Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easy breezy day and night looks with Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Cream Shadow Sticks // Bobbi Brown持久炫彩眼影筆 打造話咁易的日夜妝!

Today I'll be showing you how to create day and night looks using Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks, which had just been released! These play sticks and crayons, which are extremely easy and handy to work with!

今天和大家介紹如何使用 Bobbi Brown 新的持久炫彩眼影筆系列來打造話咁易既日夜 2 種妝效. 呢次推出既眼影筆很似蠟筆, 用起黎十分容易同方便!

I'd be using three shades from the range: 
Vanilla, a beige ivory color without shimmer;
Bark, a dark brown with slight shimmer;
Violet Plum, a deep plummy shade also with very fine shimmer. 

我揀了 3 隻色黎示範今次介紹的 2 種妝效: 

Vanilla 是象牙米黃色, 無閃粉的;
Bark 顧名思義就是樹幹的啡色, 微閃;
Violet Plum 是深紫色, 微閃.

Some swatches on arm. You will see that Vanilla is a color-correcting shade basically, it's immensely useful to neutralize the discoloration on our eyelids. These shadow sticks are pigmented and glides smoothly on the skin so there's no tugging or blotchy patches, bonus!

在手背上的試色, Vanilla 很適合用來調色, 它的象牙色剛好蓋掉了眼蓋上的暗灰, 絕對是必買的顏色! 既可以做 corrector, 又可做底色, 畫在眉骨做 highlight 都仲得! 值得一提的是這個系列的眼影筆全都是很 '上色'的, 刷上皮膚絕不會有拉扯的感覺, 畫出來平均並且柔滑, 不會一韃韃, 超讚!

I'll create a timeless neutral eye using ALL THREE SHADES:

而家講下點畫一個乜場合都岩, 永遠唔會 outdate 既 neutral look, 我用晒以上 3 種顏色:

First, swipe Vanilla all over the eyelid to correct any discoloration, use your fingers to blend evenly:

首先在整個眼窩畫上 Vanilla, 用手指推開, 先中和眼蓋的暗沉:

Apply BARK to the outer 1/3 of the lid, just below the crease, then use your fingers to blend. Add a flick of black eyeliner on upper lash line. 

然後用 Bark 在 眼尾的 1/3 位置塗數下, 在眼褶以下停下來, 用手指往內眼方向 blend 開, 造出漸變效果. 我用了黑色的眼線筆畫上眼線.

Lastly, dab a bit of Violet Plum on the inner corner, use your fingers to blend again:

最後, 以 Violet Plum 在內眼角點數下, 用尾指推開:

After blending, you will see that the darker colors used on the outer and inner corners instantly gave more dimension to the eye, it resembled the deeply sculpted eyes. This is timeless neutral eye look with a twist ;)

推開之後, 你會發現內外眼角的深色令眼蓋中間位置更鮮明突出, 強化眼部輪廓, 令這個 neutral look 更有玩味 ;)

The second look I create below will be suitable for ladies who prefers more dramatic and sultry look. Here, I swiped Vanilla all over the eyelid again, then blend.

第 2 個 look 適合喜歡 dramatic 效果的女士們. 同樣地, 先塗 Vanilla 在整個眼蓋, 推開作調色之用.

Apply Bark as an eyeliner just above the upper lash, blend with fingers. 

把 Bark 用作眼線般在上眼線位置畫數下, 然後 blend 開.

Apply Violet Plum on lower lash line as eyeliner, stopping just before reaching the inner corner.

以 Violet Plum 畫下眼線, 在接近內眼角前停下.

Eyes instantly look more awake. 

I used the deep purple sparkle shade in Black Pearl Eyeshadow Palette, also released by Bobbi Brown earlier: 

我用了同是 Bobbi Brown早前出的 Black Pearl 眼影盤右上角帶有明顯閃粉的深紫色:

Swipe the dark sparkle shade on lower half of eyelid, stopping just beneath the crease, blend again. Apply black eyeliner on the upper lash line.

用眼影掃塗於眼褶以下的位置, 推勻, 再加黑色眼線.

Voila! The night sultry look is done! Isn't that easy breezy? The whole process took just a few minutes! 

這個輕易的晚妝便完成了! 整個過程才只不過數分鐘!

These Bobbi Brown cream shadow sticks are extremely convenient and easy to work with, all you need to do is: SWIPE, BLEND, and GO! If you haven't played with these yet, go and swatch them at the counters - there are a total of 8 new shades in the lineup! They are HK$260 each.

這次介紹的筆狀眼影膏十分方便帶出街使用, 連眼影掃都省掉, 只需畫, 推開, 搞掂! 一共有 8 色, 快 d 去專櫃玩下啦! 每支售 HK$260. 


  1. They're so pretty! I love the shades you chose!

    1. Thank you Chanriya! All 8 shades in the lineup are extremely wearable (almost foolproof) and versatile :) which are good for everyday use.

  2. These look so nice, Jenni! I love how Bobbi Brown has really wearable colours that look amazing. Good picks. :)

    1. Thanks Liz! Hope to see some of the looks you created after dabbling with bright colors ;)!

  3. Violet Plum is a gorgeous shade! Vanilla is very pretty too, and it is so versatile!


    1. I agree, Liz! I am hoping they'll further expand on the colors soon :) more taupes, LOL!

  4. ohhh i like bark more than i thought i would! :)

    1. me too! it looks a dull brown but once on the eyes it gives so much dimension :D

  5. Whoaaaaa I LOVE what you did with these! I actually never use a darker shade near my inner corners, because I'm worried it'd close my eyes instead. I've never really tried though, and seeing this makes me think I should just to see what happens ;)

    1. hehe its my first time trying to use dark color in the insides too! I think it gave more definition to the eyes :D go try it!!

  6. All three colours are up my alley but if I have to choose a favourite, it'd be Violet Plum!

    *whistles* nice EOTDs, pretty lady!


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