Thursday, August 8, 2013

Giordano Ladies F/W 2013 Preview

The other day I was invited to Giordano Ladies' F/W preview. If you're not familiar with the brand, they're bascially Hong Kong's version of Uniqlo. Giordano stores are affordable and Giodano Ladies targeted at business women who wants to look chic in more than black and white color combos. The price range is slightly higher than average Giordano.

Displayed on the wall is the "Seeding Love" campaign range in collaboration with HK Cancer Foundation. The color is of course in pink, and black.

These are not cupcakes, they're folded towels in a paper cup with cherry on top :D

Model showcasing the ankle booties from the brand, and jacket. 

I really like this nature-themed cardigan in shades of grey and blue (actually it's marble print). Reminds me of the sea? or the snowy mountains? Idk, I just like how pleasing it is to the eye.

Then a silver colored blouse with playful details on the sleeves and the hems.

Color-blocking is so last season, the "it" thing is texture-blocking now, here you will see wool-knit and suit fabric making up a blazer:

Tie-dye shirt.

Color-blocking biker jacket:

I adore this dress simply because of the cheerful yellow and blue. It's just bright and cheerful and I"m drawn to anything bold.

Double-sided coat, one side is tweed, another side is wool. Note to self: this coat is super soft to the touch and super light!! 

Love the scarf in the pic below, grey, navy blue and lagoon blue...

And how I can end a fashion post without shoes? This pair of pointed charcoal-colored heels has an azure blue bottom...


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