Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Secret treasures revealed at Swarovski F/W 2013

The designers at Swarovski had done a marvelous job this season. The F/W 2013 collection is aptly named "Secret Treasures", it took inspiration from the Silk Road. Each piece resembles something unique from China to the Himalayas, from India to Venice.

 Here's a few gorgeous masquerades obviously taken inspiration from Venice, I can't stop gaping at these.

Back to the main topic of today, the jewelries. As Venice is in the far West, you will find "crosses" design among the pieces, some with spiky angles, such as the necklaces below:

Swarovski does collars as well, here's a major bling! The gem stones are embellished on a tweed fabric, really decadent.

That cuff bangle is just so glam.

Another collar necklace (double-duty) heavily adorned with gems and crystals. It's a 'rope' that can be detached.

Then the collection led to India:

Exotic pieces that would look good for anyone who is belly-dancing, the colors in the pieces became warm and vibrant versus the black and almost gothic Venice-inspired pieces above:

Pay attention to the bracelet, it's hot pink and the crystal in it (the necklace as well) is just so bold and so "exotic" looking.

The crystals adorned in the India-inspired collection are chunky and bold, you won't be able to miss them.

 Then came to China, the Chinese believes "circles" is an auspicious symbol because it signifies unity and satisfaction. It also symbolizes peace. Here in this line you will find loads of the pendants, earrings, are of a circle design.

This is my favourite piece among all: the tear-dropped pendant necklace!!! Apparently it comes in two colors, gold and silver...I'm enticed by the silver one. But look at those earrings, they would look so classy.

Clutches were also introduced (look at that bling!), and on the far right the necklace is made up of a hexagonal pattern - another auspicious imagery unique in Chinese culture.

This bangle is to die for, period.

This season, the brand introduces three layering concepts: layering of rings, bangles, and brooches. 

The event offers an instant silhouette portrait session for everyone, and we got to pick a Swarovski earring sticker to stick on them. This is so fascinating.

And here's mine! In case you ever wondered how I look, I just had a fresh hair cut the other day, so this is portrait is probably a bit misleading :P but that'll do for now! Ciao!


  1. Jenni! Haiiii!

    My ayes are glued on that tear-drop necklace too! You received a pretty pair of earrings btw!

  2. Whoa, that silhouette portrait looks like FUN! I love how it turned out! I like the more understated pieces from Swarovski, mostly because what I wear is usually really loud!

    1. Me too i prefer they do more subtle pieces because all those crystals really BLING!

  3. That last bangle is really gorgeous. Some really great pieces, I can't wait to be able to see some of them in person.

    1. that cuff bangle is really a statement piece right!


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