Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Miracle Lips with Sara Happ's The Lip Slip One Luxe Gloss / 殿堂級護唇法寶 - Sara Happ One Luxe Gloss/Balm

I don't usually buy lip balms, because 1) too lazy to reapply; 2) it's ok to have one or two but I don't need more than that; 3) they aren't as exciting as color makeup like eyeshadows, ha! So why do I want to talk about Sara Happ's The Lip Slip One Luxe Gloss? I tried the One Luxe Balm packaged in a little pot (which I talked about HERE and THERE), I've been hooked ever since and will not buy any other balms other than from hers. 

Oh and thanks to the lovely BirkinBagBeauty for including the little pot of Sara Happ in her giveaway a few years ago and thereby introducing me to this amazing lip balm!! 

我很少買護唇膏的, 原因有三 : 1) 懶得補搽; 2) 有1-2支便足夠了, 反正從未用完過一支, 更不需要更多啦; 3) 護唇產品不及彩妝品 (眼影) 吸引, 嘻嘻! 今日點解同大家介紹 Sara Happ 既 One Luxe Gloss呢? 因為自從幾年前試過 One Luxe Balm (小瓶裝的, 已早前在這裡這裡提及過), 之後就變了它的 loyal fan, 以後除了它之外, 任何品牌的護唇產品一概不買!

還有, 要多謝幾年前 BirkinBagBeauty在大禮裡面加入這個護唇法寶, 等我有得試!

It's touted as a balm + gloss in one. Don't let the name "gloss" fool you because this product does not color your lips like glosses do. I love the little pot of Sara Happ One Luxe Balm and keep one at home (for overnight hydration), but when I'm out, I prefer a tube for easier application. That's why when I saw the tube packaging came out, I bought it in a heartbeat. This is one product that I know will not fail. 

雖說是膏 + 唇彩二合一, 其實它不似唇彩般有顏色. 我用過的小瓶裝, 最愛把它放在家裏, 夜晚臨訓時搽, 出街時當然是支裝最方便和衛生啦. 所以我一見到有支裝推出, 就第一時間去買, 因為我好肯定呢個 product 唔會令我失望.

Priced at approx. US$18 and HK$180, you might wonder why I choose this over the good ol' cheapie Vaseline tin/tube. I spoke from my experience in the Arctic Circle a few years back then, I put this balm religiously every night before bed and woke with baby soft, fully hydrated lips. I stayed for a few months in temperatures ranging from -31 degrees at night to +10 degrees during winter season. Vaseline simply 'coated' my lips and after a swipe on the lips upon waking up, my lips remained the same as before applying. 

Even if I go to bed with cracked, slightly bled lips, the pain from bleeding was gone after a few hours of applying. The formula is not sticky either, it does catch a bit of hair when the wind blows in the direction which I don't desire, but it's nowhere as sticky as a lipglass from MAC.

價錢大概是 $180 港紙左右, 你可能會問點解唔用凡士林算數? 我有一排係 D好凍既地方生活 (夜晚 -31 度至 +10度左右啦), 都係全靠佢我嘴唇先無事. 凡士林就好似一層"外套", 一抹就回復原狀, 搽左幾多個鐘都無明顯改善脫水, 甩皮情況. 

但呢支東東就唔同喇, 即使我嘴唇爆裂, 痛到有少少流血都好, 搽左佢幾個鐘之後唔單止唔痛, 第日起身個嘴唇完全唔同晒, 唔痛, 無爆裂, 仲好柔軟同好滋潤. 佢又唔痴立立喎, 偶然有風吹過可能會有幾條頭髮痴住個嘴, 但係無 MAC既唇彩咁痴立立. 

Lemme just recapitulate: I"m a fan of lipsticks than glosses. I prefer something solid than liquid on the lips. I made an exception for this lip balm due to ease of application (versus the tiny pot). If Sara Happ has a balm stick format coming out, you know I"ll be the first one to rush to the store and buy it.

等我重申一次: 有得揀我幾時都一定揀唇膏多過唇彩, 用在嘴唇的產品我喜歡硬淨的質地多於流質. 為此 product我特別破例, 支裝似終好果小瓶的包裝. 當然啦, 如果遲 D呢個 product 有出唇膏狀既包裝, 我一定會衝去買.

This balm-gloss has the finest micro silvery flecks among it and is not visible to the careless eyes. It offers a glossy sheen but nothing shimmery or glittery. The consistency is perfect, not runny nor too emollient (balmy) like a stick format. Scent-wise, it gives a faint sugary smell that leans very natural rather than artificial. 

呢個產品無顏色但有很微細的銀色閃粉, 除非你用心刻意去看, 如果唔係就一 D都唔覺. 搽完令令地, 不會有粗粗的閃粉, 又唔會太 eye-catching. 質感就最 perfect, 唔會太流質又唔會好似某 D唇膏咁難推開. 香味很自然和淡淡的, 是砂糖的味, 比起人工的甜香更容易受落.

What are your favourite lip balms?



  1. Oooh this looks nice! I have been curious about Sara Happ because I LOVE lip balm and am addicted to it :P Right now, LOVING Osmia Organics Honey-Myyrh Lip Repair. OMG that stuff is pure heaven, I tell you! But if you don't like pots, you won't like this one. :/

    1. honey and myrrh sounds healing!!! Pots would be good for home use. On the other hand, I'm wondering how the hourglass lip treatment oil compares with all our favourites - been curious about it since it's launch!

  2. Hey Jenni, I've been curious about Sarah Happ for a while, but I haven't taken the plunge! I seldom use a lip balm during daytime. Usually if I slather a thick layer of NUXE on at night I'm fine the whole day. I'll definitely keep this in mind when I need one next time though!

    1. hi sunny, so many have blogged about NUXE that it makes me intrigued!! does it carry a strong scent like their other products?

  3. i've always wanted to try this one too. I think this means i definitely need this one, cause my lips are so bad sometimes! :)


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