Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Review

Rose Hip Oil has made its way to my skincare routine since about a year or so ago. My favourite is KOSMEA's Rose Hip Oil which I reviewed HERE. That was the natural / organic alternative of "Liquid Gold" for me now. *kicks away Alpha H's Liquid Gold*

Then the curious cat self in me dabbled my paws into this oil released by Trilogy, I saw it on website for 13.5 GBP including free delivery, can't help it, can I? Plus Trilogy makes an array of skincare which I totally LOVE (Eye Contour Cream reviewed HERE, Balancing Gel Cleanser HERE). I've tried their toner and cleansing cream in their sampler set (I got mine on StrawberryNet), Botanical Body Wash (natural body wash hurray!) and everything was effective, comfortable and just GOOD.

Trilogy is a New Zealand brand and is started to be sold at my local drugstore recently, but I got mine online. As the content is natural and organic, a tinted glass jar-dropper bottle is necessary to protect its content.

The only and one content in it is Rose Hip Seed Oil. I've explained quite a bit earlier on why oils are compatible to human skin, and why they might be better for our skin than a slew of chemical moisturizers. You may wish to read this post in conjunction with my review on the Kosmea oil. (Granted, I still use moisturizers but without nasty chemicals, but that's a topic for another day.)

Rosehip oil does a million and one wonderful things to your skin - helping with hydration, radiance, fading marks, nourishing,'s a multi-purpose go-to when I don't know what to use. I take a few drops from the bottle using the dropper dispenser, rub it briefly on my hands and pat it on my skin. Then you're good to go (to bed) or carry on with your household chores. When do I use it? I went home from work, took my makeup off before dinner, and pat this on after cleansing my face. I also use this before bed, skipping moisturizer. However if you have cold winters, using this alone won't be enough. You may want to add a moisturizer on top to seal the goodness.

Some research that the Brand conducted on its effectiveness - I can't comment on this but the only thing I know is that I woke up with smoother, calmer, and more radiant skin. As for breakout marks, mine fade fairly decent.

I went through this bottle within a few months' use, it has 20ml but honestly, you only need 2-3 drops every time. Performance wise, I"d say this is comparable to the KOSMEA oil, but I still prefer the KOSMEA one. The color of both oils are slightly different - KOSMEA being almost orange in tint and this one is slightly yellow-ish, I take that difference as the rose hip seed blends' differences in various places in the world. Texture-wise, Trilogy is a bit more runny than the KOSMEA one. I have an impression that KOSMEA one is more concentrated (both color and texture wise) and its effects on my skin is so noticeable and surpasses Trilogy one. Having said that though, I will consider repurchasing Trilogy one for 'casual' usage (like after removing makeup, need-to-put-moisturizer-on-but-too-lazy-for-that scenario), and saving the KOSMEA one for before-bedtime use. Hey, a girl likes to have choices! 

I swear the actual oil doesn't look so yellow as in the photograph. In real life, this oil won't tint your complexion at all, it just doesn't bother me if I'm wearing it and staying at home. This will make you feel like, just skin. My skin doesn't feel heavy nor greasy (the after touch will dry down a bit after rubbing). The KOSMEA one would stain your pillow case a bit but this Trilogy oil I think is fine. Admittedly if you wear spectacles, using oils might make it slide off your nose bridge, but I"m OK with that too.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is a good introductory oil for those who want to explore the huile front, price-wise it's affordable, and its formula is not that 'hardcore' if you know what I mean. This should go very easily with your skin.

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