Saturday, May 10, 2014

Calling all gym-procrastinators out there

Ya'll know at the beginning of every year you declare to be a gym rat but never quite got around to it? Well, I do. Which is why the latest sports apparel especially for women is a huge godsend. I've just found one more reason to be a gym rat - wear some candy-colored sports outfit, look stylish and hit some treadmills. On the subject of this, I haven't got any of these new stuff to try/play with, so this is not a review but rather, a brief mentioning post.

Celebrities Annie Lau & Fiona Sit showcasing the latest womens' sports outfits. I personally love the whole line based on my taste for colors (any and all sorts) in my clothes. I"ve been known to wear neons and dramatic colors to work (not that my office is too conservative, but none is being creative with colors IMO).
Look at what she's wearing on the left - neon yellow! On the right is a dance workshop held simultaneously at the event.


So, the following pieces are on my radar now (seriously I can't stop thinking about them). Here they go:



Now you can guess what I really mean by wearing colorful clothes? I picked the above and I would wear those colors in real life!

This is one of those campaigns that you can tell that the companies have put in millions to hire celebrities as spokesperson and flashing ads everywhere from metro to bus-stops - but very few penny (or next to none) has been spent on the actual material for guests and press, which is a shame. I feel sorry for the reporters who have poorly paid jobs and they rely on these offerings to subsidize their way of life. Now, I'm not a reporter nor am I paid to write this, but the time has come that companies should realize that blogosphere coverage is NOT to be taken for granted. (I've heard bloggers' murmurings at the event "WHAT? Is this all we get???"). There's gotta be a more justifiable reason for bloggers to feature something, it's hard when they aren't given any incentive. Blogs aren't for free and they don't write for free. I have decided to feature this Adidas campaign solely because of the positive and healthy message - doing sports can be beautiful - and I love colors and am intrigued by this line, that's all to that. I mean, look at this campaign shot - a very positive vibe and a super-healthy message which I can relate to!

Um, you can't woo/bribe bloggers with yoghurt or ice cream, seriously, we aren't kids.

Rant aside, what do YOU WEAR when you workout? Would love some ideas!

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  1. This class looks like so much fun that I'd love to see itmin my neighbourhood. Fun happy clothes, really help being stimulated tomwork out. For zumba I have a feminine sportswear and for crossfit something cooler


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