Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MEGA empties' post (Jan - Apr 2014)

I've put together a mega empties post for you today - spanning January to April, please excuse my laziness. They are pictures taken at different times - usually depending whether I can withstand having junk around the house. 

Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-free toner: Not my favorite from the brand but is OK. Won't buy in full size.

Pai Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream: I love sample jars like this, it's got enough size for thorough trial. It's a nice cream but I like their Rose & Macadamia Replenishing Cream (now called Echium & Macadamia Replenishing Day Cream) more.

Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream: Same as above. 

Elemis Magical Moisture Quenching Face Mask: This stuff is skin heaven. Wish they would sell it in retail size / full size instead of patches like these in a set. I'm serious, Elemis, MAKE THIS INTO A FULL SIZE PRODUCT!

Josie Maran Argan Oil: Not bad, but not a game-changer either. Full review HERE. Won't buy again.

SukiColor Correct Coverage Concealer: Swatches HERE. Wish more companies do this kind of concealer samples. Creamy consistency, but smudged/creased on me. Color range too small (just two), need to expand color range if green cosmetics companies want to up their game. Take my word for it.

Bioderma Sensibio Crealine Micellar Solution: Staple. One note: I use up this stuff too fast. 

Unknown brand baby wipes: Nothing to say about them.

AHAVA Time to Clear Eye Makeup Remover: Full review HERE. Crappy dispenser hole, mediocre cleansing ability. Is that enough?

Kimberly Sayer Tangerine & Calendula Healing Light Night Cream: I like their cleansing lotion and sunscreen/SPF lotions more. This isn't bad but isn't particularly remarkable on my skin.

Lavera Natural Liquid Foundatino in 02 Ivory: LOVE this foundation. I've read many poor reviews online but IMO those people aren't applying it right. The best way is to use your fingers and apply it like your daily face cream. This is by no means a high coverage foundation, but is more like light-medium coverage. Some people complained that it balls up after application but it didn't react with other creams/sunscreens I put before hand. Only gripe is this foundation does NOT have SPF!!! And shade range is rather limited - 4 at the moment - going to have 6 in the near future from the words of the PR. I'm already buying a full size bottle.

ORBIS UV CUT Sunscreen On Face Light SPF 34 PA ++: My HG HG HG. I stopped buying it because I have other sunscreens to use up, but this never fails me. It's slightly tinted and is watery, great as a makeup base too.

Therapi Lemon Myrtle Honey Moisturizer: Sample with order, nothing remarkable, the consistency is not rich for dry skins.

TATCHA Aburatorigami blotting papers: The flecks of gold is a nice touch but honestly I don't need flecks of golds on blotting papers, it came with a set so no complaint there, however I won't buy it on its own.

Santaverde Aloe Vera Extra Rich Cream Mask: So good I'm buying full size. No noticeable scent either, huge plus. Creamy consistency, nourishing.

Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation: This was my staple (before I run out of them) and before I took a dive with the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation shown above.

Kimberly Sayer Gentle Face Cleanser: Took these with me on a trip, it's a lovely and light-weight cleanser that won't foam up, one packet = one use.

Trilogy Botanical Body Wash: Considerably a cleaner option than most shower gels out there, it's housed in a 500ml bottle and lasts a longgg time. The consistency is VERY watery, so it easily slips through your palm and in turn you have to pump more too. Scent is botanical/herbal which is pleasant to give your spirits a lift, but it might not be for everyone.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil: I love Trilogy skincare line - from their Eye Contour Cream to Gel Cleanser. Full review of the Rosehip Oil HERE.

1028 Visual therapy pH7.5 Hydrating Lip & Eye Makeup Remover: Short review HERE. I bought a dozen of this in Taiwan last year and still going through one bottle per month! This stuff is efficient and affordable. I thank my mom for introducing me to this, she doesn't wear makeup but she bought it for me with a promotion when traveling. XD

More wipes, yep.

Jurlique Antioxidant Face Oil: Smell is rather fragrant IMO but can be a nice treat for some. Oil a bit runny but quickly absorbed.

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer - SPF30: This is what I'm planning to repurchase. Light-weight, won't give a white cast, high SPF protection, no gunk. Ticks all the boxes. 

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser: Hot cloth cleansers are a luxury - not because of the price but the time and resources needed. I live in a slightly tropical climate which the idea of using hot water to cleanse during summer is baffling. However once I do this ritual, my skin feels so happy. Don't think I can buy this since it's not sold where I live.

Cotton puffs that can be separated to layers. Perfect for masking and makeup removal.

DHC Eye Mask: Usual stuff. Slap on and tuck in your bed.

Innisfree Green Tea mask: So-so.

Mediheal Beauty Clinic Lightbeam Essential Mask: I've tried other masks from this line before - they are hydration bombs!! But oh the price tag *gasp* is not for everyday.

Nature Republic Snail Therapy Hydrogel Mask Sheet: This is the more affordable version than Mediheal, but it's not easy to get hold of locally. Since it's hydrogel mask sheet (I bet it's made of silicon, the thin-film gel mask that sticks on your face no matter how much you move/dance around), it hugs your skin so nicely.

Secret Key Whitening Mask: Another Korean mask sheet. 

Nature Republic Snail Therapy Mask Sheet: This is a paper mask, not the hyrogel mask as above. Not much difference in their effect but I like the hug/fit of the hydrogel more.

Origins Drink Up Mask: My skin could use more hydration than this now, won't buy again. The intense drink-up isn't my cup of tea either (the overnight aspect), I"m sure my pillow will benefit more than my skin XD

Bausch + Lomb contact lens solution: Usual.

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover: Decent but not great, went through this too quickly. Still have 2 backup bottles.

Kimberly Sayer Anti-oxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream with SPF30: I bought the full size of this. It's OK but could be a bit much for warm summer months. Which is why I contemplate on getting the Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer mentioned above.

Diptyque Rose Duet Candle: FINALLY came to an end. I love the scent but can't afford to burn candles every day. It opened up my world to candles however! I could safely say it's a rabbit hole there.

SANA Hadanomy Collagen Mist: No more impulse buy on face mists. I'll take the good ol' canned sprays than a sticky collagen mist anyday.

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Skin Tonic and Renewing Rose Cleanser: See my full reviews HERE and HERE. ABSOLUTE HG.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Moisturizer: Strangely smells strongly of alcohol (lol), nothing wrong but not moisturizing enough.

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF30: Mentioned above. Will get full size.

NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base: GREAT before, but stopped working on me after 1 year. Same happened with UDPP.

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation: A bit too yellow for me.

Santaverde Aloe Vera Body Lotion Classic: Scent-free, absorption is a breeze.

More cotton puffs.

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner: I hate toners with spritz, lol. For some reason they don't spray evenly. This toner has a rose scent too but less nice than the Aromatherapy Associates Rose Skin Tonic (SORRY!).

Apivita Express Beauty mask with Orange: One of the green-washing brands out there easily, just look at the ingredients. I still have truck load of their stuff to go through :*|

Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream: Not rich enough for dryer months. But I like that there's no after-application grease. 

Nature's Gate Shampoo with Biotin: Nice one, my second bottle.

Hello Kitty (I'm ashamed to say that) blotting papers.......I know there's tons of kitty fans out there, but I grew up with many kitty products and her kitty friends I"m not particularly fond of it. PLEASE DON"T BEAT ME.

TOSSED: Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer. It's nice but content easily separates.

More cotton puffs.

Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne: It's unbelievable I like a EDT so much. I keep spraying this sample until I ran out *sad*.

Logona Natural Finish Makeup in shade No.3: Shade is a bit too warm for me but could work when I get slightly tanned. This is comparable to Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation but I don't like the floral scent of Logona.

Terranova Nutrition Bilberry supplements: Anyone has any thoughts on supplements in general? Would love to hear.

Studio78 Off We Go Concealer in 01 (sample): This is too drying for my undereye area, it cakes after a while. Also it smudges and creases...I wanted to love this because their full size packaging is so pretty! Hope more companies start making concealer samples!

Contact lens solution. And more eye makeup remover from 1028 (below).

SukiColor Tinted Active Moisturizer in Natural: Shade a bit dark/orange for my skintone, would love to try the paler one.

Korres Shower gel in Cedar: The scent is so calming and relaxing (woody, earthy), however it's not clean in ingredients.

Bioderma Sensibio Crealine Micellar Solution: HATE the pump dispenser. I prefer the usual pouring cap.

Nature's Gate Shampoo with Tea Tree: Not my hair type, won't buy again.

Puffs and Eye mask (below) again.

TOSSED: Yvonne Ryding Deodorant roll-on: Wanted to love this as it was gifted to me by the lovely Ann. But this irritates my pits seriously - angry itches when I use it everyday. Sorry to see it go, but I had to.

Alright folks, that's about it for this time!!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Welcome to the world of candles, my friend. :D

    Glad I didn't buy the Sunday Riley thing. It still intrigues me, but we don't have a counter here, so it would have been a huge gamble.

    1. Man, it's so hard to get great-smelling candles where I live! Either they're selling expensive Diptyque or Cire Trudons, there's hardly any mid-pricing ones here. I wish we have the selection of Nordstroms' here LOL! SR shadows are OK, but i just think the packaging of the whole line could do better (Bulky!)!

  2. Wow, good job Jenni! I'm now really intrigued by the Aromatherapy Associates rose skincare things. It was great to see so many products I haven't previously heard of!

    1. AA makes you feel like you're in a spa! And *some* of their products like the rose cleanser and toner are actually affordable vs. their bath oils/face masks!

  3. What a big achievement! Well done... It's not easy finishing products that you are not into. I used to love Korres shower gels for their scent but something in the formula makes my skin itch.

    1. lol i got suckered into korres' scents - even though their formula isn't the cleanest but i just keep buying them! time to stop i guess :P

  4. Maan, I should have gotten the 1028 remover that you featured instead of the cleansing milk! Hydrogel mask, huh? Have you used bio-cellulose masks? Which do you prefer?

    1. i might have tried the bio-cellulose but can't quite remember!! I think 1028's makeup arena is safer to veer on :)


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