Sunday, December 29, 2013

GLYCEL Twenty Elements Cream Review

It's about time I write a proper review on Twenty Elements Cellular Renewal Cream* by Glycel. The brand's latest release touts 20 skin-activating and stem cell repairing elements, hence its given name. I use this at night time primarily. 

The cream is said to have anti-pollution, anti-aging, anti-glycation (sugars in your body when encountered with oxygen, will make the skin age, a term I learned from Beauty magazine in Taiwan), and sun protection. The moisturizer is sold at HK$890 for 50ml. To name a few of the 20 elements, they are Lycoskin Defence, Rice Granatum, Glyca Fight (anti-glycation), Vitamin B5, sweet almond oil, argan oil, anti-pollution purifying peptide. While this looks like it's packed with skin-friendly ingredients, how does it perform?

The cream comes in GLYCEL's usual red and white and silver packaging. Taking photographs of the jar is hard :P I've worn this moisturizer during the past 1.5 months (oh dear has it been THAT long!?), I think this moisturizer is a re-packaged all-round multi-tasking cream. As I can't see any SPF degrees in the box packaging, I'm afraid you'll have to splat on a real sunscreen for extra sun protection. The cream is pretty moisturizing however, but my period of usage is rather short to vouch for anti-aging benefits. As for anti-glycation, this skin damaging process is best to be avoided by abandoning you sweet tooth, as I learnt from magazines.

I can't help but have to conclude that I like the Hydro Firm Moisturizing Cream released a few months ago (review HERE). The texture of this cream is undoubtedly thicker than the Hydro Firm one. 


*PR Sample


  1. Wow, anti-glycation is a term that I need to look up! And pay attention to o.O Abandoning sweets is too hard a task for me though *sob sob*

    1. it's a buzzy word now :D in Asia at least!


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