Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sen by Kim Robinson hair care review

Last year, celebrity hair stylist Kim Robinson had launched a hair care line in collaboration with Sen, a brand marketing Chinese Herbal Science. It was not a novel idea to incorporate Chinese herbs into hair care products, so what makes this line by Kim so special?

The line consists of 3 categories, each catered for different hair types. Moisture & Repair for dry, damaged, weak hair; Sleek & Silky for straight frizzy hair; Color & Shine for color-treated and dull hair. My hair is thick, coarse at the ends so it definitely can use some hydration and nourishment.

These 3 lines of products are designed to be affordable to every woman who wishes to have professional-grade hair care at home. I find the product packaging really low-key and simplistic, because all the efforts in creating this product you see, had gone into the product formula and ingredients instead of the packaging.

I have put this trio to test for a while, and here are my thoughts: both the shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment (call it hair mask if you will), are faintly scented with herbs and rose. The aroma was not obvious. Even if formulated without parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours, patrolatum surfactants, the shampoo manages to foam up well, and the density is just right. It lathers well, and leaves a gentle layer of protection upon rinsing, you can feel it because your hair feels so much smoother. I also found that blow-dry is quicker than usual. The Moisture & Repair line, pictured above, includes key ingredient of Angelica, which is known for anti-oxidant properties. The Sleek & Silky line, carries Coix Seed which is rich in amino acid; the Color & Shine line is infused with Peony, known for soothing and nourishing properties. Apart from the Chinese Herbal ingredients, all lines carry ingredients from Bamboo, Green Tea Extracts.

The hair mask offers deep hydration to the split ends and roots, I use it twice per week (and skip conditioner afterwards). I'm pleasantly surprised by the fact that the conditioner does not leave a soapy/slippery feeling as other conditioners do. I've tried conditioners that are extremely difficult to wash off completely, so I wasn't a religious user of conditioners in general. But with this conditioner, it's easier to manage. 

The range also offers a Scalp Massage Paddle Brush for massaging your hair, stimulating the roots and growth. Using this after blow-drying makes my hair baby soft.

The Sen by Kim Robinson range is exclusively sold at Watsons and Park n Shop supermarket, the price ($88) is slightly more than an average shampoo but not that much more to be honest, so I deem this a justifiable purchase!

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  1. May I know the price for SEN by Kim Robinson Sleek & Silky Conditioner (400ml), thanks for shared a good things.



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