Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dabbling in green beauty: Soapwalla deodorant review

This review talks about something different, something I've not talked about on the blog before: deodorants. While I've always relied on the good ol' trusty CRYSTAL deodorant spray (seen here), it was the deodorant with the simplest formula I know of, I felt a bit adventurous when I decided to dabble into the greener spectrum of beauty products lately. Enter Soapwalla deodorant!

It's a Brooklyn based soap-making brand, a jar contains 57g and it comes in a pretty simplistic (love) and neat jar with sealed top.

Do note that this is NOT an antiperspirant. As a deodorant, this will only get rid of body odor but will not eliminate sweating. I'm all for natural perspiration as it helps to cool down body temperature or as a means to get rid of body toxins through sweating. 

Contrary to my CRYSTAL deodorant spray which comes in a spray nozzle, the Soapwalla deodorant comes in a balmy, creamy consistency. It's not liquidy or runny, it's like vaseline which sits in a tub. 

When I first opened it about 3 months ago, the content inside the tub sits perfectly like solid butter which comes out from the fridge. With this consistency, you need to warm up the surface of the balm a bit with your rubbing fingers, then you apply a smidgen of it under your arms and let it work its magic. Now that the weather is searing hot, the consistency has softened a bit (but not turning into a liquid), it's more readily spread-able without the need to warm it up. I like this application a lot even it took a bit longer than just using a spray - maybe because of the primitive way of application, I found myself looking forward to this deodorant step after shower every time. It's like playing with clay as a kid but without any mess, haha.

The box packaging does say that the product inside may melt under hot weather, I put mine in the bathroom closet and it's alright. I"m talking about 33 degrees celcius outside the house and it still hasn't turned runny! I imagine it'll solidify a bit during winter months and I might need to run my fingers over the balm a bit to warm it up before applying. 

From the ingredients list, you'll see most of the ingredients come from essential oils, baking soda. Some people have allergic reactions (rash or itchiness) with baking soda, so your mileage here may vary. I didn't experience any itchiness or rash with continuous use. 

I've been using mine for about 3 months and not even reaching half of the tub yet. It costs 3 times more than my usual CRYSTAL deodorant spray, but at least I know what the ingredients are, and it doesn't cause irritation nor itchiness that some natural deodorants can trigger with "baking soda". If it works on your skin, this deodorant will work wonderfully.

I've put this deodorant to test in normal office-working days, days with extreme heat, intense exercising and sweating days, and I don't smell A THING at all. This thing is BRAVO and I'll repurchase again and again!

Which deodorant do you use and have you tried any natural deodorant? Share in the comments!


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