my skin to better absorb the products afterwards as well.

If you don't know where Skincode comes from, it's originated from Switzerland in 1998 and their products are available in the USA, Hong Kong and the Mainland. Their products are widely used in facial salons and spas. The line is sold at the Sasa chain too. Do give Skincode a try.

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  1. this is so tempting. I'm super super into serums lately. maybe because seeing a lot more signs of aging *cries* thanks for the review :)


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