Sunday, August 11, 2013

AHAVA Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF15 // AHAVA 礦物精華保濕面霜SPF 15

Today's skincare pick is a daytime lotion with SPF15 by AHAVA called Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF15. It falls under the "Hydrate" line like the Hydration Cream Mask which I wrote about previously. I've put this lotion to test for the past 5-6 weeks in the AM and it gets along well with my skin.

今日同大家介紹既係 AHAVA 的礦物精華保濕面霜SPF 15. 它屬於 "保濕" 產品類別, 同我上次寫既 "沖洗式水份面膜" 同出一徹. 呢支有 SPF 15 既保濕面霜我已經試左 5-6 個禮拜(早上用)了, 係時候要講講佢點喇! 

The full sized product is 50ml and comes in a dispenser pump bottle with cap. Design and packaging wise, it aligns with the rest of the AHAVA range - simple, practical, subtle. The bottle is rather slim and I rather like the pump dispenser as it's more hygienic than a jar, and is better at preserving the sunscreen element in it. 

貨裝是 50ml, 瓶子是泵既設計 (連蓋). 包裝和 AHAVA 整條 line 一樣, 簡單又悅目. 瓶身纖細, 我甚喜歡泵裝設計, 比開蓋既瓶子衛生, 亦可把產品保存得更好 (尤其是有防曬成分既產品) !

On the topic of sunscreen elements, the active element in this product is Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene. I have no idea what these mean but one thing for sure is that this Lotion contains Urban Complex (a trademarked element I suppose) to gives it a velvety, long-lasting protection against UVA/UVB.

講起防曬成分, 呢支面霜裡既活躍防曬成分有: Avobenzone, Octisalate, Octocrylene. 雖然未見過這些成分, 但一樣是肯定的, 就是它有 Urban Complex (是有 trademark 既成分吧), 它令到面霜既質感柔滑和持久.

This lotion carries a delightful scent - of which I can't really pin down on which scent it is, but it smells very nice and soothing. The lotion is rather liquefied in texture, almost runny when I pumped too much on my palm. It goes on very very lightweight on the face, and absorbs after a minute or so and leaves no greasy trail. BONUS: it does not have with a white "hello look at me I've had sunscreen on" kind of cast. This is rare in sunscreen products I must point out. 

呢支面霜既香味極之怡人 - 我也說不出是甚麼香味, 總之就是令人心曠神怡那隻. 質感方面就比較流質, 近乎水既狀態. 搽上面後 1 分鐘後便吸收了, 不太油膩. 仲有值得一提: 它不會令皮膚望落去變白, 以防曬產品來說這個頗難得.


I'm nicely surprised by this day lotion embedded with sunscreen in it, I think it's a breakthrough for me to try something new, to consider creams with SPF in the market. As long as it's not greasy, gives no white cast, I'm up for it. This Essential Moisturizing Lotion SPF 15 just ticked both boxes. I can see this being a very good daily staple esp in fall/winter. For summer, if you're staying outdoors, I would recommend to use a higher degree sunscreen though, or to reapply throughout the day to make sure your skin is protected against the sun!

平時我甚少會考慮帶防曬的面霜的, 怕癡笠笠, 令塊面即時變白等. 這支防曬面霜可說是 decent surprise, 我覺得秋冬季我會岩用些 (因為紫外線無咁高嘛). 如果夏天使用, 我會建議大家用高系數少少既防曬產品, 或者到時到候要補搽, 咁就無有怕啦!


  1. Sounds like a great day moisturizer. I think the ingredients you picked out are different types of chemical sunscreen. That could explain why there is no white cast since there are no physical sunscreen ingredients. Although physical sunscreens are better for you (less harmful), I tend to stick to chemical sunscreens in very hot and humid weather. I can't bear it if I feel that my skin is sticky or has a layer on it. It got as high as 38 degrees C yesterday in Tokyo and I need to be as un-sticky as possible ;-) Love pump bottles for beauty products too...

    1. Good point! Now I worry if physical sunscreen will block pores...?!

  2. true, I wouldn't go for hybrid facecream/sunscreen in summer either but as that bit of protection when the sun isn't so potent anymore


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