Monday, December 30, 2013

3 Things I'm looking forward to in Spring 2014

1. FURLA handbags as arm candies

I've recently browsed via FURLA S/S 2014 offerings and its a plethora of candy pastel colors with plastic material. I'm really into plastics lately (you'll see in point 2) since they are almost un-destructible, lol. 

I like my bag to be roomy so I can stuff a hundred and one things in it, this bag is perfect because it can a large bag of chips inside! Not to mention the aqua color screams warmth and summer (as a matter of fact as I"m writing this, I'm shuddering next to the heater...).

I'm new to the brand but plastic bags are really great to take care of - wipe off dirt and become clean again; it can be light weight too; plus it's waterproof, and more durable than bags made of materials that can be torn. 

This season the classic 'candy bag' from FURLA has teamed up with leather to create a vibe that is both youthful (candy-colored plastic) and classy (leather). It is all but I want. Also featured with candy-colored plastic is woven straw - it's stunning mix of texture to transit from winter to spring.

And these clutches, totes with metalic flaps, combined with colors inspired by nature, and are for classier women who values functionality and simplicity.

2. More Mel by Melissa and Melissa shoes please! (Images from the web)

I jumped on the Melissa bandwagon pretty late, as usual, but the acquisition rate at my shoe closet is unbelievable. I owned my first pair in June/July this year, and by now I have 6-8 pairs. I love both Mel and Melissa lines; and I'll bravely admit that I stalk their store almost once every week for new styles to come through. HAHA there,f I said it!
This blueberry bow flat above and the frost flat below were part of 2013 releases and they are so girly and graceful. Not to mention they are ultra comfy on my feet, even my mom likes to share with me to wear some of them. I adore them coz they're waterproof (not the ones with the suede-like material on surface), and is perfect for rainy season. I consider them worthy of investment as they'll see you through rain or shine!

Below is my favourite color of all time - electric blue. I love the gems detailing and the shoe comes with an embedded heel. All Melissa shoes and Mel shoes (the newly released ones) come in a signature candy/bubblegum scent.
(Hmmm can you spot similarity in point 1 and point 2? FURLA and Melissa are plastics and both are 'candy' themed!)

3. Exotic jewelery from Jan Logan

I was enthralled at the "Barcelona" themed jewelery release by the brand and decided to pay a visit. However the practical side of my inner self was more drawn to simple and classy designs instead. I love any gems in blue color, can you tell?

The ring and the earrings, necklace on the model were so gracefully put together.

Love that 4 leaf clover and the circular pendant next to it, I love jewellery pieces that can be worn everyday without being too bold.

Are there any collections you're looking forward to in 2014?

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