Sunday, December 9, 2012

Be Naughty & Nice with Viva La Juicy La Fleur!

The latest scent by Juicy Couture has landed on the HK shores - it's none other than Viva La Juicy La Fleur!  The spokesperson is Sasha, whose persona matches with the vibe of the perfume very much IMO - naughty yet nice! 

I'm enchanted by the gorgeous black lace ruffle dress that Sasha was wearing in the ad. Surely not every girl can wear that dress, is it? One need to have that 'glare' or a mischievous side of character to be able to shine in that dress. Here are all the Juicy Couture scents on display: (for ladies) my favourite last month was Viva La Juicy (review here). But I think the launch of La Fleur is going to change that!

Sift cupcakes (red velvet ones on the top layer), these are adorable and bite-sized.

The pinky-floral themed display at the launch event. Juicy + Fleur = HOT PINK + FLOWERS!

La Fleur EDT has a slightly bigger size (40 ml) than usual. It's the smallest bottle and retails for HK$560, 75ml for HK$740 and 150ml for HK$950. These are available at all Juicy Couture stores and their new perfume booth at Faces, Harbour City at Tsim Sha Tsui.

Personally I think La Fleur is the manifestation of a modern and feminine persona with an edge. It celebrates the excitement of falling in love - the daydreaming, longing, butterflies in your stomach...which is aptly shown in the swirled blossoms embossed on the bottle. The hot magenta-colored Juicy bow was also made in sheer fabric - to symbolize the softer and subtler femininity of La Fleur (see pic below for comparison between the two bows).

La Fleur opens with notes of mandarin, wild berries and honeysuckle. It gradually dries down to gardenia petals and jasmine tones, and ends with vanilla, caramel and sandalwood (my fave scent ever). It is indeed a very girly and glam bottle to be put on the vanity table (I put mine on my office desk!).

La Fleur makes a great gift for your female best friend, who is sweet, sociable with a secret wild / coy side of her that's known only to you!  If you are wondering what to get her for a Christmas present, a bottle of La Fleur will do.


  1. Woahh D: CUPCAKES NOMS! And I love the Viva la Juicy! : D

  2. I'm a big fan of Viva La Juicy now I'm intrigued in this new scent and the bottle is so cute :)

  3. You posted about La Juicy a while ago and now you're back with La Fleur?! Are you trying to empty my wallet? Haha!

    Btw, which do you prefer? La Juicy or La Fleur?

  4. The fragrance sounds really nice :)


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