Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Empties products in January 2013 + blog sale short announcement

Drawing inspiration from Liz's experience mentioned in her “empties” posts, I started to become more aware (read: obsessed) with empties ever since starting this series. I keep a log sheet of products I aim to empty or hit pan on, and set targets for them. Doing this helped me gain a better picture of when and how long I would be able to finish a certain something, and of course, how much I still have in the stash. It’s all about being mindful (of what you have) and disciplined (what you don’t need to have and need not buy therefore). This month, I’ve managed to empty quite a number of products, but it's no big feat compared to other bloggers' attempts. Yet, this marked a big step on my “empties” journey. Yay!

Family pic (with Rouge Bunny Rouge Aqua Primer sample jar unpictured, since I've reused the jar for something else *long story*)

Ettusais Quick Fix Powder - I've blogged about this item in the last post, so I won't repeat here. It's not bad (for coverage), but not that good either (in terms of oil-control), will not repurchase.

Canmake Cover & Stretch Concealer UV in #02 - This old tube of concealer was on its last legs, hence I bought a new one and mentioned it in my last post. That illustrated how much I liked it and repurchased it. So yeah, I finished a concealer!!! Finally some makeup item had been declared finished.

Urban Decay Primer Potion (mini) – I must have had this open for months despite of the 6-month period stated on the bottle, lol. Too lazy to cut open the package to glean the last drops. This was a good eyeshadow primer and I have nothing to add to it, really. I think I have another mini size like this lying somewhere unopened, and I have opened a NARS eyeshadow primer now. (update: To my horror, instead of one, I discovered one more UDPP Mini in my stash! That makes two more Minis of such kind waiting to be used up!)

Le Metier de Beaute Classic Flawless Foundation in #06 (sample from Zuneta order) - I went to the local counter previously to swatch the shades but both 02 and 04 failed to match my skintone (but they did not carry 06 curiously). I saw it on Zuneta and quickly added to cart as sample, shade matched with my winter complexion. However, I did not enjoy applying this foundation. Not sure if the consistency has changed due to it being pumped out to a jar for sometime for shipment, but it was not easy to spread or blend upon application. It also looks cakey and a bit drying on the face, due to it being way more matte than the usual matte I know (aka dull). Also settles into the dry/fine lines, if you have those. Absolutely no oil-control at all as it made my face super shiny after 6 hours, and after you blot with papers, your face becomes dull again. Absolutely will not repurchase.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Primer (empty jar not pictured as being re-used for something else, sample also came from Zuneta order) - I could not have enough of this primer seriously! It’s transparent, light weight, absorbs without feeling silicone-y (major bonus!!). Skin felt smooth and makeup goes on easier. Its hydrating ability is decent, no particular scent at all. Does not contain shimmer or color. If you wish for a non-tinted primer with the above qualities, you should give this one a try.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle Foundation in Chestnut Milk Parfait (sample from Zuneta order) -  can you tell how diligent I’ve been – ahem – in both ordering and using?). This foundation was a pleasure to wear. The shade matches my winter skintone but in summer I’d need a slightly more tanned shade. Consistency is not runny nor thick (maybe due to it being pumped out and stored in a sample jar). I used a blender brush to apply and the results are perfect. Coverage is medium-high and I only need to apply a bit of concealer here and there, under the eyes and the results are nice.

Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation sample -  I believe I’ve just found my HG foundation! My skin had sucked during the past year in general, and one day I applied this and found that it saved my time needed for concealer! I used to dot concealer pretty much everywhere but now only under the eyes and certain problem areas (say on major breakouts), for the acne marks I could skip concealer totally. Solid winner in the beauty arsenal, am contemplating on getting a full size bottle! Currently using a deluxe sample tube of this.

Apivita Express Beauty Mask with Cucumber – is a hydration mask packet that smells refreshingly of cucumber, of course. I got 3 uses out of this packet, which I later learned that each packet was to be used completely per use. This mask was pretty good, but did not wow me except for its scent. I enjoyed using it during shower and rinse off at the same time. This offers lightweight hydration so if you are looking for deep hydration, you should look at their amazing express beauty mask line offerings. I wanna try them all! What can I say? Apivita is Greek and I love everything Greek! Each Express Beauty mask box comes in 12 packets of masks (same flavour) with the exception of certain flavours from the “Express Beauty Gold” which come in 6 packets per box (and pricier).

Kiehl’s Crème de Corps Soy milk and honey body lotion – I was given this packet sample while randomly browsing at Kiehl’s (am their loyal customer anyway). This lotion is pastel yellow in its color and smells faintly sweet of honey. The scent does give me a bit of headache, the texture of the lotion leans moderately heavy. Sinks in with a bit of trace on the skin (but not so greasy that it bothers me). Will not repurchase because of the scent and color of the product.

Clarins Eau de Jardins Shower gel – A deluxe sample bottle that came as part of the members’ birthday gift from Clarins. Eau de Jardins shower gel smells like its Eau de Toilette bottle – a cacophony of citrus, grapefruit and bergamot notes. It is indeed an “uplifting” smell for the first few uses. After a few uses, I got bored with the scent and it makes me feel a bit heady, hence I used this on rotation with other scented shower gels. Consistency leans viscous but lathers well, which is a merit.

Kiehl’s Coriander Body Wash – one of the birthday gifts from Kiehls’ as their loyal customer. I like coriander but this scent is just too faint in this shower gel. But I’m not complaining since the scent does not give me a headache at least. Consistency a bit runny but lathers off well. Will not repurchase.

Bliss Blood Orange + White Pepper Body Cream – is a delight to use because of its scent. It’s not greasy, not runny, but I can’t feel that it has done a fantastic job either. As I was rather lazy to bother with applying creams to my body, I can’t compare much. This was OK. I still have two smaller tubes of these (of Lemon & Sage flavour) to go. The Blood Orange + White Pepper Shower Gel is nice to use during bath too!

Clarins White Plus HP Pearl-to-Cream Brightening Cleanser – is a really interesting face cleanser. The cleanser squeezed out extremely thick like honey drops, in pearly white color. When contacted with water and rubbing, the cleanser will transform into light bubbles and foam. I’m not too sure how it fares when using it with Clarisonic (anyone tried this cleanser with Clarisonic?). I like its mildly floral scent, lathers off OK. This Gift With Purchase (GWP) tube says it has 15ml but any beauty junkie can tell that this tube is far too large for housing 15ml product. I examined this tube under a light and found that the content only filled up 1/3 of the tube. They can’t fool me by using a large tube, HA! I don’t need to repurchase this one as a full-size is coming on its way thanks to the member redemption program.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye cream – a deluxe sized sample which lasted me for 2-3 months (I apply only at night as it says “midnight”). It quickly absorbs to my under-eye areas and lids, does not leave a greasy touch! The area around the eyes instantly feels so hydrated and relaxed (the calming lavender scent has something to do with it I think). While I did not really see a reduction in dark circles, this eye cream feels really wonderful on the eyes. I love the violet blue tube packaging too. It’s good but won’t repurchase. 

Etude House Hand Bouquet hand cream – also given to me by the lovely reader Lynn. At first I did not think much about it but it started to grow on me. The consistency is just about right – not too runny that you’d feel you’ve rubbed nothing on, but not too emollient either. The great thing about this hand cream is that it contains shea butter, which I found to help with my easily chapped hands. I apply this religiously before I go to bed. The price is a bit marked up locally so if I go to Korea again someday, I’ll make sure to tug in one or two! Probably repurchase when I finish the arsenal of hand creams in my stash, ha!

Crystal deodorant roll-on – is my go-to for all these years for deodorant products. Since this had run out, I have replaced it with a spray version which has more product volume but for about same price. I much preferred the roll-on version since the spray nozzle could be a total dud sometimes, boo. This product does not contain Aluminium Chloro-hydrate.

SOLO CARE Aqua All-in-one Solution for contact lenses - cheap but good solution for cleansing your contact lens. This is my Nth bottle by now. The only gripe is the cap which doesn't seem to close tight at all!

Skinfood White Chocolate Mask Sheet - don't let the name fool you, it doesn't really smell THAT chocolate-y. These days I lost patience for sheet masks and I prefer tube masks or overnight gel masks. This mask was just OK but I've used better ones. Will not repurchase.

Regarding the calculation of empties, I decided I'll keep count on the number of full size, sample size, deluxe-sample bottle sizes, etc for 2013. I've hopped over to Makeup Kismet (Ashley)'s blog to see how she did her calculation. Right now I haven't decided on items like sheet masks (do I treat that as one full size items or 5 sheet masks = 1 full size or 10 sheet masks = 1 full size? lol), yet I"ll just keep a total count for now.

Full Size: 5
Deluxe samples: 6
Small/packet samples: 5 (including the RBR primer sample which was not pictured but reviewed)
Masks: 1
Tossed: 0

That's all for my part now, I can't wait to hear about everyone's empties for January!  

P.S. I thought I'd also mention in this post, that I'd be launching a blog sale shortly. It'll be a mega one since it'll be the first sale to go live on this blog! Watch this space in the next few days! Please help spread the word too, xoxo


  1. Nice empties post! =) I don't think I ever did a empties post on my blog ever lol! Maybe I should motivate myself after reading this hehe

  2. Wow, so many empties! Good job! Isn't it fun to see how many things you can use up each month? I'm pretty surprised by how much I used up in January and will be posting that soon too. I'm on the sidelines here cheering you on to continue using up what you have in your stash!


  3. I really enjoyed reading this post!!! I think I should start collecting empties for a post too ^-^ The Bliss lotion sounds very interesting... blood orange and white pepper is definitely a very interesting combination.


  4. Inspiring post. I need to get a to-finish list, make things much easier. And it's nice that you also finish deluxe samples. I usually can't unless the products really win my heart.

  5. You did so well, Jenni! :D

    I don't bother to cut open the tubes because I know that a week's worth of torture awaits if I try to scrape out every little bit, LOL. I think I've only done it once with a product I really really loved.

    Honey-scented products always sound so nice but end up being too sweet and giving me headaches also. And I used to use that Solo Care solution for about 15 years until I switched to daily disposable contacts. My eyes got so used to it that any other solution would sting if I tried to switch!

    Good luck on future empties and the blog sale!


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