Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1028 Brownie Eyes Palette swatches / 1028 朱古力包裝的眼影盒

During the past 6 months I've been on a skincare kick and I realized I haven't been talking about makeup for a while already. So, today I'll be showing you something from the Taiwanese drugstore front. The beauty addict in me asked my mom to look out for this palette for me while she was in Taiwan, it's no other but "Brownie Eyes" palette by the brand 1028!

Doesn't it look like a box of chocolates? If you're a die-hard fan of neutral eyeshadows, chances are that you will drool just by looking at the box...

我近半年迷上了護膚和保養, 好似好耐無同大家介紹化妝小物咁, 所以今日會講下購自台灣開架品牌 1028既 Brownie Eyes Palette. 呢盒眼影是我媽搜購的, 呵呵! 外型很似朱古力盒嗎? 單是看包裝已經要吞口水了!

The palette was sold on its own for about a hundred bucks (HKD), there was a promotion at the drugstore going on and you can buy the eye makeup remover from the same brand for just a few dollars more, technically. My mom did the math pretty well and decided to go ahead for the eye makeup remover too, haha!! See, I"m not the only one crazy about beauty sales!

零售價大約一百蚊到, 剛巧遇到推廣, 加少少錢便可以拎走埋隔離的眼部卸妝水. 媽媽計過數發現幾抵喎, 於是就買埋喇!

This is the back of the palette and the date it's manufactured: 


Now onto the exciting part: it's a box of chocolate-ish shades ranging from warm to cool-toned browns: There are 2 applicators but no mirror, but to hell with that. With a hundred bucks what more can you ask?? The palette itself (the tin) is pretty to look at!

終於揭開了! 裡面是 6 種大地色 (啡色) 呀, 盒裡沒有鏡子, 有 2 枝眼影棒, 一睇就知唔會有用果d. 不過一百蚊貨仔, 我唔要求咁多啦, 單是包裝已經赢晒!

Swatches: the upper row (上行)

matte beige shade which leans warm (salmon-ish beige if that makes sense), if nothing, it can be used to correct the discolorations on the eyelid. I'll dab it on my browbone;
in the middle lies a shimmery champagne shade, it looks like taupe in the above pic but really it's just the lighting;
lastly there is a cool-toned taupe with shimmer and flecks;

左邊是啞光的蝦肉色, 最岩用黎做 highlight 眉骨用;
中間是帶閃的香檳色; 右邊是冷調, 帶閃的淺啡色;

Swatches: the lower row (下行)

a dirty brown on the left, leaning a bit olive in the pan, which for a moment reminds me of Chanel's Vert Khaki; 
in the middle is a warm-toned copper brown;
then we have a demi-matte deep brown;

左邊是dirty啡, 帶點橄欖綠調, 令我諗起Chanel 單色顏影 Vert Khaki; 

Another pic (更多試色圖)

Also in the spotlight: pH 7.5 Hydrating Eye and Lip Makeup Remover 
It cleans thoroughly, does not irritate eyes and will not leave the eyelids 'flaky' after applying, meaning that it retains moisture quite well.

同場加映: 眼部卸妝液
表現不過不失啦, 唔 "喇" 眼, 潔淨度還不俗的. 用後不會令眼皮乾乾的, 保濕度還好.

What are you favourite drugstore picks when you are traveling elsewhere? 



  1. Whoa, thanks for introducing the brand to me, Jenni! Maybe I have left Taiwan for too long, but I had no idea this brand exists! I love how the palette looks. The packaging is cute, the price is reasonable, and the eyeshadows look great! Now I have to hunt it down when I'm there this summer!

    1. TW is always full of drugstore thrills :D :D i'm going to revisit it again this year!!

  2. I quite like how the little tin looks like a chocolate box! The swatches look quite nice too - very creamy yet glittery.

    1. hi elle! they are pretty shimmery but no chunky glitter that i've noticed ^_^

  3. I love staring at neutral shadow palettes but lately I don't like the ones that are too warm. I don't like them too cool either, though, so maybe there's just something wrong with me, haha. We don't have this brand here of course, but I try to pick up things like this that I can't get back home when traveling.

  4. It looks quite expensive - sort of like Tom Ford!

    1. but it's actually something from the drugstore front! :)

  5. This is a very nice looking palette. I agree with Jamilla, looks very much like Tom Ford!

    1. the best part is it's only $13 USD or so!


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