Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Emptied Products in June

June was a slightly more productive in terms of product empties, even though it had been slow on the masks front. There were 6 items which I tossed (shame I know!), read on!
Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water - this is working well and I have raved (more or less) about it HERE. I raved because it shocked me how much makeup residue was still left on the skin and yet was invisible to the naked eye. My only gripe is that it contains Glycols.

Bausch & Lomb re-nu contact lens solution - switched to this one after having "withdrawal" effects with SOLO Aqua Care contact lens (I had been using that for 2 years and my eyes got so adapted to it that they sting when I tried a new solution, so I figured it's a time for change).

Alpha H Liquid Gold - I briefly raved about this product HERE. It's GREAT and a HG for me, until my skin got so irritated and red, sensitive that I can only touch this bottle sparingly. If you don't have troubled/irritated/thin skin, GO FOR IT! If you have sensitive skin, use it infrequently, or not at all, until your skin regain strength!

Kiehl's Calendula toner - highly raved by me HERE. It seemed to improve my skin and tamed it for a while (soothe), not bad, but the product is getting more and more expensive. Another gripe is that it has propylene glycol. 

Astalift Lotion - this is actually a toner that has "regenerative" properties on the skin, I used the whole bottle (30ml) and could not see much difference, maybe my skin was too irritated so it looked the same LOL. The toner is slightly orange-tinted.

Kanebo Dew Superior Cream Wash - absolutely loved this thing. A tiny drop can foam up so dense and fine, and I never thought a face wash could make me feel 'hydrated' but this did!!! This tube lasted me for > 1 month, will definitely repurchase when I finish the backlog of cleansers! (I know it sounds like it'll take forever but this day will come, eventually .V. )

Giorgio Armani Regenessence 3.R toner - too long of a name to type in full, please excuse me. It was an OK toner, with the whiff of alcohol leaning a bit strong and detectable.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Pressed Powder - this was finished after like 2-3 months of intensive use. It was OK, the powder carried micro shimmer (hence the word "luminous), coverage is more if you apply it with a brush like I did. I just didn't like the fact that refills aren't available - and the full size compact is expensive as hell (or is it my wallet capability is shrinking - it's sad but probably both are true!). I think I have discovered a new love from Shu.

Jill Stuart Eye Pencil in 01 Lush Black - full sized came with the Xmas coffret last year. 6 months and finished it up, not bad eh? I need to use this with primer or else it'll start to smudge, sometimes I skipped primer it didn't smudge, either way I will not be repurchasing since there are liners which don't require that much work and they stick for whole day without smudging.

Korres Showergel in Fig - loved the smell of figs! It's a shame that Korres isn't sold locally, I love the idea behind the brand and the many flavours they do their showergels! This is a full size and lasted me for 2-3 months.

Vidal Sassoon Light, Soft & Smooth Shampoo - a jumbo size product, I know I could never go wrong with VS shampoo and I think I might return to it once I used up. Actually, I prefer something with more 'organic' ingredients, any suggestions anyone? :)

Apivita Express Beauty Gold with Prickly Pear x 3 - I'm not sure why but it seems to hydrate my skin less than before. Hmm the retail price stands quite high for this ($360 for 12 packets/times' usage) so I'm looking for an alternative. 

Apivita Express Beauty with Pink Clay x 3 - It was a gentler form of clay mask and apart from the cloying scent, it was a nice product.

Lavera face masks x 2 - reviewed HERE. Not bad and they're quite affordable as well! 

Innisfree It's Real Olive Masks x 2 - could not see any effects with this after using twice. And I still prefer wash-off masks more than paper masks nowadays.

Nature Republic Aqua Collagen Solution Marine Hydro Gel Mask - love hydro gel masks (basically they used a silicone-ish plastic which hugs your skin so tightly that it won't fall off), prefer the Snail Therapy ones much more than Aqua Collagen.

Bioderma Hydration Concentrate (serum) - felt terribly silicone-ish the moment I squeezed the packet.  Spreadt a bit on the face, a big no-no because of the fear it might break me out. This had gone to the trash.

Astalift Lotion - mentioned it at the beginning of this post. 

Apivita Natural Serum for hydration - reviewed HERE and loved its feeling.

NUXE 24-hour soothing and hydration cream - felt a bit greasy but it's OK once I leave it for a while and go straight to bed. Cannot get past that overwhelming floral scent, I winced whenever catching a whiff.

Shu Uemura Anti-oxi cleansing oil - So many love their cleansing oils but my skin doesn't seem to react well, either I found them too thick or nothing particular. I lately learned that their oils are composed of mineral oil, clogged pores is the least thing I need on earth right now.

Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender Hand Cream (TOSSED) - this is actually my mom's. She had kept it open for like > 1.5 years and when I opened and used it for a week, I kept thinking it felt funny (more watery than it should be) and smelled funny, gone to the bin.

Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream (TOSSED) - oh my gosh this is a total waste I know. I couldn't finish half of the first tube so let alone the second tube. The problem is they both started to smell funny and act funny (runnier than usual) so I ain't keeping them.

Chloe EDP Body Lotion (TOSSED) - I had no idea it'll go funny after leaving it for a while in the stash >_< it's still sealed by the way. It went runny like a liquid in the bottle so off to the bin it went.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX (TOSSED) - I used 2/3 of it and left it there for 2 years...I don't dare to continue with this anymore, it was a great overnight mask and I think easily the earliest overnight hydration mask (in the Asian market at the very least). I cannot read what ingredients it has but I'm on the lookout for something better.

Clinique Super Rescue Anti-oxidant night moisturizer (TOSSED) - this was half used and I left it there again. It felt funny when I tried it again so no point keeping it and ruining your skin, really.

Full size: (14) + 6 = 20 (1 jumbo size = 2 full size, referring to the VS shampoo)
Deluxe samples: (42) + 6 = 48
Small / packet samples: (44) + 6 = 50
Masks: (46) + 11 = 57
Tossed: (5) + 6 = 11

The lesson I took away this month (half yearly review) is not to leave the opened bottles unattended, they'll expire without notice and too late for any remedial actions when you discovered it! My goal is to finish up the many samples which took up > 2 storage boxes at the moment!


  1. OMG finished makeup - look at you go! My empties is going to look so sad in comparison. :)

    1. LOL the ONLY makeup items I ever finished was concealer powder and eyeliner! hey you have an unbeatable track record of empties Liz!!!

  2. Replies
    1. obviously I don't have as much empties as those in your fortnight posts Jacq!!! :))

  3. wow you have lots of empties products! I love the smell of Korres Fig as well, I don't have it but it smells so good :)

    1. they have a pretty amazing range of scents - I'm using the basil lemon one (it's sort of ok) but their guava one smells DIVINE Meryl!

  4. Babe, love the idea of u recording ur tossed items. At least its tracked somewhere even though its wasted. I hasnt been that productive as the shopaholic in me starting to make a comeback I think....

  5. Babe, love the idea of u recording ur tossed items. At least its tracked somewhere even though its wasted. I hasnt been that productive as the shopaholic in me starting to make a comeback I think....

    1. LOL Karen!! What are on your shopping list :)??

  6. I have the same problem with Liquid Gold! I think I will eventually use my bottle up, but I probably won't repurchase. The thing is Liquid Gold is not a reliable product for me. On a good day, I'm not too sure it does all that much. On a bad day, my skin wakes up irritated. If I use it very sparingly, or when it's very warm outside, it seems OK. In all honesty though, I prefer to invest in a good chemical peel and call it a day!

    1. Liquid Gold is ideal for slightly misbehaving skin but it'll be too harsh on problematic + sensitive skin! this is what my skin is at right now. But i thoroughly like the fact that I could just hit the sack after wiping my face with it!! haha!


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