Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Empties

I wish everyone has had a happy holiday last week, I spent the entire week on vacation in December and have managed to finish quite a lot. 

Sofina Beaute Makeup Cleansing Gel - I tried out a deluxe sample size of this and reviewed HERE. Was very impressed by gel-to-liquid formula when it comes to makeup removers. So I redeemed this full size for free using shopper's point. I may get another bottle using rebate in the future, but since I"m moving towards 'cleaner' products, that might not happen, lol.

MoroccanOil Hair Treatment oil - I loved this and swear it with my life, and this is my second bottle of the stuff. It has come to my notice that it's quite laden with silicones and the 'real stuff' (aka argan oil) is rather low in portion. Plus real argan oil is supposed to be good on its own, there's no need to mix it in a chemical concoction to make it 'look like' argan oil. I've also noticed my hair has become thinner. I'm determined to 'detox' my beauty regime so, its time to bid farewell to this.

Hakugen 5-layer cotton puffs - Another box gone, love this stuff but it's going to take some time to tear the layers (I like to use 2 layers for everything from makeup removing with micellar water to toners).

Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum - The scent of this product is a bit OTT, I can do without the scent even though it's fragrant. It plumps your skin with moisture and feels real good after application. Will not buy full size due to concerns with ingredients for my sensitive skin though.

Cath Kidston Rose Hand Cream - Complimentary sample received at an event, the rose scent is rather bland. Even though it says the formula is without "parabens" and blah blah blah, the ingredients are still questionable in my books.

Caudalie Divine Oil - Smells heavenly, reviewed HERE. Am a bit partial to this product because it feels so 'thin' on the skin.

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation - Reviewed before, staple for everyday. Medium coverage.

ORBIS Clear Toner - This line is too dry for my skin right now but it used to work GREAT on acne-prone skin. I use it sparingly now.

Elemis Skin Nourishing Shower Cream - Got it from a swap, had expectation on the scent but it smelled like nothing at all. Consistency is like milk.

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil - Smells OK, too tiny a sample to tell if there's a difference. However, I did order their body oil sampler kit recently, it hasn't been opened yet, lol.

Philosophy Hand of Hope Hand Cream - Heavily laden with silicones and dimethicone (?). It's like piling a gush of 'cones on your hands, yuck. NO, thanks.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser - Used to loathe this but my skin can take anything non-foaming now. However I remain doubtful about the ingredients after a few glances at the full size bottle I have at home. We'll see about that.

Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Conditioner - Terribly. rancid. smell. Smells just like its argan shampoo twin sister. I like the Olive oil hair pack by the same brand more.

AHAVA Caressing Body Sorbet - Reviewed HERE before but managed to use it up *now*. So slow, I know. It absorbs wonderfully on my skin, texture is really like sorbet instead of a cream, lovely!

Alcon Opti-free pure moist contact lens solution - Such size is right for about 6 days of use.

Lancome Bi-facil eye makeup remover - Not my favourite but the size (15ml) is perfect for 5-6 days of use.

Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream - This cream carries a slight luminescent 'pearl' element in it (think luminizer but less of the shimmer/iridescence). Absorbs nicely but don't think it did much to my dark circles.

DHC Eye Mask (above and below) - I should probably use more of this as my dark circles had been thriving like no other.

Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water - Reviewed before, staple and favourite way of removing makeup.

Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo - Smelled GREAT, unexpected from a 'clean and natural' beauty product. I'm totally contemplating to order a full size in future.

Kiehl's Creme de Corps Nourishing Body Washing Cream - The consistency is a thick cream, you have to foam it up with water. It left a film on my skin later (when I immersed myself into a hot spring after shower) I'm not turning back to this shower cream in future.

TALIKA Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel - Am a steady convert of this product, after a month of use it lengthened my short lashes, and also re-pigment them into more darker looking, more visible to the eye. Even though it's a bit pricy, but the tube lasts forever, I am throwing it away after 6 months of use due to hygienic concerns. The product still works.

Full Size: (58) + 5 = 63
Deluxe Samples: (79) + 13 = 92
Small / Packet samples: (69) + 3 = 72
Masks: (81) + 2 = 83
TOSSED: (17) + 0 = 17

A round-up of 2013:

My empties project is going slow by judging the above numbers, however I made a substantial attempt at reducing the ever-growing travel-size stash. The rub is, the stash travel-size increased shortly again (-_-). When it comes to buying new stuff, I'm pretty much the same as before, especially when there's promotions/GWPs, so I still have to work on resisting impulse buys. It's worth mentioning though, that I buy most of my skincare from natural beauty retailers now, due to my special skin condition; I still have trunk loads of the unnatural ones to giveaway or finish. So, do expect some non-green products will still be featured in empties post at least for a while.


  1. I'm trying to cut questionable ingredients from my skincare routine too but it's so hard! They are everywhere plus sometimes I'm in such a hurry that I don't take the time to go through the ingredient list =.=

    What brands do you go for?

    1. The merits of some natural beauty online retailers is that they will screen away some 'dirty' brands that uses questionable ingredients in their products. For cleaner brands, I highly recommend Trilogy (a relatively young brand), Weleda (has been around in the market forever), John Masters Organics, Dr. Hauschka, Dr. Bronner, Pai skincare, and Lavera (has been around for some time!).

  2. Great job! I'm with you on reducing samples and travel sizes. I've been giving away a lot of things and trying not to be such a hoarder. Good luck on going green! It's tough out there but interested to see what you end up with in the future.


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