Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spoil your girl or yourself with Jack Wills Ladies' Perfume trio set

Hi peeps, are you ready for Valentine's Day tomorrow? Regardless of gender and relationship status, I believe everyone deserves to be spoiled and happy on this particular day. Gents, if you haven't quite figured out what to get for the love of your life, this ladies' perfume trio for her is a good choice: this set covers scents for the sweet and subtle; bold and slightly loud, and the simple yet unforgettable. Single ladies out there, if you're into simple yet sophisticated scents, or, if you love far too many choices and find it difficult to commit to just one - this trio set is absolutely for you!

The perfume trio set is available in a "for her" and "for him" version. The one I'm reviewing today is the ladies version. This gift set included all female scents by Jack Wills for the price of just HK$390, which comes under the price than a full size bottle. The good thing about it is, you can try all three if you have decision difficulties!

The three female scents that exist currently are: English Velvet; Hope Cove; and Jack Wills Ladies' Original EDP. The scents are 15ml each in the gift set, which makes it ideal for those who can't decide which one they like more; or for those who like every scent in the set yet don't want to buy three full-size bottles of each scent!

Look how these cuties look like nail polish bottles, aren't they adorable! And they are pretty lightweight too at 15ml each, it's great to put one in your purse or bring it with you on travel trips.

The Ladies' Original EDP was released first in 2008, and became a ladies' favourite quickly. Due to popular demand, English Velvet was introduced in 2010. Come 2012, Hope Cove had been released. Hope Cove was bottled in Devon, the south-west countryside of Britain. It is named after a spot close to the village of Salcombe, where the first Jack Wills store was opened. Hope Cove opens with juicy English apples and cassis, at the heart it smells of Jasmine Noir, Pink Magnolia, Muguet, Amber rocks and creamy Vanilla Pod. The effect is a sultry floriental scent.

The Ladies' Original EDP opens with English Chamomile and cassis, infused with Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Sambac and White Magnolia, and dries down with White Musk, Sandalwood and dreamy Vanilla. It's my favourite out of the three. Sandalwood and white musk are my favourite notes of all time. When I was a child, I stole my grandpa's sandalwood soap for shower!

English Velvet, is the sweetest among the three, it opens with Mediterranean Fig and Pink Grapefruit, at the heart is Neroli, Pink Rose Petals and Freesia, and it also ends with Amber, Sandalwood and Oriental Musk. This is also the boldest scent out of the three! 

So there you have it, this ladies' perfume trio set has something for everyone. Ladies, there's no excuse not to spoil yourself with a Valentine's Day treat! This trio set is available for a limited time only. For gift ideas for guys, you can also take a look at the perfume trio for men, which includes 15ml x 3 bottles as well, the scents included were: Calvary Twill, Start Bay, and Gentlemen's Original EDT.


  1. love the look of the bottles - cute ;)

  2. I've never heard of Jack Wills. But I do love it when perfumers offer coffrets or sets. We are fickle and require variety!

    1. is it weird to like a scents for men? I have a thing for those scents! (Calvary Twill by Jack Wills is one of them) and I was told that many girls in the uk buy this scent instead of the ones for girls LOL

      if you have the chance, take a whiff!!

  3. I love the miniature sizes! So handy to chuck into the bag.

    I'm currently on ebay searching for authentic minatures, mind boggling choices abound!

    1. Which ones have you shortlisted :D ?

      I wish diptyque had miniatures so I would stop stalking their store LOL!

  4. Hey Jenni, I awarded you the Beautiful Blogger Award on my blog. Check it out and do it if you like to!




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