Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chanel Le Blanc collection & Guerlain blanc de perle collection swatches

Hello beauties! I'm very excited to share the latest Chanel Le Blanc Collection and Guerlain Blanc de Perle Collection lineup and some swatches with you!!

The Blanc de Perle collection release from Guerlain this year included two concealers, a blush G in Sakura (Cherry Blossom blush), 3 lipsticks (re-promote from existing line so I won't delve into these), a meteorites compact, three makeup bases and primer and a mist.

How could I leave the counter without swatching the blush, being a huge blush fiend ;) ? I took the two pics with a bit of adjustment of lighting on the phone.

The velvet pouch is in grey and lined with pink!! If you have bought the blush G from Guerlain spring (I think from 2011), you'll definitely want to collect this cherry blossom blush housed in WHITE compact!

Let's switch to Chanel Le Blanc release, you can click and enlarge all of the photos in this post:

New Le Blanc loose powder in 20 Opaline is a pastel pearl pink, if you have 10 Cristalline (released last year), the shimmer in Opaline is much less visible than in Cristalline. My legs felt weak at the sight of light pink powder! 

There's three Le Blanc makeup primers released last year, this year there are four - with Lilac being a new shade.

In the above pic you can also see the new Joues Contraste in Candy, and a similar highlighter shade in pearl pink. Chanel JCs never show up much on my skin so I did not swatch them, sorry!

Now if you haven't known already, I"m a huge fan of lilac, lavenders and purples (only limited to primers and blushes though!) Lavender-based makeup primer can correct the yellowness in the skin and brighten dull skin. I think I'll go back and get this primer tomorrow...

The highlight of the collection - the Ombres Fleuries quad in Delicatesse!

Again, I have played with the lighting on the phone here to get the best swatches. I need to point out though - the left shade on my hand is the pearly white shade on the top right corner of the quad - it looks pearl white but actually carries a slight mermaid-green tint! How interesting!!!

All four shades perform far better than the normal Asian version of Chanel quads. These are pearly, buttery, smooth and swatched without primer. This quad is simply stunning. I'm not a huge fan of the fleur motif imprint on the shadows, but if you're a collector or a Chanel-phile, this quad is worth to be included in your arsenal.

And while at the counter, I played with the new Illusion d'Ombre in Convoitise, which is swatched on the left. I also swatched Illusion d'Ombre in Vision on the right. Convoitise is more beige-toned and subtle, less yellow than Vision. It'll be a great shade to use at the inner corners or just pat on top of your lids.

Are you eyeing anything from both collections? Hope this helps!!


  1. the Chanel eye shadows look so different from what Chanel usually has to offer! I like how "wet" they look :P the mermaid/green sheen does look very interesting... I wonder how it'd look on the inner corner of eyes :)

    1. Frances,

      that mermaid green sheen looks STUNNING! :D It's also noticeably more shimmery than the illusion d'Ombre in Riviere from last year's Le Blanc!

  2. thanks for the swatches! it is indeed very helpful especially as I purchase online more often! the chanel quad look so pretty! ^_~

  3. OMG that Guerlain blush is simply stunning! :) Do you know how much does this blush is?

  4. I don't think any of these collections is available here in Europe, but LOOK AT THEM! The Chanel quad looks really interesting. It kinda reminds me of Harmonie du Soir from last year's holiday collection, and the quality of that quad is seriously amazing!

  5. wow. nice products! (i'm pretty to immune to high end make up but they look pretty to look at~)

  6. look at all the sparkles! haha. I don't think we'll have these here either. that blush looks like a standout from the collection!

  7. I want that Guerlain blush and the white ballz so badly but can't go there right now. Waaaaaah!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. OMG! I'm so glad I come over to your blog. It's nice to read about beauty updates from HK. Chanel is so expensive in Malaysia. I'll make sure I'll get them in HK the next time I go.

  9. The Guerlain blush and Chanel quad are so gorgeous~~~~ I hope I can find them at my local counters.



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