Thursday, June 20, 2013

A facial treatment experience at FLAWLESS urban spa

Stepping into FLAWLESS Urban Spa for the second time, the first time being their opening party, I could feel the cozy ambiance there this time around. I felt like I had walked into a sanctuary and apothecary.

This is the area where you can get your nails, makeup done.

But today I'm here to experience their facial treatment - using products exclusive to them. Onto the many lotions and potions sold there: Aromatherapy Associates skincare interests me the most. I never realize the brand has a skincare line apart from the bath and body line!

The facial treatment I had, is called "SOOTHE". Based on my skin condition on that day, it was pretty red, irritated and signs of rash appear. The beautician who helped me was Marissa, she was excellent and knowledgeable. She asked if I have undergone any dermabrasion, glycolic acid treatments, enzyme peels and stuff. She invited me to recline on a super comfy bed with a duvet (! I almost fell asleep under her magical fingers working away on my face) and we began discussion on what kind of treatments I should be having, and what products should I be using. I was told to avoid over exfoliating of the skin, let it calm down by using products with soothing qualities, and reduce the use of glycolic acid for the time being.

She used a Cleansing Balm the Renewing Rose Cleanser from Aromatherapy Associates to remove my makeup, and to cleanse the skin. All products she used on me was from the AA line due to its botanical ingredients and soothing qualities. Working away with at least three warm/hot towels, she helped to open the pores of my skin so the cleansing bit could be performed thoroughly.

There was also faint lounge music going on at the background and she told me to relax. After cleansing, she then used the Soothing Skin Tonic with Chamomile to tone my skin, it smelled amazing. Chamomile is used for its soothing and healing properties here, obviously.

After toning, she applied the Rose Hydrating Face Mask onto my skin with a brush, it felt amazing (I forgot to ask her what brush it was!). Where her brushes touched, my skin would feel the coolness of the mask sinking in. I had the mask on about 10-15 minutes and drifted to half-asleep trance. Then she used warm towels and the Chamomile tonic to remove the mask. 

Meanwhile while waiting for the mask to work its miracle, she used a little scrub on my lips to remove the dead skin. Then she applied the Moisturizing Lip Balm also from Aromatherapy Associates on my lips. The result? Baby soft lips!

After removing the mask, she applied the Firming Eye Serum + Rich Repair Eye Cream using a q-tip on my eyes, I touched them and it was quickly sunk in without a trace of grease.

Finally, she used the Mattifying Skin Serum and topped off with Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturizer.
I walked out of FLAWLESS with a healthy glow on my skin, needless to say I'm very impressed. I wish the facial would be longer because I could totally fall asleep right there! The bed was soft, there was faint music at the background, the room was aptly and dimly lit, and the smell of essential oils = heaven.

After finishing the facial treatment, I took a proper look at their skincare racks. Not only they carry the AA skincare which Marissa had used on my skin, but they also carried a comprehensive range of the AA bath and body oils, lotions and gels! I already had a sample of the AA "Inner Strength" Bath & Shower Oil and loved it to bits. The girls at the reception lounge were extremely friendly and we chatted away for half an hour on the subject of oils. They were very knowledgeable and were beauty aficionados themselves! What's better to talk with like-minded people on our favourite subject of Beauty?!!??!

Since AA was largely made of essential oils and is best used for soothing, healing functions for skins that have minor skin problems. The girls at FLAWLESS also briefly introduced the Medik8 line from the UK, a brand targeted at deliverable and visible treatment results, for people who have more severe skin problems. The Hydr8 B5 serum is the best-seller.

The Spa also carried Algotherm, which is primarily a line targeted at skins that need brightening, whitening and anti-dullness. I would say the coverage of brands (AA + Medik8 + Algotherm) had everyone's skin concerns covered! From naturals/botanicals to scientific-based products, from minor to severe skin issues, one will have limitless options.

The Spa also offered makeup lessons + services, bridal makeup sessions. They use Laura Mercier products on customers and I felt that their choice of LM products really aligned with the FLAWLESS spirit - minimalism and perfection.

If anyone is looking for a cozy place to recline, relax and let you and your skin take a break from the hustle & bustle of HK life, head to FLAWLESS, your skin will thank you. I, for one, will be heading back to stock up on the Aromatherapy Associates products, because they are simply amazing.
Thank you for reading.


  1. Did you walk out with any AA products? The face oils in Pictures 5 & 7 look good o.O

    1. I wish I did!! now I'm very interested in AA skincare line! do you use any face oils ATM?

  2. woww~~ seems so cosy~ should b great after work =]

    1. the ambiance is superbly cozy...I did fall asleep you know. XD

    2. So many products for the taking care of skin!!!choose your cream according to your problem and most importantly according to your skin sometimes our skin cannot bare it and side effects occurs!!be safe!!

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