Sunday, August 10, 2014

Equestrian wind brought forth from Massimo Dutti

Fall is my favorite season, and handbags are my latest obsession. Where does this lead to? Fall collections everywhere. Autumn lovers, time to rejoice!

I'm an avid fan of MAC coats, trench coats, boyfriend blazers, ankle boots, scarves, you name it. My mind went AHHHH when I looked at Massimo Dutti's offerings for the coming season.

Mustard Yellow? Hell yes sign me up! Above shown is a boyfriend blazer color-blocked with a nice blouse showing its sleeves when rolled up.

Another centerpiece of the fall season: ponchos! Ponchos don't look good on me but I'm determined to make a dive in it this season. 

As a sponsor of major equestrian events all over the world, the brand introduces an Equestrian collection which composes of biker jackets, leather boots, pussy-bow blouse, deep rich colors, all woven in exquisite materials.

Paisley prints, loafers shown above. Can't get enough of these.

Also shown is the accessories in the lineup, and men's section. All leather goodness. I particularly like the pair of gloves (on top of the duffel bag below) and the baseball cap above, they were purposely made to look like they've "seen better days".

And then we have the kids section below. Some nice button-up shirts for the little guy. For the little girl, there's a white crochet blouse (I WISH this come in adult size!), a flattering duffel coat with fur lining below (wish this come in adult size again!), and the adorable little leather cross-body bag in the lineup!

The latest collection is already in store, do pay a visit if you stop by my fellow fall season lovers!

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