Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lavera Revitalizing Face Mask, Regenerating Face Mask, Mint Toothpaste Review

Yes, you read it correctly, today I'll be reviewing two masks AND a toothpaste by Lavera. Lavera is a German brand which I've overlooked among all the brands available out there in the market, their products, to my shock, were VERY reasonably priced, and their range of products are amazing...I already felt faint at heart when I looked at their bath & body offerings, there are tons of shower gels and shampoos I wanna try! 

But, you probably know that I'm on a major major face mask kick lately (as seen in my empties posts), I decided to give the face masks from Lavera a try. The first one I tried was Revitalizing Face Mask - made with Organic Wild Rose, Avocado Oil and Macadamia Oil.

As you can see in the picture above, Lavera has an Organic logo printed on their products - lately I've been looking into organic/natural skincare and have a few brands up on my sleeve that I planned to try, and Lavera is one of them and this mask had been certified Vegan. I'm not a chemist but I know words like Propylene Glycol, Parabens are not included in Lavera's formulation of this mask, and this is why I feel better when using it.

The mask said to leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse. The whole packet was meant to be consumed at one time I believe, and they have included a generous 10ml of mask liquid inside, which allows you to cover pretty much everywhere with a thick layer. My initial feeling was that the faint floral smell is really delightful without being overpowering, and the mask is rich in texture and easy to rinse. After rinsing, I found my skin became smoother to touch and looked less tired. This mask gets a thumbs up from me. The masks are only $39 HKD each HERE.

The next mask I tried was My Age Regenerating Mask. It's targeted at anti-aging population and said to hydrate and nourish mature skin. My skin is leaning on the drier side so I was eager to try it out as well. The ingredients included Organic White Tea (for protecting against free radicals), Karanja oil for smoothing and softening of skin, Organic Pomegranate Oil for its regenerative ability and anti-aging properties.

It's also $39 HKD per piece and left my skin really nourished and replenished with moisture. As I've only tried this once, I cannot comment much on long-term anti-aging ability. One thing that would make these masks PERFECt though, is to have their masks packaged in tubes! I'm a mask lover and I like trying masks during shower because it's very convenient to wash off. A tube one will make application easier, and I'll use it more often because of the ease too. You can buy it HERE. They offer free shipping locally when you spend over $500. 

What toothpaste are you using? I've been using a Colgate one all the time and did not pay attention to the ingredients list that it carries Triclosan, SLS and Propylene Glycol. Although I'm sure there are other lesser known chemicals that I haven't learned of yet, but knowing those major 3 chemicals was already enough to make me pick a new toothpaste. I've turned to Lavera after reading their ingredients label...here's how it looks:

Toothpastes like this one without the major harmful chemicals known to be harmful to body are on the pricier side compared to the mainstream options (Colgate, Oral B, etc), this one by Lavera was sort of in between the spectrum of prices I found on the market. You get better quality toothpaste (ingredients-wise) for just $50 HKD, why not? You can find it HERE.

I've used this toothpaste for weeks, and here's what I gathered: taste-wise, this toothpaste is less stinging than my Colgate one, I hate when the chemicals in the toothpaste make your tongue stings or stimulates your  unpleasant sensations at tongue tip. Lavera one wins here. 

In terms of cleanliness, I observed no difference between Lavera and my Colgate toothpaste. Lavera toothpaste is less foamy than Colgate one and it's another advantage methinks. True, the taste and foam might make you have an illusion that your teeth had been thoroughly cleansed, but I'd rather not have those foaming agents in my toothpaste. Lavera one tastes slightly salty even though it's Mint toothpaste, Colgate tastes extremely minty (pretty much all mainstream toothpaste tastes LIKE THAT) and stings my tongue whenever I try to taste it, so I think I prefer the salty taste over the sting anyday, and I don't think I'll miss the minty taste.

So far my initial foray into this new brand had been great, at the moment I'm also testing out the My Age Intensive Eye Cream (that A Model Recommends blogged about) and will be telling you my thoughts shortly.
In fact, I'm already tempted to pick up maybe their toners or shampoo to try next. That's how good the brand is.

What are your thoughts on Lavera? Have you tried this brand yet?


  1. Never heard of Lavera, and this is the first time that I thought about harmful chemicals in the toothpaste. *food for thought* :O

    I'm kind of getting into masks a lot more now that my skin is drier than it used to be. I'll keep an eye out for this brand. :)

    1. Liz, the first time I read about those chemicals that got me thinking about EVERYTHING i'm using too. It's kind of freaky to learn that Glycols appear nearly everywhere on my products :X

      masks are never too much!

  2. I've only tried a spray-on lotion sunscreen from Lavera but the results weren't so good... I'll have to check my local beauty boutique that sells Lavera for the masks! I think they actually only sell the makeup and a few odd things. The toothpaste sounds great for a natural toothpaste though. I've tried neem (sp?) toothpastes before and oh was it strange!

    1. ah its time for me to expand the toothpaste experiment - thanks for the name, i'll def google it out! do you mean they taste salty like the Lavera one? LOL

      I thought Lavera was always about skincare and no makeup, but turns out they DO makeup as well! :D

  3. Hey Jenni, I have to admit: I've never really paid attention to the ingredients in my toothpaste! I see some fancier ones on webshops, but I haven't tried any. Lavera isn't hard to find here, so maybe I should look for this one!

    1. Yes I imagine Lavera is pretty accessible in EU!


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