Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Skin Saviors for cracked heels, elbows and hands

Does your elbow look dry and flaky? Your heels? If you do, read on. I'm blogging on two skin saviors for healing my seriously cracked heels and flaky elbow joints, and of course, chapped and red hands.

O'Shea VSB Healing Hand Cream on the left and O'Shea Virgin Shea Butter 100% on the right. O'Shea is a Korean brand rather young at its roots but it's been garnering A LOT of attention from celebrities in Korea. Both products were made with a rather high concentration of Virgin Shea Butter (VSB). I'll begin by talking about the brown jar which my father mistook it for peanut butter the other day LOL (possibly because he saw the word Butter as he's not very well versed in English).

This little brown jar is filled with the goodness of shea butter made from Burkina Faso, and 100% of the goodness with NO perfumes, NO coloring, NO preservatives, NO additives. The butter feels hard to the touch like butter you take out from a fridge. Upon warming the butter with your fingertips, they spread and melt like heaven on the skin, smooth and emollient. The butter is designed to melt at body temperature - 36.5 degrees celcius. 

As the concentration is rather high (100% come on!), it could be used on various places like hands, nails, face, stretch marks (safe to use during pregnancy by the way), elbows and anywhere that has dry skin patches that's bothering you with itchiness and flakiness. To me, it means my elbow joints, ankles, heels. Since it's got no additives or fragrances, it smells exactly original - meaning like when you open a packet of natural shea nuts. This scent smells relaxing to some but others may find it pungent. I don't have any problem with the scent as I know it's coming from natural roots.

This is how it looks when spread on the skin and sunk in. I enjoyed using this butter before bed. My heels flake a lot less now. 

The other skin saviour is the Hand Healing Cream also with a rather high concentration (35%) of virgin shea butter. I've used hand creams that contains shea butter before but those are usually 5% of the whole product as an ingredient. 

This hand cream carries a soothing scent, the texture is rather thick but spreads in no time once applied. My practice was to apply hand cream before I hit the bed so my hands got optimal hours of time to heal itself in a warm environment (under the duvet), it'll be much better if you have thin gloves to ensure better absorption and self-repairing. 

The effect of this hand cream claimed to last 20 hours, but I wash my hands rather frequently. The hand cream is also designed to work at its best when contacting human body temperature of 36.5 degrees celcius.  

As you can see, the consistency is rather thick when squeezed out. It's a pretty condensed hand cream I'd say. 

Once in contact with body temperature, the thick cream spreads like butter, and well absorbed.

These two products from the O'Shea line is a perfect duo for me before bed time, I've put them on the nightstand now :) The jar has a dip in it now and as long as I make sure nobody eats it, it'll pretty much be empty soon, that's how much I like it! 

What are your favourite hand creams and body creams?


  1. These creams sound like a dream. Very potent stuff :D And 100% shea butter... GOD! That's very moisturizing.

    Thank you for the reviews! It's good to know these skin savers do exist on the market =)

  2. I love shea butter - the texture and the scent are always excellent in my books. Right now I'm using Jurlique's Citrus Hand Cream to stave off peeling cuticles and dry hands.

  3. Sound like a whole lot of goodness! I love having shea butter as an ingredient in my body care products.

    Right now I'm using my Essence hand creams from the 2012 winter edition line. I have three different flavours, so I rotate them every week. I'm trying to finish them quickly LOL

  4. RYC, I think you'll like Burberry's Fresh Glow. Gives a beautiful dewy effect <3


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