Sunday, February 3, 2013

Orient Express by Giordano Ladies S/S 2013 Highlights

I was intrigued by the Orient Express train back in High School due to a travelogue we were told to read for literature class. It takes you through Europe to Istanbul in Turkey, and one can't but imagine the journey and the sights to see. Giordano, a local clothing brand, had taken inspiration from the signature train journey onto their spring/summer collections. 

The collection comprises simplistic and light-wash colors. Beige, sand which symbolizes earth and dust, silver, glitters, black represents the galaxy when you look out to the European sky on the train at night, digital prints and wine red stands for exoticism of the East.

I've had my eye on this trench coat, made of thin fabric and is button-less on the outside. This coat is HK$1,250.

This dress is lightly scooped around the neck and is perfect as a clean-cut summer wardrobe addition.

Silver, glitters, digital prints also appeared on light weight fabrics:

The Orient Express-inspired collection had landed in all Giordano/ladies stores, be sure to check out when you're in town!

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