Friday, August 2, 2013

Emptied Products in July

I've not been diligent in the empties' project during July. Sometimes I thought it's because I've put much emphasis on getting rid the (annoying) amount of samples/deluxe samples that's been accrued in boxes and trunks, so I could have finished more full size products if not for this. I've also decided not to accrue empties in a plastic bag, instead I'll take pictures of them and will throw them away instantly; yes I'm the girl who's holding a Bioderma empty bottle and a Clarins toner bottle you saw in the morning lift ride. Anyways, here's what I have finished. 

Full Size

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - raved about HERE. Still have 2 jars of it (really) and I could see this as a great night time hydration cream that could last me throughout the 4 seasons in HK weather. It looks no-frills in terms of packaging but it's all goodness for dehydrated skins.

1028 pH7.5 Hydrating Eye & Lip Makeup Remover -  introduced HERE. This is cheap and does what it says, I don't mind lugging bottles of it next time when in Taiwan!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel - been going through tubes of tubes of it starting years ago. When I woke up the next day, the area which I dabbed a bit of this on, became less obvious (redness of course) and less angry-looking. Only gripe is the stick had 2.5ml of product in becomes quite an annoying habit to stock up on this everytime.

GLYCEL Collagen Prime 10000 beauty drinks* - reviewed HERE. I am pretty satisfied with this product but I think one should drink at least 3 boxes of these to achieve a better effect. If only I have such a budget to spend on!

Deluxe Samples

NUDE Radiant Day Moisturizer - came as part of a trial set, I'm hooked on this moisturizer. Just one pump is enough to cover my whole face and it absorbs extremely well, no greasy residue left behind. There's a slight almond smell to NUDE's products but I have grown to love the scent (I used to hate almond by-products, just so you know). I'm seriously considering getting a full size if not for my humongous stash lurking in my trunks and boxes!!!

Korres Basil Lemon Little Shower Gel - how cute the name is! It's a pretty average scent, got it as part of a trio (Guava, Fig, Basil Lemon). This is gone after 10 uses. I have already got full size of other flavours from Korres, you can tell how much I like the brand.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Chamomile - OMG how can a toner smell SO AMAZING. Love love love the scent. I know scent in a toner is probably not a nice thing to some, but I really love this, I may buy the full size of it later.

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water - debated a lot about the economical side of this product HERE before. Been going through bottles of this, starting to like it more than I thought! Already got full size backup bottles...

Chanel Hydra Beauty Radiance Eye Gel - everyone knows my under eyes badly need hydration. This came to the rescue just in time, used nothing but this in July and this is finally gone. It's OK but don't think it did wonders (to circles or to lines).

AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask* - reviewed HERE. Love it so much I'll get the full size in a heartbeat!

Small / packet samples

AHAVA Mineral Body Exfoliator* - this is one interesting product to try! I expected it to be a scrub with tiny grains but instead the grains feels like salt grains you use for the kitchen. It lathers well and leaves my skin squeaky clean. This is a thumbs up.

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer - I don't know what it contains, it felt great after application but I suspected it might have broken me out. Not sure about this product.

Sofina Beaute Hydrating Toner - this is an awfully small sample which has enough for only 1 use. I can't really comment on its effectiveness, sorry...but the good news is, I have a full size bottle which I'll start using soon!

Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-free Toner - this is supposed to be for dry skin but my skin preferred the Calendula one over this, surprisingly. This had been talked about HERE

DDF Ultra-lite Oil-free Moisturizing Dew - I suspected this had silicones but seems not. Anyways it felt like so. Skin felt quenced but for some reason I have no like for this one.


Naruko Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask - forgot about how it performed. I would pick it up when traveling in Taiwan later.


Talika Bio Enzymes Mask (Hydrating)* - I thought it's paper masks but it's actually plastic film of mask! Adhered to skin closely like hydro-gel masks do. I didn't find it particularly hydrating after use though.....I will be trying the anti-aging ones next.

Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask Sheet - this is a paper mask even though I've reviewed the hydro-gel ones HERE before (love those). I love this even more than the hydro-gel ones! Effects are pretty much the same for both types, skin felt instantly smoother and brightened. This is cheap and cheerful, only about $5-6 HKD apiece (ordered online via Elaine), a GREAT FIND!

My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Mask - I must have put a box of this in my basket when traveling in Taiwan, this is not particularly impressive. I love MBD's Natto range more.

Etude House Darling Sheet Mask - this was OK but nothing impressive.

Full size: (20) + 4 = 24
Deluxe samples: (48) + 6 = 54
Small / packet samples: (50) + 7 = 57
Masks: (57) + 6 = 63

*PR Sample


  1. I totally agree with your opinion on Clarins Toning Lotion with Chamomile!! Love love love the scent!!

  2. Hey Jenni, why is there such a cute sticker on your Bioderma bottle? Mine's just regular and boring LOL

    1. They're doing a cross-over for Bioderma and a certain cartoon here, I've got the 500ml bottle with the same sticker! I much prefer the regular (boring) packaging though!! LOL

  3. Ahhh, NUDE is the best. I want.

    I didn't like the DDF moisturizer either. They're sort of disappearing from our Sephoras.

    1. I heard NUDE is revamping their line! they've been quiet lately...let's pray our fingers NUDE will become even better!

    2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I can't imagine it getting better, OMG. LOL


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