Sunday, December 8, 2013

Caudalie Divine Oil Review

Since last year's experience with Rose Hip Oil, I've become a 'huile' fanatic, aka oil freak. I absolutely adore the idea of using face oils, and oils for body. When Caudalie released their "Huile Divine" (Divine Oil), I waited and read reviews on what others say about its smell, and I"m a bit of a skeptic when it says it can be used for "face, body and hair". These three categories are completely independent, I can't really imagine using the same product for all of these things!

When one of my favorite online stores have this Divine Oil sample up for purchase, I didn't even think about it and added it to my cart. I've read so many people saying it smells "divine". Here's what it says:

At first I poured a bit of the oil on my palm and run it through the ends of my damp hair after washing, then I blow dried it as usual. The oil is a bit runny so it is really different from MoroccanOil which I'd been using (will switch to a cleaner product soon, by the way). This oil isn't the most moisturizing/repairing to my hair I found, so it's used post-shower on skin now. 

I found Caudalie ingredients are relatively cleaner than most products out there, but not entirely clean I'd say. I looked at their bottle of foaming cleanser and toner, guess what I found: the much dreaded word "glycol"!! Admittedly I still use products which aren't completely "clean", but I'm slowly replacing them (more on that in a different post). 

The runny texture 'evaporated' once rubbed on the skin, it's not heavy at all. So far it's only been tested on body and hair, as my skin is not at its tiptop shape now I had to be careful what I put on it. Caudalie Divine Oil really does smell divine but it's not that moisturizing nor nourishing as it said. I'd love to sniff its candle version though.


  1. Ooo I love this for my hair. For body I like it too but I'm reluctant to use it on my face because it's so heavily scented. The fragrance is so unique and love that I catch a whiff of it through the day from my hair.

    1. same here, reluctant to use it on face. I hope they will come out with a fragrance (an EDP!) with this scent besides the candle! :)


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