Sunday, July 21, 2013

Juicy Couture Fall Collection Preview

Here's a preview of what's in store for Juicy Couture fall / Holiday 2013. The Fall Collection is named "Bad Reputation" and the Holiday Collection is named "Wild for Juicy".

 This year's fall at Juicy brings together blazers, silk track pants, bohemian dresses and varsity sweaters. Leopard print and studs appeared throughout the whole lineup.

Below, you see nautical prints and gold chains, lots of navy.

Puffer jackets in neon pink and leopard print:

Varsity sweater with retro Juicy logo embossed, this looks like a baseball jacket but is made of knit. Interesting eh?

Floral + nautical = new to me

Leopard print Juicy bag, am getting my hands on this one totally!!!

Foil-print pants for the rock n rollers:

Neon pink party dress with crotchet:

Puffer Jacket in "latent" leopard print and metallic layer:

Totally loving this fisherman's coat! It also comes in black - I think I'll get that one since black is more classy, the brown one below is sweet :)

Lace dress with "Juicy" embroidered on one sleeve and "Couture" on the other, talk about craftsmanship! Slap on a brown belt and it'll be perfect.

This is a double breasted coat from Kids' Section! How cute is that coat?! It'll look awesome on baby girls with a headband and a pair of flats with colored tights!

Also being introduced was the Modern Tracksuit, the Modern Track jacket is a relaxed fit, hooded jacket versus the traditional slim fit hooded Juicy jacket. For the track pant, the modern pant is skinny legged with banded cuff. A cashmere collection of the Modern Track is also available. 

Juicy Couture "Bad Reputation" collection is available starting July 2013 and the Holiday Collection "Wild for Juicy" is available in October 2013. There is also a new fragrance coming from Juicy Couture - it's out in the USA already but new to HK - it's called Couture La La. Until then! 

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