Monday, July 8, 2013

My Beauty Resolutions for 2nd half of 2013

So, look what happened the other day when I did a MASSIVE cleaning of my room. Mind you, those in the pictures are the products which stand on my desk daily, not including 3 boxes of samples and sachets, not including 3 drawers full of makeup and 2 drawers of unopened skincare...

this had to STOP.

My obsession with makeup waned a bit, now I just want the bits and bobs here and there from a few brands only, I think I did relatively OK. My skin had changed considerably (and for the worse I'm afraid) during the past year and I've had crazy moments hauling skincare and all that, hoping they'll help improve my skin. Wrong. 

I've thought about it long and hard lately. With an urgency to de-clutter my stash since I'm running out of space; to curb my expenditure since I realized this consumer habit is rather wasteful; I came up with the following beauty resolutions for the 2nd half of 2013. By the end of 2013, I'm hoping to do an evaluation of how these help to address the spatial and monetary concerns, if they work out fine, I'll stick to them.

(I hope documenting this semi-epic moment because more acknowledgement and presence might help me commit to it, I also want my loved one to know I'm doing it for our future. If it fails, at least I tried.) 

Don't worry about blog content because a) I will continue to review the products I already have in the stash / will have on the blog; b) I have more than you imagine probably; c) gifts / PR samples will continued being accepted; d) I'm not on a spending ban and the following are by no means rigid rules - you will see the categories under #2 aren't exhaustive; e) I will still buy what I REALLY fancy, BUT the products are gonna either be REAL good or; if I run out. Put it simply: I'll think thrice of the following before handing out money at the cashier.

1.  No backups for makeup and skincare (aka same product same brand) - I don't think I have backups of anything related to makeup, because I hardly finish anything, plus there's always something new on the market. As for the much sought-after LE products, one is enough. If I missed it (I'm looking at YOU - Le Metier de Beaute Melange Palette), so be it. Skincare-wise, stocking up on HGs might get you a better deal on the receipt, but I've learned during the past year that my skin did not need advance notice before it started going crazy, what used to work for my oily skin now suddenly made my skin excessively dry. Unopened stuff that won't be needed anymore gives me headache, not to mention it's a waste of money. Stuff that work well for me, they'll most likely be around on the store shelves, and I don't live hours away from stores, plus I'm sure I'll have samples accrued to last me for those 'gap' moments, so.

2. No-buy on the following items (unless in the highly unlikely event of running out). I might add things to it as I come up with new things, but for now:

a) Eye Creams - holy sh*t, don't even get me started. There are 4-5 full size and 6-7 deluxe samples, these will be enough for 3 years without buying. Need I say more?

b) Cleansing Oils - 3 full size to go. No buy until finish with them. No more mineral-oil based cleansing oils.

c) Cleansers & Toners - 3-4 full size unopened. 

d) Eye Makeup Removers - 3 full sized unopened. 

e) Sheet Masks (except tube/wash-off masks) - I"m pretty good with using frequently the wash-off and tube masks, so no problem with buying and using them. Sheet masks however, are my real enemy because there are 100+ pieces in the stash, and I prefer wash-off masks due to laziness.

f) Primers (including eyeshadow primers) - There are a few deluxe samples of eyeshadow primers which shall last me for one good year; 7-8 face primers in the stash and I use only 1-2 regularly.

g) Mascaras - 10+ unopened full size in a box lying somewhere, and I don't even use once per month.

h) Eyeliners - 40+ liners in a box somewhere, I use 2-3 regularly, and they're usually the same color family.

i) Loose/Pressed powders - here's the deal: I have never finished a loose powder, and I have a few jars. Pressed ones I've used up 2 so far and I"m sticking to the current one since it's working.

j) Lip Balms - I apply once per day, if at all. There are 8+ in the stash.

k) Lipsticks -  I've always love them but hardly wear any now (due to skin condition truthfully).

l) Blushes & Bronzers - YES, can you believe it? I'm not moved by blushes anymore now. There I just said that! >100 blushes in my stash, period. >5 bronzers in the stash and I already found Chanel Notorious for perfect contouring, no more room for bronzers.

m) Hand Creams - I have a theory for this and body lotions, they're magical and have legs. They'll find their ways to my stash even if I don't buy them. Majority of mine come from gifts from lovely ladies, so there's no need to buy.

n) Body Lotions - read above (m). Do note that I would not buy any body lotions even when I run out, because I simply don't need them either. I read somewhere that someone doesn't feel much different with or without body lotions applied in chilly winters, and seriously, the weather here hardly gets below 10C.

n) Makeup Brushes - my brush holders are bursting, and I already found what works. No point in getting more really.

o) Highlighters - the most applied area is my browbone and nose bridge, and I don't need 10+ colors/sheen/finishes. 

p) Hair Masks - 2 tubs still going strong and think they'll last me for another year or more. 

q) Nail Polishes - I don't even wear them, maybe once or twice per year. 

Right now maybe I should point out that beauty resolutions doesn't necessarily have to be of a "reductive" nature, resolutions are also about branching out and experimenting with new things, and most importantly, to improve my current skin condition.

3. Slowly experimenting with facial treatments done at beauty salons -  I have come to realize the immense benefits of having facials done at beauty salons. Not only the feeling of being pampered totally rocks, if the treatment is improving my skin condition, I consider it a better investment than throwing $ in hauling skincare.

4. Stop picking/poking my skin - I'll let the beauticians at the salons do their job, instead of spoiling and ruining my skin with my own fingers. 

5. Don't over-exfoliate - Yes there's such thing. Especially for sensitive skins and irritated skin folks. Chemical peels might be less abrasive than physical exfoliants but too much exfoliation will actually damage pores and spread germs if any. I"ll reduce my frequency of using to maybe once per 10 days/14 days (I usually do it once per week).

6. Read/study more about various ingredients in beauty products - this is a tough one because there's one thing known as over-studying (aka paranoid) which can be counter-productive and inefficient, not to mention there's no-fun without experimenting. I don't want to be "THE freak" or geek on this subject.

With 2013 half gone, what are your beauty resolutions and are they working out as you planned? (It could be expanding your collection or whatever you had in mind originally!)

If you are also aiming for downsizing of stash, I'm interested to know what are your tips/suggestions! Are there anything you skimp on? Anything you will not buy? Anything you would always keep an eye out for?  Any inputs would be welcomed :)


  1. I'm trying to downsize my collection and its hard. i'm always buying new prodcuts and I don't use them quickly enough.I try to clear out or do an inventory count once a month. I only buy things I will use, If I know I won't use them, I gift them to my friends and family so they don't go to waste. I have a sister that doesn't care much about her skin so whenever she comes home I put together a skincare package with samples and other products for her to bring home. Swapping with friends is also a good idea. I have a few friends that I swap sheet masks with so I won't be stuck with a lot of the same mask and I get to try out different products.

    1. Great tips Sylvia! I like swapping but always ended up with more than I took there to the swap :P i like giving away unused stuff though - feels detox on the inside!

  2. My biggest goal is to get my collection organized - that's really kicked in after my skincare haul from my recent trip. Also purging my collection of the older products and things I'm no longer in love with. Knowing what I have will help me from overspending and buying things that will just sit there for who knows how long.

    1. Yes - doing a list of similar shades and already-haves (i.e. keeping it organized) will help to overcome that initial impulse to 'possess' new things that we probably have in the stash already.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of stuff! I'm supposed to be on a no buy, using my stash mode for the whole year but I've been pretty unsuccessful the last couple of months. Chalk it up to over working and feeling the need to reward myself. I will admit though that the majority of the spending hasn't been on makeup and skin care but more clothing and shoes.

    Good luck with sticking to your plan for the 2nd half of 2013. I know that you can do it.


    1. At least your attention focus somewhere :) that's less heart-breaking to admit i guess! Thank you for your support - i'll definitely remember what you ladies commented here whenever I wanna buy something - let's hope we can stick to our resolutions Kat!

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  5. Hey Jenni, it's great to read about your resolutions! I've had to de-clutter too. Not buying back-ups is a great place to start (unless I can actually finish something)!

    I do think exfoliation is sometimes overrated. While it is certainly helpful to get rid of some older cells, nowadays most own so many products in their routine that do this. When combined it could definitely be excessive! I hope your skin will start improving soon!

    1. Hi Sunny! I actually discovered this pretty late (like after a year of exfoliation per week...) most of us would think exfoliation is rather mild and routine so there's nothing wrong with it - I guess that's more for problem-free skin.

      Thank you :) i am going to start getting help from regular facial treatments at beauty spas soon - fingers crossed they will help.

  6. All great resolutions, Jenni. I support you! The point on buying backups of skincare resonated with me. I found myself in the same trap. I loved Naruko products so much, I stocked up probably two years' worth because I couldn't get them in Japan. But my skin freaked out (became very sensitive) and I couldn't use Naruko anymore so I had to give them away or throw them out.

    1. Hello Yuming! is Naruko really fab? I could totally relate to your experience because I used to stock up Orbis (cheaper in Japan), then my skin went nuts and I almost couldn't use them anymore (at least not the line that I stocked up previously), it's a terrible waste right?!

  7. Well, you know I'm alllllll about this sort of thing. Lots to go on about but I think you have a pretty clear idea about what you want to accomplish and I support you 100%! :)

    With skincare products, I'm careful to open only the ones I plan on using up and watching out for expiry dates. Your resolution about not picking on the skin is a good one - such a bad habit and I still do it occasionally even after I thought the habit had been kicked!

    With makeup, experimenting is part of the fun so I end up touching everything and that makes it difficult to get rid of it later if I don't like something. More blog sales?

    Getting rid of things that you KNOW you don't want should be first priority, then scheduling the lineup of remaining products to use up is next. I'm trying to downsize the nail polish hoard and it's the freaking worst because international shipping bans products with liquid/alcohol/flammable materials. :(

    Anyway, good luck to you!!

    1. I know, reductionista :D! Thank you for your support (and reading your blog everytime inspired me to have this idea of de-cluttering and downsize my stash)

      You know sometimes when your fingers can feel a bump under the skin? My first reaction is to get the tweezer and do picking/'s bad i know. Regarding skincare, I do keep 1-2 open and try to use them up before opening others, so far so good.

      Haha I could defo. see you playing and experimenting with all sorts of bright hues in your posts! I'm not THAT adventurous tbh, mostly stick to what I know or neutrals. So it's also time for me to let go those crazy colors that I never wear.

      Can you give away nail polishes to your canadian friends? or do a canada-only giveaway, lol I struggled to find someone who will play with polish in HK and once I did, she can have all my nail stash! I don't even wear twice per year and i got 40+ bottles...

      thanks love <3

  8. not going to lie.. the mascara part sHOCKED me!! but thats probably because i rarely use mascara.. im so lazy with it

    on the other hand, my worst enemy is lipsticks. i wonder how many you have now hehe! i have two full BOXES of them.. and i dont even put on lipsticks... X_X because they are such high maintenance.

  9. i love this post! I am bad too, as I love to get my hands on new items and check things off my wishlist. :) Thankfully, I've never had problems with backups, but i am discovering that I have in some product categories that are growing like your hand cream category lol. Like how many eye creams could I suddenly have?? I've only ever bought one. lol

    I've been trying to do a no buy on makeup since the beginning of march, and it has been hard. For the most part, I've followed it pretty well (like only using gift cards, or if my fiance said i could go spend x amount of money on whatever I want, haha.) except for the weeks leading up to my birthday where i bought myself way more presents than I intended. LOL


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